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VNA Cal Kit Manager version 2.1 new features:

  • Support for new cal kit features in the PNA network analyzers with firmware revision 2.0 and higher:
    • Sliding loads
    • Multiple standards allowed in each class
  • Added a PNA 3-port selection in the VNA menu, for the 3-port Performance Network Analyzers, with fifteen classes.
  • For the 8753/8720 family models that include TRL (8719C/D/E, 8720B/C/D/E, 8722A/C/D/E, and 8753D/E), there is now a "Calibration Type" selection on the Class Assignments page.  You must tell the program whether you are defining a "SOLT" or "TRL" cal kit, so that it can use the proper classes when it downloads the kit over GPIB or makes a floppy disk file.  This is necessary because the network analyzer firmware does not allow you to independently specify the SOLT and TRL classes.  This restriction does not apply to other network analyzer models, so the "Calibration Type" selection does not appear for them.

VNA Cal Kit Manager version 2.0 new features:

  • Support for all Agilent Technologies vector network analyzers in the PNA family, 8510 family, and 8753/8720 family.
  • VNA Cal Kit Manager can write cal kit files to a floppy disk in the proper format to be read by a network analyzer. It can also read cal kit files that were written to a floppy by the analyzer.
  • Cal kit data can be read from the network analyzer over GPIB.
  • For 8510 and PNA network analyzers, added the ability to choose which network analyzer cal kit to use for Send Kit and Read Kit commands.
  • Cal kit data can be exported to a word processor document or a spreadsheet, for documentation.
  • Editing improvements: in-cell editing in tables, and "drag 'n' drop" class assignment.
  • Multiple undo and redo of editing changes.
  • Cal kit files can be opened by dragging them from Windows Explorer into VNA Cal Kit Manager.
  • Control of page margins for printing.
  • "What's this?" context sensitive help.
  • Expanded Help file.

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