LXI-1.1 and VXI-11.3 Compliance

PNA-X, N522x, and VNA-C models are LXI-1.1 and VXI-11.3 compliant.

LXI-1.1 Compliance

A VNA is LXI-1.1 compliant if the logo appears on the dialog box shown below.

Learn more about LXI at http://www.lxistandard.org/

VXI-11.3 Compliance

To be compliant with VXI-11.3, the VNA must have been either:

Learn more about VXI at http://www.vxi.org/

LAN Status

When a LAN connection is used with the VNA, the LAN Status dialog allows you to see the IP address and other LAN connection properties.

How to view LAN Status

Using Hardkey/SoftTab/Softkey

Using Menus

  1. System >  System Setup >  Lan Status....

  1. Click Utility.

  2. Select System.

  3. Select System Setup.

  4. Select LAN Status.


LAN Status dialog box help

Indicator  Shows the current status of the LAN connection.

NORMAL - Indicates that the VNA LAN is ready for communication.

IDENTIFY - Indicates that a remote computer has invoked an LXI identification operation on the VNA using the web-based interface or LXIDeviceIDState COM property.

FAULT - Indicates that the VNA LAN interface is not connected to the Internet.

IP Address  Shows the current IP address of the VNA.

IPv6 Link-Local Address  Shows the current IPv6 address of the VNA.

Computer Name  Shows the full computer name of the VNA. Learn how to change this. If you see the IP address listed here, that means there is no DNS server specified in the network setup.

MAC Address  Shows the unique address of the VNA computer. Also known as HostID.

LAN Reset  Provides a LAN Configuration Initialize (LCI) mechanism. Press to return the following settings to factory default conditions:

  • IP Address Configuration (DHCP): Enabled

  • ICMP Ping Responder: Enabled

  • Web Password for configuration: Resets the password to 'Keysight'.

Web Server Software

If your VNA is LXI Class C compliant (see above), you can connect to the VNA using a web browser over an internet connection.

To do this, when the above dialog indicates a NORMAL condition:

  1. From a web browser, type http://<your_VNA_computer_name>. For example, to connect to the fictitious VNA in the dialog above, type: http://vna1-22

  2. Type the log on User Name and Password

  3. You will see the welcome screen with connection links.