Keysight M937xA Series PXI VNA Service Information

Repair Overview

Because of the complexity of the PXI VNA module, it is, for the most part, not a field repairable instrument. The only exceptions are the 3.5mm and SMA connectors (see below). If any other issue arises with the module, it must be sent to a Keysight repair facility. There, a factory tested replacement module will be ordered and used to replace the entire defective unit. The only part that will be reused is the black metal plate that contains the serial number of the unit. For this reason, customers should always place any identifying labels (such as asset tags) on this same black metal plate; never place labels on the aluminum RF shield (on opposite side) as you may not get them returned after any repair.

The exchange module returned, will have the original black metal plate, along with the same serial number label. Internally, the module will also have the original serial number programmed into it.

Refer to this webpage for information on Keysight Repair Services

Connector Repair

Both the 3.5mm connectors (for the ports) and the SMA connectors (for the LO) are customer replaceable if you have ordered the Y1283A Opt 101 connector replacement kit. This "starter" kit contains the needed tools as well as two of each connector type. Additional replacement connectors are also available. Refer to the service manual for full instructions. This process is very quick and easy and eliminates the inconvenience of returning the entire unit for repair.

Calibration Interval

The recommended Calibration Interval is one year. Because of the limited front panel area, the last calibration date is available on the Help About dialog box. The user can also program any particular Calibration Cycle Interval so that the information displayed will also include the next due date. If the interval is not specified, then only the last cal date will be shown.

Refer to this webpage for information on Keysight Calibration Services

Service Center Repair Summary Information (Internal Keysight Only)

This Repair Summary Word Document is for internal use only by Keysight service centers. It describes the repair process and part numbers needed for each module.

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2014