M937xA Series PXI VNA Firmware Upgrades

If you have not downloaded firmware before, please read the various notes below. If you are familiar with downloading firmware files, then just use the links below. Please save the file to disk before attempting to install it! New firmware releases typically occur in 3-6 month intervals. The dates shown for each firmware revision are the compile dates; not the actual release dates, which may be much later.

Hint: If your PXI controller has Internet access, the easiest and preferred method for updating firmware is to use the PXI VNA's AgileUpdate utility. On the VNA application, click on Utility, System, Service, AgileUpdate.

Note: To align the PXI firmware more closely with the PNA, the latest revision has jumped from A.03.xx to A.10.xx.

Currently Available M937xA PXI VNA Firmware

PXI VNA Model Numbers

Latest Production Releases1

Latest Customer Releases2


All M937xA PXI VNA Models
Firmware Only! (~600 MB)
  • M9370A, M9371A, M9372A, M9373A, M9374A, M9375A
(13 Jan 2021)
(13 Jan 2021)
Release Notes

1 Production releases are regularly scheduled builds that are installed in all modules shipped from the factory.
2 Customer Releases are interim versions used to address specific customer issues and requests. These are regularly rolled into the Production Releases if applicable. If the targeted models are no longer being produced, then only Customer Releases can be made available. Customer Releases are tested and fully supported, however they do not have same level of extensive Keysight production testing as the Production Release versions. For best performance, Keysight strongly recommends using the Customer Release versions.

Firmware Installation: Notes, and Warnings

Note: Updating of firmware will not invalidate or otherwise affect your periodic instrument calibration.

Note: If using AgileUpdate to download firmware, make sure you check the 'Customer Release' checkbox. For best performance, Keysight recommends using the Customer Release versions since it should have fewer issues.

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