Keysight PNA Hardware and Software Upgrades


Firmware and Software Upgrades for All PNA Models

We maintain a comprehensive Firmware and Software web page for all PNA models. Please visit this site for more information.

Hardware Upgrades

Current Active Models

Discontinued Models

- - supported until 01 Mar 2019

- - supported until 01 Jan 2018

Obsolete Models
- - for reference only

PNA HostID Utility

The new N52xxB model numbers changed to a HostID format which is "model,serial". (For example, "N5247B,US57181234") When upgrading from one N52xxB model to another, the current HostID is used for the initial reset of the model number.

For all other PNAs, the HostID is an 8-digit number. When upgrading from one model number to another, a new license entitlement certificate will be issued. When this certificate is redeemed, the automated system will ask for the instrument's Host ID. Be sure to use the new Host ID that is associated with the new model number. Using the current Host ID will cause a license to be generated which will not work with the instrument.

To determine the new Host ID, use this utility with the new model number.

Host ID Utility

To determine the PNA Host ID, select the model number, enter the serial number and click Submit.