N5242A Touchscreen Replacement


The first 200 or so N5242A models were shipped with a different touchscreen that does not have an associated Window 7 driver. While the touchscreen will probably still work with Windows 7, it will not be possible to calibrate it.

The N5242A units affected are those with a numeric prefix BELOW MY4822, SG4822, and US4812. The touchscreen replacement requires several parts, so it is recommended that the PNA be returned to a service center for updating. These parts are listed in the N5242A service guide, page 6-14, footnote 'a' and are also listed below for convenience. If you have any questions on this, please contact us.

  • N5240-60065   Front panel interface board
  • N5242-40009   Touch screen rubber boot
  • 2090-1045         Touch screen, 10.4 inch
  • 0960-3063         Touch screen controller board
  • W1312-60047   Touch screen controller board cable harness
  • N5242-00044   LCD display rear plate

Last Updated: 17 Oct 2016