Using Newer Power Meters and Sensors with the PNA


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We have received many queries regarding the use of newer Power Meters and USB Sensors with the PNA Network Analyzer for calibration, adjustments, and measurements. Older PNAs will not recognize some of the newer sensors, and even recently shipped units may not recognize the newest sensors. Below is some information on how to get these new sensors to be recognized and working, regardless of the currently installed firmware.

The power sensors must be registered with the PNA application in the Windows registry. To register them, download the registry file that applies to your operating system. Save the file anywhere on the PNA and then run it. Restart the PNA application, and all of the latest power sensors will be available for use.

  1.   Power Meter Registry - XP             For XP units ONLY!
  2.   Power Meter Registry - Win 7        A Models ONLY!
  3.   Power Meter Registry - Win 7/10   B Models ONLY!

As new power meters and sensors are introduced, these files will be updated accordingly.

For very old PNAs running the Windows XP operating system:

Some very early PNAs built prior to 2010 also needed an updated power meter driver in order to work with the new USB power sensors. Please ignore this section if your PNA or hard drive are less than 10 years old.

The power meter driver can be downloaded from AgilentPwrMtr.exe.

It should be placed in the C:\Program Files\Agilent\Network Analyzer\Service directory (Win XP only).

Please note: some of the very old PNAs that are out of support life may not be able to use the USB sensors, even with this sensor registration.

Last Updated: 02 Mar 2020