Keysight PNA Performance Verification


The PNA's performance can be verified as a stand-alone instrument using Performance Tests or as part of a "system" using System Verification. These two methods are described below.

Performance Tests

A series of tests measure the PNA's performance against the published Technical Specifications. Passing all of these tests allows the PNA to be fully certified as a stand-alone instrument for all of its intended measurements.

Two test systems have been developed for running the PNA performance tests. Each test system executes the same performance tests, using the same test equipment, but they are run on different platforms. This allows the user to select the test solution which best meets their needs. In each solution, a thorough set of data is collected and archived. However, the amount of data the user can access and include in the final report is dependent on the option purchased.

A Keysight Inclusive Calibration report includes the measured data and the pass/fail specification limits. An ANSI Z540 and ISO 17025 standards-compliant calibration includes the measured data, the pass/fail specification limits, and the measurement uncertainty of the test system used to collect the data.

The Test Management Environment (TME) runs the performance tests on an external, Windows-based PC and communicates with the PNA via a GPIB cable. The test results are stored in a database on the computer, from which test results are generated. TME is packaged and sold by Keysight under the N7800A model number. The PNA Performance Test Software which works within TME is packaged under the N7840A model number. This software is designed for use on a high volume calibration bench. Installing the software and configuring it for use requires a significant initial time investment. It is not optimized for occasional use or for troubleshooting.

The Embedded Test System (ETS) runs the performance tests from within the PNA firmware and does not require an external PC. ETS is activated by purchasing and installing option 897 or 898. Option 897 enables Keysight Inclusive Calibration data reporting. This data report includes measured data, specification limits and pass/fail results. Option 898 enables ANSI Z540 and ISO 17025 standards-compliant data reporting. This data report includes the items in the option 897 report and adds measurement uncertainty values for each point. The test results are compiled into a PDF test report file on the PNA. This file is retrieved from the PNA by the user for archival.

Both TME and ETS support the full line of PNA, PNA-L and PNA-X products. For additional information, refer to the links to the right.

System Verification

The System Verification process validates that the network analyzer, test cables, and calibration standards are able to work together as a "system" to measure common passive devices to the accuracy of the published PNA "system" specifications. After a full 2-Port calibration is applied to the PNA, a variety of standards from a Keysight Verification Kit are measured, and the results are compared with factory measurements. This process does not guarantee the specified performance of individual components of the system, only the system as a whole.

The System Verification process is guided by software which is built into the PNA firmware. No special software or external PC is required. For a detailed list of the calibration kits, ECal modules, verification kits, and test cables which are supported by this software, please see the PNA Help. For the latest software version, refer to the links on the right. Please note that the System Verification process does not cover the full specified performance range of the PNA. It validates standard S-parameter performance at approximately 200 frequency points, at power levels from Preset to 50 dB below Preset. It does not validate the performance near the compression point or noise floor, nor does it validate the noise figure measurement mode or other higher level functionality. System Verification cannot be used in place of a traceable or accredited calibration.

Embedded Test System (ETS)

Test Management Environment (TME)

System Verification

  • sysver.exe -- version A.06.63 -- 17 Mar 2022
    * right-click this link and select Save target as...
    * can be installed on any PNA-X, PNA, or PNA-L with Windows 7 or Windows 10
    * works with VNAUncertainty.msi
    * included in firmware A.10.20 and above.

    For N52xxA models, place in C:\Program Files (x86)\Agilent\Network Analyzer\Service\
    For N52xxB models, place in:
    • Windows 7: C:\Program Files (x86)\Keysight\Network Analyzer\Service\
    • Windows 10: C:\Program Files\Keysight\Network Analyzer\Service\
  • VNAUncertainty.msi -- version -- 08 May 2014
    * useable with SysVer A.05.11 and above
    * requires .Net Framework in firmware A.09.50 and above

    14.8 MB installation package. Place in C:\ and run.

  • VNAUncert.dll -- only needed for older PNAs. This file is included in firmware below A.09.50.
    Place in C:\WINNT\System32\ and reboot Windows
  • richtx32.ocx -- only needed for very old PNAs which display a rich text module error when starting Sys Ver.
    Place in C:\WINNT\System32\