Synchronize PNA/PNA-X with an External Source(s)

Beginning with PNA Rev. 7.22, the PNA External Source Control feature can be used to automatically control external sources. However, this feature requires certain PNA options. Learn more.

Many PNA measurements require the use of at least two sources. If your PNA has only one internal source, an external source is required. For example, when measuring the insertion loss of a mixer, the LO must be swept at the same time as the RF input. This requires the PNA and external source to be synchronized.

The following procedure shows how to automatically synchronize the PNA/PNA-X with an Keysight external sources.

Hardware configuration

Connect the AUX Trigger I/O connectors as follows (for two sources):

Learn more about the AUX Trigger capabilities.

PNA/PNA-X Settings

What is Happening?

The following is a flow diagram showing the handshake / synchronization process between the PNA/PNA-X and an External Source.

Text Description

1. PNA/PNA-X loads frequency points and source power information onto the external source(s).

2. A trigger signal from the source starts the first data point of the measurement.

3. PNA/PNA-X data acquisition (measurement) starts, and then stops AFTER the first data point acquisition.

4.  The PNA/PNA-X sends a trigger signal out to the source telling it to move to the next frequency data point.

5. The external source and PNA/PNA-X move to the next data point. The source usually takes longer than the PNA.

6. The source sends the Ready for Trigger signal to the PNA/PNA-X for next data acquisition.

7. Back to step 4 until last data point.