Modify Calibration Kits

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Using VNA CalKit Editor




How to Modify Cal Kits

The series of dialog boxes that follow allow you to modify the standard definitions or class assignments of calibration kit files.

Using front-panel
[softkey] buttons

Using Menus

  1. Press cal

  2. then [More]

  3. then [Cal Kit]

  1. Click Response

  2. then Cal

  3. then More

  4. then Cal Kit

Manage Cal Kits

Manage Cal Kits dialog box help

The Manage Cal Kits dialog allows you to define the cal kits in the active workspace. These cal kits may be edited, created, or saved to a cal kit file.

Cal Kits and Firmware Upgrades

    • If the firmware upgrade includes factory cal kits that are formatted differently than the factory cal kit files in the instrument, then:

    • The factory cal kit files will be overwritten.

    • The custom cal kit files will not be changed.

    • A backup of the active workspace will be saved.

    • A new active workspace will be created and will contain only the new factory cal kit definitions.

    • Under these conditions, if you want to use your custom cal kit definitions, you will need to import these files into the active workspace. Learn how to import cal kit files.


    Uncertainty Cal Kits

    Uncertainty Cal Kits... Opens the Uncertainty Cal Kit Manager (Option 015 enabled). Learn more about Dynamic Uncertainty.

    Standard Cal Kits

    This group box lists all cal kits in the active workspace.

    Edit... Starts the Connectors tab of the Edit Kit dialog box to modify selected calibration kit definitions.

    Import... Starts the Import Kit dialog box to add a cal kit definition from a file into the active workspace.

    Save...  Saves the selected calibration kit definition into a cal kit file (using .xkt, .ckt, or .prn file type). See VNA Cal Kit File Types.

    Insert...  Starts a blank Edit Kit dialog box to create a new calibration kit.

    Delete  Deletes selected calibration kit from the active workspace.

    Print...  Prints the contents of the selected cal kit to a .prn file.

    Cal Kit Workspace

    The active cal kit workspace is a collection of standard cal kits that are accessible by the VNA for calibrations.

    Save Workspace... Saves the active workspace to a workspace file (*.xkw or *.wks).

    Recall Workspace... Recalls a workspace file into the active workspace.

    Restore Defaults Restores the active workspace and the factory cal kit files (*.xkt) to their factory default definitions.

    For more information see Creating Custom Calibration Kits using a New Connector Family.



    Import Cal Kit dialog box help

    Note:  There is no limit to the number of cal kits that can be imported. However, during an Unguided cal, you can access ONLY mechanical cal kits #1 through 95.

    Imports a cal kit file into the active cal kit workspace.

    Files of type  Select the file type of your Cal Kit. Learn more about VNA Cal Kit File Types

    File name  Navigate and select your cal kit file name.

    Open  Loads the selected file into the active cal kit workspace.

    Note: See Cal Kits and Firmware Upgrades

    Importing Cal Kits from "legacy" network analyzers

    Cal kit files from "legacy" network analyzers (such as the 8510 or 8753) may not contain information that this VNA requires. Therefore, this VNA may modify the cal kit name, description, standards, and class assignments. You may need to correct these modifications after importing your legacy cal kit to meet your specific requirements.

    • "Legacy" cal kit files are referenced to the VNA test port gender while modern cal kit files are referenced to the Device Under Test (DUT) connector gender. Therefore, when a legacy cal kit is imported, the genders of the standards in the legacy cal kit will be automatically reversed in the new cal kit.

    • Legacy cal kits do not contain connector definitions. If a coaxial legacy kit is imported, then male and female coax connector definitions will be added to the kit. If a waveguide legacy kit is imported, then a genderless waveguide connector definition will be added to the kit.