PNA-X and N522xA Rear Panel

See Differences between the PNA-X and N522xA Models

See N523xA rear-panel.

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10 MHz Reference IN/OUT

10 MHz Reference Input  When a 10 MHz external reference signal is detected at this port, it will be used as the instrument frequency reference instead of the internal frequency reference.

10 MHz Reference Output  This BNC(f) connector outputs a frequency reference signal for use by other test equipment.

VGA Connector  Learn more


This USB hub contains two SuperSpeed USB ports to power your VNA peripherals. There is also one USB port below the LAN connector and four USB ports on the front panel.

Limitation: The total power consumption for all eight USB ports is limited to 4.0 amps. If this limit is exceeded, all USB ports are disabled until a device is removed and power consumption falls below the limit. When first connected, Keysight ECal modules 8509x and N4431 draw significantly more current than other modules. See Specifications.

See Important First-time USB connection note.

USB Device  Learn more

LAN Connector

This 10/100BaseT Ethernet connection has a standard 8-pin configuration and auto selects between the two data rates.

Mini DisplayPort Connector

The Mini DisplayPort is a miniature DisplayPort connector for connection to external displays.

Line Power

See Specifications

GPIB Controller and Talker/Listener Ports

The PNA-X can be a GPIB Controller and Talker/Listener. Learn more.

PCIe X4 Connector

The PCIe X4 connector is a 4-lane slot for future enhancements.

RF Path Access

These connectors are NOT available on the N522x and N5264A models.

These connectors allow RF Path Configuration.

Ports 3 and 4 are not available on 2-port models.

N5247A - J8 thru J11 are moved to the front-panel.


The RF OUT connector is NOT available on the N5264A

For the N5247A and N5227A:- Added RF2 OUT (J12) for 4-port 110 GHz single sweep PNA. Enables driving two mmWave modules  simultaneously. Learn more.

Caution:  LO OUT has more power than previous PNA models.

See specifications

IF Path Inputs

Option 020 adds these connectors, which allow access to the PNA Receiver / IF paths.

These are labeled A, B, C/R1, D/R2, R.

See IF Path Configuration settings and block diagram.

Power I/O

See Details

+28 VDC (BNC output)

Used to power a noise source for the Noise Figure App.

External and AUX Trigger I/O

MEAS TRIG IN - When enabled, PNA is triggered by signals on this connector. Learn more.

MEAS TRIG RDY  When enabled, PNA outputs a 'READY' signal on this connector to other devices. Learn more.

AUX TRIG 1&2 IN  When enabled, PNA accepts signals on these connectors which indicates that the external devices is ready to be triggered. Learn more.

AUX TRIG 1&2 OUT  When enabled, PNA outputs signals on these connectors either before or after a measurement. Learn more.

Test Set I/O

See Details

Bias IN and Fuses

Connect your DC Power Supply to apply Bias to the PNA ports through these BNC connectors.

Material Handler I/O

See details.

Pulse I/O

See Details


See CPU Speed / Performance

See Determine Your PNA's CPU Version (Internet connection required)

Solid State Drive

See Service Guide to learn how to remove the SSD. (Internet connection required)

See Preventing PNA SSD Problems