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ExternalTriggerConnectionBehavior Property


Configures the external triggering signal for the PNA and PNA-X.

  • TriggerSouce Property is automatically set to External when ExternalTriggerConnectionBehavior is sent.

  • Edge triggering is only available on some PNA models.

  • For more information, see External Triggering.

 VB Syntax

trigsetup.ExternalTriggerConnectionBehavior (conn) = value


(Type) - Description


A TriggerSetup (object)


(enum NATriggerConnection)  Rear Panel connector to send or receive trigger signals. Choose from:

Only one of the input connectors is active at a time. When a command is sent to one, the PNA automatically makes the other INACTIVE.

0 - naTriggerConnectionAUXT  Trigger IN from rear-panel AUX IO connector Pin 19 (No longer supported.

1 - naTriggerConnectionBNC1  Trigger IN

2 - naTriggerConnectionBNC2   Trigger OUT. Only useful in point sweep mode.

3 - naTriggerConnectionMATH  Trigger IN from rear-panel Material Handler connector Pin 18

4 - naTriggerConnectionBypassPulse3 - Internal routing of  pulse 3 output to the MEAS TRIG IN on the rear panel.


(enum NAExternalTriggerBehavior) -

0 - naTriggerInactive - Disables the specified connector.


Choose from 1 through 4 when <conn> is set to naTriggerConnectionBNC1

1 - naTriggerInEdgeNegative -  Triggers the PNA when receiving a negative going signal

2 - naTriggerInEdgePositive - Triggers the PNA when receiving a positive going signal

3 - naTriggerInLevelLow - Triggers the PNA when receiving a low level signal

4 - naTriggerInLevelHigh -  Triggers the PNA when receiving a High-level signal


Choose from 5 through 8 when <conn> is set to naTriggerConnectionBNC2.

In addition to sending this command, you must also use TriggerOutputEnabled Property to enable the BNC2 output.

5 - naTriggerOutPulsePositiveAfter - Sends a POSITIVE going TTL pulse at the END of each point during the sweep.

6 - naTriggerOutPulsePositiveBefore - Sends a POSITIVE going TTL pulse at the START of each point during the sweep.

7 - naTriggerOutPulseNegativeAfter - Sends a NEGATIVE going TTL pulse at the END of each point during the sweep.

8 - naTriggerOutPulseNegativeBefore - Sends a NEGATIVE going TTL pulse at the START of each point during the sweep.

Return Type

Enum as NAExternalTriggerBehavior


BNC1 = naTriggerInactive

BNC2 = naTriggerInactive


When Output is enabled

BNC1 = naTriggerInactive

BNC2 = naTriggerOutPulsePositiveAfter



trigsetup.ExternalTriggerConnectionBehavior (naTriggerConnectionBNC1) = naTriggerInLevelLow 'Write

trigBehav = trigsetup.ExternalTriggerConnectionBehavior (naTriggerConnectionAUXT) 'Read

C++ Syntax

HRESULT get_ExternalTriggerConnectionBehavior(tagNATriggerConnection connection,tagNAExternalTriggerBehavior *trigger);

HRESULT put_ExternalTriggerConnectionBehavior(tagNATriggerConnection connection,tagNAExternalTriggerBehavior trigger);



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