PNA Series Previous Firmware



Generally, only the latest firmware should be used on the PNA. However, if you really need a previous firmware revision, they are located in the linked directory on the right. If the firmware you need is not listed, please contact Keysight. To download the firmware, just right-click on the file and save it to some convenient location on the PNA, such as in D:\Upgrades\Firmware. After it has been stored, double-click to install. Make sure you read the warning notes below.

We only list the last version of any given firmware series. These are the only versions that should be used. They will behave the same as prior versions in the same series, but they have more bugs fixed. Use of older firmware in any given series is NOT recommended! If you really really need a version other than what is listed here, please contact us.

Firmware Warnings and Restrictions

Warning: Installation of firmware older than what the instrument was shipped with is not recommended as the PNA may have newer hardware that the firmware cannot recognize.

Warning: The N52xxB models with the new Direct Digital Synthesizers require firmware A.14.xx and above. Installing a lower firmware revision will permanently cripple the hardware. The DDS hardware is installed in PNAs with serial number xx6021xxxx and older PNAs which have been upgraded.

Warning: Any A.10.xx revision is only for N52xxA models running the Windows 7 operating system. Do not install any revision above or below A.10.xx on this hardware/OS configuration.

Warning: Any A.09.xx revision is only for N52xxA or E836xC models running the Windows XP operating system. Do not install any revision above or below A.09.xx on this hardware/OS configuration.

Warning: Any A.05.xx revision is only for 4 port models. Revision A.06.xx or higher is for 2 or 4 port models.

Warning: Never try to install any revision A.02.xx on the E8361A or on any E836xB or E836xC model. If this is done, the PNA will no longer function. No damage will occur, but the unit will not function again until firmware A.03.xx or higher is re-installed.

Warning: Never ever try to install revision A.01.60 on anything other than an E8356A, E8357A, or E8358A. Attempting to do this on any microwave instrument will cause major damage (data corruption) which can only be repaired at the factory.

Last Updated: 12 January 2021