PNA Series Firmware Upgrades (Includes PNA, PNA-X, and PNA-L)


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If you have not downloaded firmware before, please read the various notes below. If you are familiar with downloading firmware files, then just use the links below. Please save the file to disk before attempting to install it! New firmware releases typically occur in 3-6 month intervals. The dates shown for each firmware revision are the compile dates; not the actual release dates, which may be much later.

Note: Due to production and shipping cycle times, new PNAs will almost always arrive with older firmware. As with many other devices, you should first update the firmware to the latest Customer Release version available here.

Currently Available PNA Firmware

Note: Firmware selection may depend upon the CPU.  Click here to determine your CPU type.

PNA Model Numbers

Latest Production Releases1

Latest Customer Releases2


All PNA B Models (12.4" Display)
  • All N524xB models
  • All N522xB models
  • N523xB models
  • N5264B
Note: Minimum FW for Win7 is A.12.70.06. Minimum for Win10 is A.13.30.09.
Critical Note: Minimum FW for PNAs with DDS sources is A.14.00. Loading a previous version will disable the PNA.
Click here to access B model firmware versions. Release Notes
All Windows 7 PNAs ("A" Models)
  • All N524xA models
  • All N522xA models
  • N5231A to N5239A models
  • N5264A
Note: Min. Windows 7 FW is A.10.00.00
Note: Min. FW for N5241A/42A/49A w/Opt 029 and serial prefix of xx5541 or higher is A.10.47.03
Click here to access A model firmware versions. Release Notes
All XP PNAs with large (10.4") display
  • N5242A - (Important! See touchscreen note)
  • N5241A, N5244A, N5245A, N5247A, N5264A
  • N5231A, N5232A, N5234A, N5235A, N5239A
  • N5221A, N5222A, N5224A, N5225A, N5227A
Note: Above N523xA models require 9.60 or above.
Note: Above N522xA models require 9.40 or above
(25 Mar 2013)
(Not for use with
Option 029)
(06 Dec 2017)
Release Notes
All PNA C Models
  • E8361C, E8362C, E8363C, E8364C, N5230C
(19 May 2011)
(19 Jun 2020)
Release Notes

1 Production releases are regularly scheduled builds that are installed on all PNAs shipped from the factory. Due to the very long testing process, these releases are relatively infrequent.
2 Customer Releases are interim versions used to fix bugs and address specific customer issues and requests. These are regularly rolled into the Production Releases. If the targeted models are no longer being produced, then only Customer Releases can be made available. Customer Releases are tested and fully supported, however they do not have same level of extensive Keysight production testing as the Production Release versions; still, Keysight strongly recommends using the Customer Releases as a matter of policy.
3 86038B units with 4.1.8 software or above can use A.07.50 firmware; other units are limited to A.06.04.

Beta Firmware
Beta firmware is occasionally made available for those wishing to test upcoming firmware. While it has been partially tested, beta code is not officially supported (yet) and should not be used in a production environment unless recommended by an Keysight representative; however it may help solve certain issues for some users.
Go to the Beta Page.

For a chart of PNA models versus supported firmware, see our PNA Firmware Support Matrix Document

Firmware Installation, Notes, and Warnings

Supported Models Note: While older models may be able to use newer firmware, they are not fully supported. Refer to the PNA Firmware Support Matrix Document. CPU and memory limitations may adversely affect usability on older hardware when used with newer firmware. There are currently no known issues that would prevent 7.5x firmware from functioning on PNA models E835xA, E836xA/B or N5230A (XP with 500 MHz CPU). E880xA models cannot use any firmware above A.06.04.32.
Likewise, if you have a 1.1 GHz CPU, you could use revision 8.xx or 9.xx firmware (up to 9.42.xx) however you may not be able to access certain new features since the older style menu structure is no longer being updated or supported. E8361A/62B/63B/64B and N5230A models can be relatively easily upgraded to "C" models which will feature the newer user interface and menu structure.

Warning: Installing firmware older than what the PNA was originally shipped with is not warranted and may produce bad data. Occasional hardware changes may necessitate corresponding firmware changes. Installing firmware that is not aware of these changes will cause problems.

Note: Updating of firmware will not invalidate or otherwise affect your annual instrument calibration.

Note: Windows 7 instruments must run firmware A.10.00.xx or higher. Likewise, XP instrument must run firmware A.09.xx.xx or below. There is no version of firmware that will function on both operating systems.

Note: Some new PNAs may be shipped with a higher revision than those shown above. If so, you should not attempt to change the installed firmware.

Note: If using AgileUpdate to download firmware, please be aware that it will only grab the latest Production Releases. If you want to grab the latest Customer Releases, check the 'Customer Release' checkbox (on newer versions of AgileUpdate.)

Installation:   If you are downloading directly to the PNA, it is recommended that you save the .msi or .exe firmware file to the directory D:\Updates\Firmware. Once the file is downloaded, simply execute the file by double-clicking on it.

If downloading to a PC, the resulting file should be transferred to the PNA (preferably to D:\Updates\Firmware) and then executed by double-clicking on it. It is not necessary for the firmware file to be located on the PNA. The firmware installation file could reside on a central server or simply remain on a flash drive. As long as the PNA can locate the file using Windows Explorer, the firmware can be installed by simply double-clicking on the file.

Note For Older PNAs; Models E8356A, 57A, and 58A: If the rear panel USB port is oriented horizontally, then you have an older 266MHz CPU board. We strongly recommend that you install 256MB of memory if any firmware revision above 2.62 is desired. While this is not an absolute necessity, performance will be very sluggish without this extra memory. Even with this extra memory, using more than 1601 points will slow the responsiveness of the analyzer. The memory type needed is: 256MB SDRAM SODIMM, PC66 or faster in a 32x64 configuration. See our FAQ answer on this issue.

Last Updated: 03 Nov 2021