Keysight PNA Series - Code Translation Software (cXL)


This web page supports developers using PNA Code Translator Software (cXL).

cXL is a software development tool that:

  • Helps migrate pre-existing legacy NA programs
  • Can execute a subset of legacy commands for the 872x/5x or 8510 NA products
  • Includes built-in debugging support.



Legacy Example Programs

User Defined Macros

cXL Movies (wmv)

  • Play Limit Line Movie


Directions to begin:

  1. The Code Translator Software requires firmware revision 4.00 or higher. Please verify the version of firmware on your analyzer by clicking on the 'Help' drop down menu and selecting 'About Network Analyzer'. If you need to upgrade your firmware, go to
  2. Download the Code Translator Software by clicking on the above link. It is about 1.3MB in size.
    Place it onto your PNA Series Network Analyzer in any convenient directory.
  3. Execute the .msi file to begin installation. Follow the instructions to install. The Install package will setup an icon to the Code Translator Software (CCS) on your desktop.
  4. Start the Code Translator Software (cXL) by double clicking the cXL icon on your desktop.
  5. The PNA Help System can help you get started. To get help on cXL, launch the Help system and click on the 'Programming' button in the main window. This will take you to the Programming Guide.
  6. In the Programming Guide, find the second bullet which is labeled '8753 / 8720 / 8510 Cross Reference - Code Translator Application'. Click on ' - Code Translator Application'
  7. Please use the Help System for instructions on how to use the Code Translator Application.
  8. For assistance, please use the following contact information:
    - Phone:   707-577-6802
    - Email:   Please contact us and put "Code Translator" in the subject line.
Disclaimer:  We cannot guarantee that all of the bugs and/or defects you find will be fixed in the Code Translator Software.

Problems viewing the .chm file?

  • To view cXlHelp.chm, save the file to your hard drive.

  • For Windows XP, right-click on the file, click Properties, then click Unblock.

Further information, downloadable manuals, application notes, and sales information such as instrument descriptions, specs, data sheets, etc. is available on the main Keysight PNA site.

Last Updated: 11 Dec 2018