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PNA Series 1.1GHz CPU

In April 2006, Agilent introduced a newer 1.1GHz CPU for the PNA.
Here is some important information.

Some of the features of this CPU are listed below.

  • 1.1 GHz Pentium M CPU
  • 1GB of DDR memory (cannot be increased since there is only 1 slot)
  • Two GPIB ports: 1 System Controller, 1 Talker/Listener
  • 4 USB 2.0 ports
  • 1 Device-side USB port (fully implemented in FW A.09.00 and above)
  • No parallel port!
  • No serial port!
  • Intel 855 chipset
  • Intel 82855 GME Graphics Controller (64MB max.)
  • External monitor resolution up to 2048 x 1536
  • Many different external display modes (see Intel desc.)
Click on image to view a larger version.
dhcpu_sml (21K)

Important Information on the use of this new CPU board

  • This CPU is ONLY usable with firmware revision A.06.01 and above
  • This CPU is ONLY usable with Windows XP (since Rev 6 firmware requires XP)
  • This CPU requires its own dedicated hard drive image (see below)
  • This CPU can be used in all PNA models except for 3-port models (N3381A, N3382A, and N3383A). It cannot be used in any PNA-X models (N524xA, N526xA)
  • Existing PNA customers can upgrade by ordering both kits below:
          E8364-60026 CPU kit   (Contains CPU board P/N E8364-60204, other parts, and instructions)
          N8981A hard drive kit (or p/n E8364-60190)

            Note: If you are also going to upgrade your PNA to a 'C' model, don't order the hard drive listed since the 'C' upgrade kit already contains a hard drive.
Complete CPU installation instructions are contained in this Installation Note.
Complete hard drive installation instructions are contained in this document.

Please note that installation of this CPU will not noticeably increase the measurement speed of the PNA. Measurement speed is limited by the PNA's RF hardware. You will notice that programs load faster, firmware updates go faster and overall system response is "snappier". Running multiple external programs will have much less effect on overall system response.

Since this CPU will not have a parallel or serial port, it is recommended that USB be used instead. Most all printers are now equipped with USB ports as standard. If a parallel printer is still needed, USB-to-parallel adapters are available for under $30 US; such as this unit from TRENDnet or this unit from Belkin.

Important! While the CPU board supports USB 2.0, the front panel USB port will remain USB 1.1. Please use the rear panel ports if speed is a consideration.

Important! If you are upgrading the CPU on an existing PNA that has a 4-port hub built into the rear panel, then the kit will provide a blank panel to replace the existing hub. The reason for this is that the power supply cannot provide 1/2 amp to each of the 4 ports on the new CPU as well as the 4 ports on the rear panel hub. However, if you are careful, you could maintain all 8 USB ports, keeping in mind that there is a 2-amp aggregate maximum load for all rear USB ports, and that any existing rear panel ports are limited to USB 1.1 speeds. If this kit is installed by Agilent, the existing hub will be removed, as per the installation instructions.

Last Updated: Mar 14, 2010

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