APC-7 mm Connectors

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APC-7 mm connectors are not technically Millimeter Wave since their maximum frequency range is only 18 GHz. However, APC-7mm connectors are extremely durable, they have an extremely good VSWR specification, and they are very unique in that they are without gender. There are no male or female APC-7 mm connectors. They are ALL exactly alike. Because of this, it may not be obvious how to properly mate two APC-7 mm connectors.

How to properly mate two APC-7 mm connectors.

As in the example images below, it is easier to connect two APC-7 mm connectors if a bulkhead connector has the protruding threads and the device has recessed thread. Otherwise, it does not matter which connector has the protruding thread or recessed threads. Also, the terms Left and Right in the following are for illustration purposes only.

Recessed threads

Protruding threads


  1. To prepare both connectors, spin the knurled nuts to cause the following:

  1. Recessed threads on one (Left) connector.

  2. Protruding threads on the other (Right) connector.

  1. Insert left connector into right connector until seated.

  2. Thread left connector nut onto the protruding threads of the right connector until snug.

  1. Do NOT turn the right nut.

  2. Do not turn the device body. Only the NUT.

  3. Finger-tight is usually enough to produce the necessary 12 in-lb of torque.

  4. When complete, the right connector nut should be able to spin freely.