Index of /pna/.update/common/.private/.beta/Firmware

Icon  Name                    Last modified      Size  Description
[   ] VNA_x64_A.15.40.04.exe 2021-10-21 21:48 1.0G [   ] PNA_A.10.65.17.exe 2021-10-07 12:44 338M [   ] VNA_x64_A.14.60.16.exe 2021-10-04 08:52 857M [   ] VNA_x64_A.14.60.15.exe 2021-08-30 15:05 857M
Readme Text for Directory Listing

If no files are seen in the above directory listing, then there are no beta firmware versions currently available.
If you were expecting to find something here, it may have been moved to our default firmware page.

Information for the PNA Beta Firmware Download Area

Warning! Any firmware revision listed above is beta code and is not guaranteed! Use at your own risk!

These are beta versions only and, depending upon how close the firmware is to its final release date, it may have some significant bugs which may crash the PNA or provide incorrect results. Customers should not use this firmware for production purposes unless recommended to do so by a Keysight representative, or if evaluation of future new code is desired.

    Beta code is generally meant for current production units and may require the latest CPU hardware in order to operate efficiently.