Keysight Multiport Test Set Support


Option 550 or 551 on a PNA requires an appropriate test set file. Test set files have the file extension .tsx.

Test set files are stored on the PNA at the following location:

  • Windows 10 (64-bit): C:/Program Files/Keysight/Network Analyzer/testsets
  • Windows 10 (32-bit): C:/Program Files (x86)/Keysight/Network Analyzer/testsets
  • Windows 7: C:/Program Files (x86)/Agilent/Network Analyzer/testsets
  • Windows XP: C:/Program Files/Agilent/Network Analyzer/testsets

The required test set file depends on the model of PNA and the test set model. The PNA and PNA-X have different files from the PNA-L due to the port numbering. PNA and PNA-X ports are numbered 1,3,4,2 from left to right, while the PNA-L ports are numbered 1,2,3,4. Installing the wrong file will cause errors in the port control.

PNA firmware includes test set files which may be updated periodically. Use the table below if you need an updated file.

To download a file, right click on the desired file name, then Save Target As..., etc.

When downloading a test set file, the download process may append .xml or other characters to the file name. After downloading a file, remove any extra characters from the file name that may have been added during the download process so that the file name matches the name listed below.

Some customers have reported that their test sets do not return to a thru-path configuration when the PNA is set to standalone mode. To force this condition, run this macro after setting the PNA to standalone mode.

Test Set Files

Test Set(s) 2-port PNA, PNA-X 2-port PNA-L, E836x 4-port PNA, PNA-X 4-port PNA-L
N44xx n44xx_p2.tsx (See test set User's Guides for compatible models, option 550 required)
U3022AE06 u3022ae06_pnax_p2.tsx u3022ae06_p2.tsx u3022ae06_pnax_p4.tsx u3022ae06_p4.tsx
U3022AE10 u3022ae10_pnax_p2.tsx u3022ae10_p2.tsx u3022ae10_pnax_p4.tsx u3022ae10_p4.tsx
U3022AH10 u3022ae10_pnax_p2.tsx   u3022ae10_pnax_p4.tsx (STD test set)
u3022bh10_pnax_p4.tsx (Opt 129)
U3022AM06 u3022am06_pnax_p2.tsx u3022am06_p2.tsx u3022am06_pnax_p4.tsx u3022am06_p4.tsx
U3022AM42     u3022am42_pnax_p4.tsx  
U3022BH10     u3022bh10_pnax_p4.tsx (14 port)
u3022bh10_x2_pnax_p4.tsx (24 port)
U3024AH10     u3024ah10_pnax_p4.tsx  
Dual U3024AH10     u3024ah10_x2_pnax_p4.tsx  
U3025AE10   u302xae10_p2.tsx    
U3042AE04     u3042ae04_pnax_p4.tsx u3042ae04_p4.tsx
U3042AE08     u3042ae08_pnax_p4.tsx u3042ae08_p4.tsx
U3042AE12     u3042ae12_pnax_p4.tsx u3042ae12_p4.tsx
U3042AE12 Dual Stack     u3042ae12x2_pnax_p4.tsx u3042ae12x2_p4.tsx
U3042AE16     u3042ae16_pnax_p4.tsx u3042ae16_p4.tsx
U3042AM04     u3042am04_pnax_p4.tsx u3042am04_p4.tsx
U3042AM08     u3042am08_pnax_p4.tsx u3042am08_p4.tsx
U3042AM12     u3042am12_pnax_p4.tsx u3042am12_p4.tsx
U3042AM20     u3042am20_pnax_p4.tsx u3042am20_p4.tsx
U3044AM12     u3044am12_pnax_p4.tsx  
U3044AM16     u3044am16_pnax_p4.tsx  
U3044AM12 + U3044AM16 Stack     u3044am16_am12_pnax_p4.tsx  
U3045AM04     u3045am04_pnax_p4.tsx  
U3045AM08     u3045am08_pnax_p4.tsx  
U3045AM12     u3045am12_pnax_p4.tsx  
U3047AE04     u3047ae04_pnax_p4.tsx  
U3047AM04     u3047am04_pnax_p4.tsx  
U3047AM08     u3047am08_pnax_p4.tsx  
U3047AM12     u3045am12_pnax_p4.tsx
uses the same file as U3045AM12
Z5623AK22   z5623ak22_p2.tsx    
Z5623AK44     z5623ak44_pnax_p4.tsx z5623ak44_p4.tsx
dual Z5623AK44       Z5623AK44x2_p4.tsx
Z5623AK64       z5623ak64_p4.tsx
Z5623AK66       z5623ak66_p4.tsx

Interconnect Hardware

The full interconnect kit consists of one lock-link kit and one cable kit.

Test Set(s) 2-port PNA, PNA-X 2-port PNA-L, E836x 4-port PNA, PNA-X 4-port PNA-L
Full Kit: U3021PL3-242
- - Lock-Link: U3021-60002
- - Cable Kit: U3021-60046
Full Kit: U3021PL3-262 (up to 20 GHz)
- - Lock-Link: U3021-60001
- - Cable Kit: U3021-60043
Full Kit: U3021PL3-263 (above 20 GHz)
- - Lock-Link: U3021-60001
- - Cable Kit: U3021-60044
Full Kit: U3021PL3-442
- - Lock-Link: U3021-60002
- - Cable Kit: U3021-60047
Full Kit: U3021PL3-262
- - Lock-Link: U3021-60001
- - Cable Kit: U3021-60043
Full Kit: U3021PL3-245
- - Lock-Link: U3021-60003
- - Cable Kit: U3021-60048
Full Kit: U3021PL3-263
- - Lock-Link: U3021-60001
- - Cable Kit: U3021-60044
    Full Kit: U3021PL3-442
- - Lock-Link: U3021-60002
- - Cable Kit: U3021-60047
Full Kit: U3021PL3-430
- - Lock-Link: U3021-60001
- - Cable Kit: U3021-60045
    Full Kit: U3021PX3-442
- - Lock-Link: U3021-60005
- - Cable Kit: U3021-60077
Full Kit: U3021PX3-430
- - Lock-Link: U3021-60004
- - Cable Kit: U3021-60075
    Full Kit: U3021PX2-445
- - Lock-Link: U3021-60002
- - Cable Kit: U3021-60089
    Full Kit: U3021PX1-447
- - Lock-Link: U3021-60002
- - Cable Kit: U3021-60101

To get a replacement U3021-60001 kit, order the U3021S, option 030.
To get a replacement U3021-60002 kit, order the U3021S, option 042.
To get a replacement U3021-60003 kit, order the U3021S, option 045.
To get a replacement U3021-60004 kit, order the U3021M, option 030.
To get a replacement U3021-60005 kit, order the U3021M, option 042.

Last Updated: 26 Jan 2017