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Using More than Four CalPods


The CalPod User's Guide provides basic instructions for setting up a basic measurement system using CalPods.  It assumes no more than one CalPod per PNA port.  This web page provides information for using additional CalPod modules.

The CalPod dialog on the PNA only supports assigning CalPod modules to ports physically on a PNA instrument. 

There are two ways to increase the number of "ports" on a PNA:

External switch matrix: an external switch matrix may be connected to a PNA to allow connection to a DUT with many ports.  The PNA operates as a two or four port network analyzer.  The external switch matrix is controlled independent of the PNA firmware.

Multiport test sets: Multiport test sets are more than an external switch matrix.  The PNA firmware controls the switching of the multiport test set.  Multiport test sets allow a PNA to become an N port network analyzer with PNA software automatically supporting calibration for all N ports.  Multiport test sets for the PNA are NOT supported by the CalPod software at this time.

The CalPod software may be used to support an external switch matrix that connects the PNA physical ports to an expanded number of test ports.  Typically, a separate measurement "channel" will be defined on the PNA for each combination of expanded test ports.  Each channel will have its own calibration.


Limitation on number of CalPod modules

Option 301 limits the list of "available" CalPod modules to a maximum of four.  The list of "available" CalPod modules is displayed in the CalPod Setup dialog.  Option 302 allows an essentially unlimited number of "available" CalPod modules.

Connecting more than four CalPod modules to a controller

Each controller (85523A) will connect directly to four CalPod modules.  When more than four CalPod modules are required, one or more splitters (85556A) may be used.  See splitter info for details.

Using more CalPod modules than PNA physical ports

When external switching is used to expand the number of test ports for a PNA, it is possible to use CalPod modules on the expanded ports.

SCPI commands for the PNA are available to assign available CalPod modules to PNA physical ports.  These commands provide essentially the same functionality supported by the user interface in the CalPod dialog.  Information on these SCPI commands are available in the PNA on-line help, there is a link for the programming commands in the CalPod section.

PNA measurement channels are defined for various combinations of expanded test ports.  Each channel has its own calibration.

Two actions must be taken when a PNA switches measurement channels.  The external switch matrix must be reconfigured and SCPI commands must be sent to assign the appropriate CalPod modules to the PNA physical ports.

If additional information is  needed, contact the CTD support email node.

Last Updated: June 15, 2011

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