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PNA to CalPod Controller LAN Connection


The CalPod User's Guide provides basic instructions for setting up a basic measurement system using CalPods.  This web page provides additional details on the PNA LAN connection to a single CalPods controller.

For information on using multiple CalPod controllers and/or modifying a CalPod controller configuration, see calpod_install.html.


PNA to CalPod Controller LAN Connection

 The PNA communicates with the CalPod controller over LAN.  See Step  5 "Select a LAN Connection Scheme" in the CalPod User's Guide for basic configuration options.  The additional information below may be helpful.

Desktop icon for configuring LAN connection.

There is an icon on the PNA desktop labelled "CalPod LAN Config." 

Executing this program presents three configuration choices:

1 - Direct Cable Connect - direct connection between the PNA built-in LAN port and the CalPod controller, forces the built-in LAN port to use a pre-defined static IP address.

2 - USB-to-LAN Adapter - does not modify the PNA built-in LAN adapter configuration, uses the USB adapter.

3 - Reset Built-in LAN Adapter to default configuration (DHCP) - must use this option if DHCP operation is desired when option 2 is activated following option 1.


Instructions for setting static IP address for USB LAN adapter on PNA.

When the CalPod Controller connects to the PNA via the USB LAN adapter, the USB LAN adapter must be configured for a static IP address.  Normally, selecting option 2 above sets the required static IP address.  However, some in some situations the USB LAN adapter is not configured properly.  For instance, multiple installations of the CalPod software may leave the USB LAN adapter configured for  DHCP.  When the PNA is not able to communicate with the CalPod controller and the cabling appears to be correct, follow the steps below to manually configure USB LAN adapter.

1-     Minimize the PNA application to access the Windows desktop.

2-     Click Start > Settings > Network Connections.

3-     There should be two or more listings under “LAN or High-Speed Internet.”  Right click on the last item in the list and select Properties.  The listing under “Connect using:” should display “ASIX AX88772A USB…..”.  If not, then try another item in the list under “LAN or High-Speed Internet”.

4-     After selecting Properties for the appropriate item on the list, scroll down and highlight “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)”

5-     Click Properties

6-     Set the IP address to with a Subnet mask of

7-     Click OK as necessary to close dialog windows.


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Last Updated: May 11, 2015