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CalPod Controller Configuration Details

Note: this web page is a work in progress. 

The CalPod User's Guide provides basic instructions for setting up a basic measurement system using CalPods.  This web page provides details on configuration options for the CalPod controller.  Generally, the information in this web page is used only when the CalPods system requires multiple controllers.


CalPod Controller Configuration

When a single CalPod controller is used, generally no special configuration is required.  A direct LAN connection is used between the PNA and the CalPod controller.  The default static IP address for the controller is  The following information is useful when a special configuration is required.

CalPod Setup dialog box

To start this dialog, click CalPod Setup in the CalPod dialog box.

The information below only documents the functions related to configuring the CalPod controller.  Other functions in the CalPod Setup dialog box are documented in the PNA Help system.


IP Setup  Starts the NetBurner IPSetup dialog box.

Controller Addresses

Each controller can support 4 modules directly, and up to 48 modules using external splitters. Additional controllers may be required if more than 48 CalPod modules are needed.

IP Address  Enter the IP Address of the Controller, then click Add. The IP address is configured using the IPSetup Utility. The default IP=, but different static network settings can be configured if required.

Delete  Select the Controller Address, then click Delete to remove the address from the list.

Controller Webpage  Click to launch the controller webpage in the default PNA browser. Use this to diagnose controller problems and to set the IP address if the controllers are already addressable.


NetBurner IPSetup dialog box

To start this dialog, click the IP Setup button in the CalPods Setup dialog box. 

The NetBurner IPSetup dialog may be used to configure a System Controller's IP address.  You can assign static network settings that differ from the default.  Consult with your network administrator before assigning IP addresses when connected to a network.


  • For a Network Mask of, the valid ITM address range is to
  • The device must be connected to the Network via a standard Ethernet cable (or connected to the host computer using a crossover cable) and be recognized in order to run IPSetup.  
  • IPSetup will identify all System Controllers connected to the LAN.

Configure the System Controller IP Address

To configure the device, select it from the device list.  The IP Address, IP Mask, and IP Gateway will appear in their respective text boxes when using Static IP Address. If only one device has been identified, it is automatically selected.

IP Field  - Displays the selected unit / device LAN address as well as shown in "Select a Unit" display.

Set Button - Permits controller firmware address to be change to a custom value. Configure IP setting in the "NDK Settings" group, press Set and the hardware IP is reconfigured.

Search Again Button - Forces re-scanning of connected NetBurner products on a LAN connection.

Launch Web - launches the web site from the selected CalPod controller.  This web site displays information about the controller.


Last Updated: May 11, 2016