Keysight PNA Windows 10 Upgrade


Expected Availability:   October 2018

Keysight Technologies will soon offer a Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade kit for all the "B" model PNAs. These are the units with the 12.4-inch display and grey chassis, as shown on the right. Some unexpected issues with Windows 10 have delayed the introduction from the original planned date. These issues have since been solved and full testing is now under way. Once everything have been thoroughly tested, this web page will be updated to show the availability and price.

The Windows 10 version used is: Enterprise 2016 LTSB (Long Term Support Branch.)

Windows 10 upgrades will not be available for the older "A" models. However, most "A" models can be upgraded to a "B" model. See our "A"-to-"B" Model Upgrade page for more information on this process. Currently, this kit includes the Windows 7 operating system, but as soon as Windows 10 is officially released, the "A"-to-"B" upgrade kit will immediately switch to include Windows 10 instead.

Upgrade Process

The upgrade kit will consist of a new SSD mounted on a slide-in tray. The installation process will simply consist of replacing the current SSD with the new one; anyone can do this in less than 1 minute. Once powered on, several reboots may be needed and you will be required to agree to various licenses. After a few minutes the PNA should be fully functional.

In most cases, this upgrade will NOT affect the calibration of the PNA.
There are two exceptions:

  • On N5231B and N5232B models, there may be a required Global Delta Match calibration file located on the hard drive
  • On any PNA with the TDR option (Opt 011), there is a System Default Calibration file also located on the hard drive
The included instructions will cover how to transfer these file to the new SSD so that a new calibration does not need to be performed. However, it would certainly not hurt to perform a new calibration either; both calibrations are pretty simple to perform.

Of course, if you want to keep any existing files, instrument states, cal kits, etc. then you may want to save them off to a flash drive before removing the original SSD. Possible files that you may want to retain are listed on our Windows 7 upgrade page under "Transfer any Desired Existing Files". Use the Win-7 file locations for both the source and destination.

The cost of the upgrade kit has not yet been set but should be in the vicinity of $1300.
This page will be updated as soon as new details are known.

Last Updated: Jul 23, 2018