Keysight PNA Repair & Calibration



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Repair Information

Use the following links to access detailed repair related information.

Keysight Windows Profile for Service

Each PNA is configured with a main administrator account for normal customer use and a service administrator account for use in our service centers. This service account should never be erased. If the main PNA account is password protected, and the service account is missing, the service personnel will not be able to log onto the PNA. In this case, the hard drive will need to be completely reimaged, destroying all customer data that is written there.

If you need to log onto this account, you must first obtain the six-digit numerical password.

To determine the service password for your PNA,
enter the serial number and click Submit.


If the hard drive is ever reimaged or replaced, use this same utility to set the password.

To log into the account, set the username to "Agilent", on Windows XP drives, or "PNA-SERVICE", on Windows 7 drives, and set the password to the number given.