E5091 Test Set Control

The E5091A is a popular Keysight Technologies 7-port / 9-port test set. Although the test set was originally designed to work with the ENA Network Analyzer, it also works well with the PNA. This topic describes how to control the test set from the PNA. For more information about the test set, refer to your E5091A documentation.

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When connected to the PNA, the E5091A test set provides full 7-port or 9-port test capability. The E5091A can be configured to switch a different test set path for each PNA channel. When all channels have been configured, the entire measurement setup and calibration can be saved to a .cst or .csa file to be recalled later. In addition, the Channel Settings Table that is appended to a printed hardcopy of a measurement includes the E5901A Port Control settings.


Connect and Configure the E5091A

The E5091A can be connected to any one of the PNA USB ports. When first installed, Windows will automatically launch the "Add New Hardware" wizard. Click Next to install the E5091A test set.

Note: See the power handling limitations of the PNA USB ports.

Connect the PNA test ports to the E5091A test ports. Match PNA test port 1 to E5091A test port 1, and so forth.

Selecting ID for E5091A

The PNA can control up to two E5091A test sets. Set the Instrument ID bit switch to 1 or 2. The test sets will then be identified automatically and referred to by the DIP switch setting on the E5091A rear-panel. Change the ID bit switch setting before connecting to the PNA USB.

Power ON

Immediately after power-on, all of the port connection indicator LEDs of the E5091A go ON. Then, after the PNA detects the E5091A, the four LEDs that indicate the connected test ports remain ON. If the PNA is not powered on or if the E5091A is not connected using a USB cable, all of the LEDs stay ON.

How to make E5091A test set Control Settings

Using front-panel
[softkey] buttons

Using Menus

  1. Press trace/chan

  2. then [Channel]

  3. then [More]

  4. then [External test set]

  5. then [E5091A]

  1. Click Trace/Chan

  2. then Channel

  3. then More

  4. then External test set

  5. then E5091A

No programming commands are available for this feature.


E5091A test set control dialog box help

The title of the dialog shows the test set model and ID number of the active test set..

Select ID  ID of the test set to be configured. Up to two E5091A test sets can be controlled. Click to change test set ID. Learn how to set the test set ID.

Enable Test Set Control  When cleared, port switching and control line settings are disabled. This selection affects all channels using the selected test set.

Show Test Set Property  When checked, a second row on the status bar appears which indicates the test set that is being controlled and the current port control selection.  For example, the following image shows the status bar when controlling an E5091A test set.

  1. Configured channel

  2. Port Control settings for E5091A

  3. Port Control settings for Z5623A K64

  4. Test set Label. E5091A control does not use this field. It is shared between Interface Control and External test set Control. The two labels are separated by /.

Control of the second status bar is completely separate from the first status bar, which is controlled from the View, Status Bar menu.

Port Control  Controls mapping of Physical ports to Logical ports.

  • Physical ports are the port numbers that are labeled on the test set front panel. (see N44xx test sets)

  • Logical ports are the port numbers that are referred to by most of the PNA application prompts and dialog boxes.

Port Mapping Notes

  • Port Control and Control Line settings affect the channel of the active (selected) measurement. These settings will occur as the channel is being measured.

  • Correction is NOT turned OFF when port mappings are changed. However, the calibration is NO LONGER VALID!

Control Lines  Specifies the values of individual control lines. These general purpose control lines on the test set front-panel can be used in your test setup. Each button toggles the control line HIGH and LOW. When first opened, the selections reflect the current control lines. See your test set documentation for more information about the control lines.

OK   When clicked, the changes to the dialog box are implemented and the port selections and control values are immediately sent to the specified test sets. The Port Control and Control line settings are stored with other channel data and used when those channels are swept.

Cancel  (or Escape) Changes to the dialog are not implemented and revert to the settings before the dialog box was opened.

Calibrating with the E5091A

The following are a few changes in the way you calibrate the PNA with the E5091A connected:

  1. Create the measurements for the channel and configure the Port Control (switching) on the E5091A Test Set Control dialog box. Enable Show Test Set Property.

  2. To calibrate, start the Calibration wizard and select a Calibration method (ECAL, SmartCal, Unguided).

  3. Select the DUT connectors that are used at the E5091A measurement reference plane.

  4. When prompted to connect a standard to a PNA port, instead connect the standard to the E5091A port as indicated on the test set status bar. For example, when the cal wizard prompts to connect the standard to port 1, if the status bar indicates 1 A, the connect the standard to port A of the E5091A.