Operator's Check

Tip: Use Move App to Back to cause the PNA application to move behind this application on the screen.


The Operator's Check should be performed when you first receive your PNA, and any time you wish to have confidence that the PNA is working properly.


  • The Operator's Check does not verify performance to specifications. To verify PNA performance to specifications, run System Verification.

  • Allow the PNA to warm up for 90 minutes before considering a failed test to be valid.

  • The Operator's Check can NOT be run with a Multiport test set enabled. However, you can run a performance check as described in the Test Set User's Guide. See the N44xx User's Guide.

The Pass/Fail criteria used in the Operator's Check identifies obvious failures in the following portions of the PNA hardware:

How to Run the Operator's Check

Using front-panel
[softkey] buttons

Using a mouse with PNA Menus

  1. Press system

  2. then [Service]

  3. then [Operator's Check]

  1. Click Utility

  2. then System

  3. then Service

  4. then Operator's Check

  1. Connect one or more standards (see Configure).

  2. Click Begin and Continue (if necessary) until "Operator's Check is complete!" appears.


This dialog box will look slightly different, depending on PNA model number and installed options. Some of the tests are not run if the appropriate option is not installed.

To learn about how each test is performed, click one of the tests on the right of the dialog  For example, the following information dialog is launched when Leveling is clicked:


Operators Check dialog box help

Note: It is normal for a momentary unleveled condition to appear during portions of the Operators Check.


Prompt for attachment of Short / Open   If you do not have enough shorts or opens for all test ports, you will be prompted to move the standard to the next test port. Connect either a short or open to port 1, then click Begin.

Shorts / Opens are attached to all ports   Connect either a short or open for each test port, then click Begin. All ports are tested without interruption. You can mix shorts and opens on the test ports.

PNA   Shows information about the PNA that is being tested.

Legend   Shows the status icons used in the Operator's Check and their meaning. Pending Pass means that a portion of the testing has been completed successfully.

Results   Shows the current status of each test. Click on the test name to learn how that test is performed. This may help in troubleshooting failed tests. If any tests Fail, refer to Chapter 3 of the PNA service guide.

Begin   Starts the Operator's Check.

View Results  Shows all results in text format.  Failed items are preceded by ===>>>.

This text file can be printed or saved with a unique file name to compare results with previous or subsequent testing.

Exit   Ends the program and closes the window.

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