Keysight VEE Pro  RunTime Installed

Beginning in Dec. 2005, Keysight VEE Pro RunTime is installed on new PNAs. This means that programs written with Keysight VEE (.vxe files) can be run directly on the PNA.

PNAs without Keysight VEE installed can go to the Keysight VEE website and download Keysight VEE Pro 6.2 RunTime to the PNA and begin to run VEE programs directly on the PNA. This version does not require Keysight I/O Libraries suite 14. Do NOT upgrade to Keysight I/O libraries suite 14 on the PNA.

With Keysight VEE Pro RunTime installed on the PNA, the following examples can be run directly on the PNA:

For more VEE examples, see the PNA support website.

For more information on Keysight VEE, see