Remotely Specifying a Source Port

In the 'not-too-distant past', it was a simple task to specify a PNA source port. It was either port 1 or port 2.  Now, for the following reasons, it is not so simple:

Source Port String Names

The PNA User Interface (UI) makes it easy to configure and select the sources and ports. Remotely however, string names are used now, in addition to port numbers, to specify a Source port.

COM  - The existing COM commands specify source ports as numbers and they are still used. It is necessary to learn the port number from the string using the GetPortNumber Method. Port numbers are assigned dynamically depending on whether external sources are selected and the number of ports of the PNA.

An example:

dim app
set app = CreateObject("Agilentpna835x.application")
dim channel
set channel = app.Channel
dim portnum
portnum = Channel.GetPortNumber("Src2 Out1")
app.CreateMeasurement 1,"A",portnum


SCPI  - ALL of the existing SCPI commands that specify a source port are extended to also allow the source port to be specified using string names. For example, send the following command to set the power on Src2 Out1: