Collections in the Analyzer

Collections are a gathering of similar objects. They are a convenience item used primarily to iterate through the like objects in order to change their settings. Collections generally provide the following generic methods and properties:


where (n) represents the number of the item in the collection. Some collections may have unique capabilities pertinent to the objects they collect.

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Collections are Dynamic

A collection does not exist until you ask for it. When you request a Channels object (see Getting a Handle to an Object / Collection), handles to each of the channel objects are gathered and placed in an array.

For example, if channels 2 and 4 are the only channels that exist, then the array will contain only 2 items. The command 'channels.Count' will return the number 2, and:

The ordering of objects within the collection should not be assumed. If you add a channel to the previous example, as in:


'channels.Count' will now return 3 and:

Primarily, collections are useful for making this type of iteration possible:

Dim ch as Channel
For each ch in pna.Channels
  Print ch.Number
  Print ch.StartFrequency
  Print ch.StopFrequency
Next ch

As soon as this for-each block has been executed, the Channels object goes out of scope.