VISA Pass-Through Example

The VISA (Virtual Instrument Software Architecture) System Communicate commands used in this example allow you to send SCPI commands to another device through the PNA. VISA is used to communicate with most instrumentation buses including the following:

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option explicit
dim app
set app = CreateObject("AgilentPNA835x.Application")

set scpi = app.ScpiStringParser

' Open a new VISA session and set timeout to 10 ms

scpi.Parse "SYST:COMM:VISA:RDEV:OPEN 'TCPIP0::A-N5242A-10096::hislip1::INSTR',10"

' Retrieve the session ID number

sessionNum = scpi.Parse "SYST:COMM:VISA:RDEV:OPEN?"

' Send session ID number and send RBW command to the device

scpi.Parse "SYST:COMM:VISA:RDEV:WRIT & sessionNum & 'RBW:ARB 1'"

' Send the "*IDN?" query

scpi.Parse "SYST:COMM:VISA:RDEV:WRITE & sessionNum & '*IDN?'"

' Read its results

idnstr = scpi.Parse "SYST:COMM:VISA:RDEV:READ?" & sessionNum

' Close the VISA session

scpi.Parse "SYST:COMM:VISA:RDEV:CLOSE" & sessionNum