Setup an FCA Segment Sweep

This example program shows how to setup a segment sweep in FCA.

The SCPI commands in this example are sent over a COM interface using the SCPIStringParser object. You do NOT need a GPIB connection to run this example.

This VBScript (*.vbs) program can be run as a macro in the PNA. To do this, copy the following code into a text editor file, such as Notepad, and save it on the PNA hard drive as FCASeg.vbs.

Learn how to setup and run the macro.

See Other SCPI Example Programs

option explicit

dim App, scpi

set App = CreateObject("Agilentpna835x.application")


' Create FCA Scalar Mixer/Converter channel with an SC21 measurement:

App.CreateCustomMeasurementEx 1, "Scalar Mixer/Converter", "SC21", 1

' Access the COM SCPI string parser

set scpi = App.ScpiStringParser

' Delete all existing segments, and create three new ones


scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm:add 3")

' Turn #1 ON

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm1:stat on")


' Set segment sweep

' The following 'type:segm' command discards the changes made to the scratch mixer

' Therefore, precede with Apply

' Also, always do this before setting the LO port

scpi.Parse ("sens:mix:apply")

scpi.Parse("sens:swe:type segm")

' Setup segment #1

' Input is swept: [1.1GHz, 1.39GHz]

' LO1 is fixed: 2.2 GHz

' Output is low-side mixing swept and calculated

' from input and LO1.

' Number of points is 21

' Input power is -10 dBm

' LO1 power is 10.0 dBm

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm1:inp:freq:star 1.10E9")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm1:inp:freq:stop 1.39E9")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm1:inp:freq:mode swept")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm1:inp:pow -10.0")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm1:lo1:freq:fix 2.2E9")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm1:lo1:freq:mode fixed")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm1:lo1:pow 10.0")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm1:poin 21")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm1:outp:freq:sid LOW")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm1:stat on")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm1:calc outp")

' Setup segment #2:

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm2:inp:freq:star 1.40E9")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm2:inp:freq:stop 1.49E9")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm2:inp:freq:mode swept")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm2:inp:pow -10.0")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm2:lo1:freq:fix 2.2E9")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm2:lo1:freq:mode fixed")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm2:lo1:pow 10.0")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm2:poin 21")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm2:outp:freq:sid LOW")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm2:stat on")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm2:calc outp")

' Setup segment #3:

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm3:inp:freq:star 1.50E9")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm3:inp:freq:stop 1.6E9")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm3:inp:freq:mode swept")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm3:inp:pow -10.0")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm3:lo1:freq:fix 2.2E9")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm3:lo1:freq:mode fixed")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm3:lo1:pow 10.0")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm3:poin 21")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm3:outp:freq:sid LOW")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm3:stat off")

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:segm3:calc outp")

' Mixer Input to be port 1

' Mixer output to Port 2

' Mixer LO to Port 3

scpi.Parse("sens:mix:lo1:name ""Port 3""")

' Apply the scratch mixer



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