Perform a VMC Mixer Characterization

This example performs a VMC Mixer Characterization ONLY.

To run this example program without error:

The SCPI commands in this example are sent over a COM interface using the SCPIStringParser object. You do NOT need a GPIB connection to run this example.

This VBScript (*.vbs) program can be run as a macro in the PNA. To do this, copy the following code into a text editor file, such as Notepad, and save it on the PNA hard drive as *.vbs.

Learn how to setup and run the macro.

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Dim app

Dim scpi

' Create / Get the PNA application.

Set app = CreateObject("AgilentPNA835x.Application")

Set scpi = app.ScpiStringParser

scpi.Parse "MMEM:LOAD 'default.csa'"


' Perform Cal


' Define the connector and calkit for port 1 of the VNA

scpi.Parse "sens:corr:coll:guid:conn:port1 'APC 3.5 female'"

scpi.Parse "sens:corr:coll:guid:ckit:port1 'N4691-60004 ECal 02593'"

' Define the connector and calkit for the mixer output port

scpi.Parse "sens:corr:coll:guid:conn:port3 'APC 3.5 female'"

scpi.Parse "sens:corr:coll:guid:ckit:port3 'N4691-60004 ECal 02593'"

' Select a characterization only calibration. This produces an s2p

' file of the mixer - so the mixer can be used as a calibration

' mixer for the VMC calibration

' The outcome of the calibration is an S2P file.


scpi.Parse "SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:VMC:MIXer:CHAR:CAL:FIL 'C:/Program Files/Keysight/Network Analyzer/Documents/MyMixer.s2p'"

' Set ECal Auto orientation ON


' For the mixer char step ONLY,

' Auto orientation is turned OFF by the PNA.

' Otherwise it would fail because of the loss of the mixer.

' Manually set the ECal orientation for that step.


' the main calibration loop

' a description for the connection instructions is read

' and then the standard is acquired

dim steps, strPrompt

scpi.Parse "sens:corr:coll:guid:init"

steps=scpi.Parse ("sens:corr:coll:guid:steps?")

wscript.echo "Number of Steps = " + cstr(steps)

if (steps > 0)  then  ' otherwise an error condition occurred

for i = 1 to steps

 strPrompt = scpi.Parse ("sens:corr:coll:guid:desc? " + CStr(i))

 MsgBox strPrompt, vbOKOnly, step

 scpi.Parse ("sens:corr:coll:guid:acq STAN" + CStr(i))


scpi.Parse "sens:corr:coll:guid:save"

MsgBox ("Cal is done!")

end if

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