Create and Cal a Noise Figure Measurement

This example program creates a Noise Figure measurement, then calibrates the measurement.

You MUST change the ECal Identification strings (in Blue font).

Optional: Uncomment the following lines (in Blue font) to change these settings:

This VBScript program can be run as a macro in the PNA. To do this, copy the code into a text editor file such as Notepad and save on the PNA hard drive as NF.vbs. Learn how to setup and run the macro.

See the Noise figure commands.

See Other SCPI Example Programs

' This section gets the PNA application

' starts the scpi parser, and presets the PNA

windowNum = 1

channelNum = 1

set pna=CreateObject("AgilentPNA835x.Application")

set scpi = pna.ScpiStringParser

' Create noise figure measurement

scpi.Parse "SYST:FPR"

scpi.Parse "DISP:WIND ON"

scpi.Parse "CALC:CUST:DEF 'noiseFig', 'Noise Figure Cold Source', 'NF'"

scpi.Parse "DISP:WIND:TRAC:FEED 'noiseFig'"

scpi.Parse "CALC:PAR:SEL 'noiseFig'"

' Substitute appropriate Ecal identification strings here

tunerEcal = "N4691-60004 ECal 02821"

pullEcal = "N4691-60004 ECal 02297"

' configure channel



' perform calibration




' ----- Support subroutines ------

' Configure noise channel

sub ConfigureChannel

  scpi.Parse "SENS:FREQ:START 750MHz"

  scpi.Parse "SENS:FREQ:STOP 5.0GHz"

  scpi.Parse "SENS:SWEEP:POINTS 401"

  scpi.Parse "SENS:BWID 1.0E3"

end sub

' Configure noise-specific channel settings

sub ConfigureNoiseSettings

  scpi.Parse "SENS:NOIS:REC NOISe"    'Use noise receivers

' scpi.Parse "SENS:NOIS:REC NORM"     'Use std PNA receiver

  scpi.Parse "SENS:NOIS:AVER:STAT ON"   ' turn averaging ON

  scpi.Parse "SENS:NOIS:AVER 40"            ' noise averaging       

  scpi.Parse "SENS:NOIS:BWID 8MHz"        ' noise bandwidth

  scpi.Parse "SENS:NOIS:GAIN 30"            ' gain of noise receiver

  scpi.Parse "SENS:NOIS:TEMP:AMB 301"   ' ambient temperature, in Kelvin

  scpi.Parse "SENS:NOIS:IMP:COUN 5"       ' number of tuner impedance states

  scpi.Parse "SENS:NOIS:TUN:ID '" & tunerEcal & "'" ' set ID of tuner Ecal module

  scpi.Parse "SENS:NOIS:TUN:INP 'B'"         ' orientation of tuner input port

  scpi.Parse "SENS:NOIS:TUN:OUTP 'A'"        ' orientation of tuner output port

  scpi.Parse "SENS:CORR:TCOL:USER:VAL 300"  ' noise source cold temperature

end sub


sub   SetupCalAttributes_Insertable

   scpi.Parse "SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:CONN:PORT1  'APC 3.5 female'"

   scpi.Parse "SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:CONN:PORT2  'APC 3.5 male'"

   scpi.Parse "SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:CKIT:PORT1 '" & pullEcal & "'"  ' port 1 calkit

   scpi.Parse "SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:CKIT:PORT2 '" & pullEcal & "'"  ' port 2 calkit


   scpi.Parse "SENS:NOIS:SOUR:CONN 'APC 3.5 male'"     ' noise source connector type

   scpi.Parse "SENS:NOIS:SOUR:CKIT '" & pullEcal & "'"   ' noise source calkit

   scpi.Parse "SENS:NOISe:CAL:METHOD 'Vector'"           ' cal method

'  scpi.Parse "SENS:NOISE:CAL:METHOD 'Scalar'"

   scpi.Parse "SENS:NOISE:CAL:RMEThod 'NoiseSource'" 'Receiver Characterization method

'  scpi.Parse "SENS:NOISE:CAL:RMEThod 'PowerMeter'"


end sub


sub SetupNoiseSource

  ' specify the ENR file for the noise source

  enrfile = "C:/Program Files/Keysight/Network Analyzer/Noise/346C_MY44420454.enr"

   scpi.Parse "SENS:NOIS:ENR:FILENAME '" & enrfile & "'"

  ' set noise source cold temperature

   scpi.Parse "SENS:CORR:TCOLd:USER:VAL 301.1"

end sub


sub FinishCalibration

' Build the connection list and acquire the calibration

   steps = scpi.Parse("SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:STEPS?")

   for i = 1 to steps

     str = scpi.Parse("SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:DESC? " & i)

     msgbox  str

     scpi.Parse "SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:ACQ STAN" & i


   scpi.Parse "SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:SAVE 0"

   wscript.echo "Calibration complete"

end sub

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