Create and Cal a GCX Measurement

This VBS program does the following:

To run this example without modification you need the following:

By removing the comments ( ' ) at the start of the BLUE code, it can also do the following:

The SCPI commands in this example are sent over a COM interface using the SCPIStringParser object. You do NOT need a GPIB connection to run this example. However, some modification is necessary to make the program run on a traditional GPIB Interface. For example, during the power meter portion of this calibration, scpi.Parse will not process a command until the power meter routine has completed. Traditional GPIB would require a serial polling technique to ensure the routine has completed before proceeding.

This program can be run as a macro in the PNA. To do this, copy the code into a text editor file such as Notepad and save on the PNA hard drive as GCX.vbs. Learn how to setup and run the macro.

See the Gain Compression and Mixer Commands

 See other SCPI example programs

 option explicit

dim CompLevel, Tolerance, StartFreq, StopFreq, LOFreq, NumFreqs, Scale, LinearPower

dim AcqMode, BackOff, StartPower, StopPower, NumPowers, EnableInterp, CompAlg

dim DwellTime, IFBandwidth, ShowIterations, host, app, parser, i

CompLevel         = 1      ' 1 dB compression level

Tolerance         = 0.05   ' SMART Sweep tolerance

NumFreqs          = 21

Scale             = 0.1

LinearPower       = -10

BackOff           = 10     ' Not used for Deviation from linear gain

StartPower        = -20

StopPower         = 8

NumPowers         = 60     ' Not used for SMART Sweep

DwellTime         = 0.0005 ' Allow some time for DUT bias/thermal effects

IFBandwidth       = 1000   ' Reasonable trace noise at -20 dBm

EnableInterp      = False  ' Disable interpolation

AcqMode           = 0      ' Smart Sweep

CompAlg           = 0      ' Deviation from linear gain

ShowIterations  = False  ' Configure SMART to not show iteration results

dim objargs

set objargs = wscript.Arguments

if (objArgs.Count = 1) then host = objargs(0)


'' Create and Configuration GCX Channel:


set app = CreateObject("Agilentpna835x.application")

set parser = app.ScpiStringParser


'' GCX Setup


parser.Parse "*RST"

parser.Parse "CALC:PAR:DEL:ALL"

parser.Parse "CALC:CUST:DEF ""SC21"",""Gain Compression Converters"",""SC21"" "

parser.Parse "DISP:WIND:TRAC1:FEED ""SC21"" "

parser.Parse "CALC:PAR:SEL ""SC21"" "

parser.Parse "CALC:CUST:DEF ""CompIn21"",""Gain Compression Converters"",""CompIn21"" "

parser.Parse "DISP:WIND:TRAC2:FEED ""CompIn21"" "

parser.Parse "CALC:CUST:DEF ""DeltaGain21"",""Gain Compression Converters"",""DeltaGain21"" "

parser.Parse "DISP:WIND:TRAC3:FEED ""DeltaGain21"" "

parser.Parse "SENS:SWE:MODE HOLD"

parser.Parse "DISP:WIND1:TRAC3:Y:SCAL:PDIV " & Scale

parser.Parse "DISP:WIND1:TRAC3:Y:RLEV " & -CompLevel

 select case AcqMode

  case 0 ' SMART Sweep

  parser.Parse "SENS:GCS:AMOD SMAR"

  case 1 ' 2D Power Sweeps

  parser.Parse "SENS:GCS:AMOD PFREQ"

  case 2 ' 2D Freq Sweeps

  parser.Parse "SENS:GCS:AMOD FPOW"

 end select

select case CompAlg

 case 0 ' Deviation from linear gain

 parser.Parse "SENS:GCS:COMP:ALG CFLG"

 case 1 ' Deviation from max gain

 parser.Parse "SENS:GCS:COMP:ALG CFMG"

 case 2 ' Back Off

 parser.Parse "SENS:GCS:COMP:ALG BACK"

 case 3 ' XY


end select


if EnableInterp then

parser.Parse "SENS:GCS:COMP:INT ON"


parser.Parse "SENS:GCS:COMP:INT OFF"

end if


if ShowIterations then

parser.Parse "SENS:GCS:SMAR:SIT ON"


parser.Parse "SENS:GCS:SMAR:SIT OFF"

end if


parser.Parse "SENS:GCS:COMP:LEV " & CompLevel

parser.Parse "SENS:GCS:COMP:BACK:LEV " & BackOff

parser.Parse "SENS:GCS:COMP:DELT:X " & BackOff

parser.Parse "SENS:GCS:COMP:DELT:Y " & BackOff

parser.Parse "SENS:GCS:SWE:FREQ:POIN " & NumPowers

parser.Parse "SENS:GCS:SMAR:STIM " & DwellTime

parser.Parse "SENS:BAND " & IFBandwidth

parser.Parse "SENS:SWE:DWEL " & DwellTime

parser.Parse "SOUR:POW:STAR " & StartPower

parser.Parse "SOUR:POW:STOP " & StopPower

parser.Parse "SOUR:POW " & LinearPower

parser.Parse "SENS:SWE:POIN " & NumFreqs


' Mixer settings


parser.Parse "SENS:MIX:INPut:FREQ:STAR 3.6e9"

parser.Parse "SENS:MIX:INPut:FREQ:STOP 3.9e9"


parser.Parse "SENS:MIX:LO:FREQ:FIX 1e9"

parser.Parse "SENS:MIX:LO:POW 10"


parser.Parse "SENS:MIX:CALC Output"

parser.Parse "SENS:MIX:APPLY"

'First apply the settings, then set LO Name

parser.Parse "SENS:MIX:LO:NAME 'Port 3'"

parser.Parse "SENS:MIX:APPLY"

parser.Parse "SENS:MIX:SAVE "C:/Program Files/Keysight/Network Analyzer/Documents/Mixer/MyMixer.mxrx""

' sweep single

parser.Parse "SENS:SWE:MODE SING"


 dim str

 str =parser.Parse("*OPC?")




'' GCX Calibration


'--------------Perform A GCX Cal using SMC commands----------------------

'Specify the connector types and the cal kits for each of the ports.

parser.Parse "SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:CONN:PORT1:SEL ""APC 3.5 male"""

parser.Parse "SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:CONN:PORT2:SEL ""APC 3.5 female"""

parser.Parse "SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:CKIT:PORT1:SEL ""N4691-60004 ECal"""

parser.Parse "SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:CKIT:PORT2:SEL ""N4691-60004 ECal"""


' Non-factory characterizations are specified as follows:

'parser.Parse "sens:corr:coll:guid:ckit:port2 'N4691-60004 User 1 ECal'"

' When two or more ECal modules with the same model number are connected

' also specify the serial number as follows:

'parser.Parse "sens:corr:coll:guid:ckit:port2 'N4691-60004 ECal 01234'"

' When Disk Memory ECal user characterizations are used,

' specify both the User char and the serial number as follows:

'parser.Parse "sens:corr:coll:guid:ckit:port2 'N4691-60004 MyDskChar ECal 01234'"

' Uncomment the following lines to manually orient

' the ecal port A connected to PNA port 1


'parser.Parse "SENS:CORR:PREF:ECAL:PMAP ECAL2 ="A1,B2"


' Specify Mechanical cal kits

'parser.Parse "sens:corr:coll:guid:ckit:port1 '85033D/E'"

'parser.Parse "sens:corr:coll:guid:ckit:port2 '85033D/E'"


'Optional settings

'Specify the thru measurement method.

'Always send an INIT command before the THRU command.



'Omit the isolation part of the 2-port cal (default behavior).



'Perform LO Power Cal


'Set the LO power level for the cal on an external PSG source.



'Initialize a Guided calibration.


'Tell the wizard to generate and report the number of steps in this cal.

Dim steps

Dim desc

'Determine the number of steps required to complete the calibration.

steps =parser.Parse ("SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:STEP?")

For i = 1 To steps

'Display the prompt for each step

desc =parser.Parse ("SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:DESC? " & CStr(i))

MsgBox (desc)

'Perform the measurement for each step

parser.Parse "SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:ACQ STAN" & CStr(i)


'Finish the cal and save the calset


Msgbox ("GCX cal saved to CH1_CALREG")


Last Modified:


Added LO pwer level (DS)


Added INIT before tmet


Updated with new SMC commands


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