Create a Wideband Pulsed Measurement using the PNA-X

This Visual Basic example shows you how to configure the PNA-X internal pulse generators and modulators to make wideband pulsed measurements in pulse profile mode using the PNA-X.

Visit the PNA website where you can download a free Wideband Pulsed Application that performs this measurement on the PNA-X.

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Private Sub Form_Load()

Dim app

Dim scpi

 ' Create / Get the PNA application.

 Set app = CreateObject("AgilentPNA835x.Application")

 Set scpi = app.ScpiStringParser

 'Preset the analyzer

 scpi.Execute ("*RST")


 'Set BW to 5 MHz

 scpi.Execute ("SENS:BWID 5MHZ")

 'Set sweep type to CW mode

 scpi.Execute ("SENS:SWE:TYPE CW")

 'Delete S11 trace

  scpi.Execute ("DISP:WIND:TRAC1:DEL")

 'Create S21 trace

 scpi.Execute ("CALC:PAR:DEF:EXT 'MyMeas',S21")

 scpi.Execute ("DISP:WIND:TRAC1:FEED 'MyMeas'")

 'Set modulation source to Pulse1

 scpi.Execute ("sens:path:conf:elem 'PulseModDrive','Pulse1'")

 'Set power leveling mode to Openloop

 scpi.Execute ("sour:pow1:alc:mode open")

 'Enable pulse modulator 1

 scpi.Execute ("sens:path:conf:elem 'Src1Out1PulseModEnable','Enable'")

 'Set clock of internal pulse generator to internal

 scpi.Execute ("sens:path:conf:elem 'PulseTrigInput','Internal'")

 'Turn on Pulse0

 scpi.Execute ("SENS:PULS0:STAT 1")

 'Turn on Pulse1

 scpi.Execute ("SENS:PULS1:STAT 1")

 'Set pulse period to 1 ms

 scpi.Execute ("sens:puls:per .001")

 'Set Pulse1 width to 10 us

 scpi.Execute ("sens:puls1:width 0.00001")

 'Set Pulse1 delay to 8 us

 scpi.Execute ("sens:puls1:delay 0.000008")

 'Set Pulse0 width to 1 us

 scpi.Execute ("sens:puls0:width 0.000001")

 'Set Pulse0 delay to 400 ns

 scpi.Execute ("sens:puls0:delay 0.0000004")

 'Set trigger scope to Channel

 scpi.Execute ("TRIG:SCOP CURRENT")



End Sub