Create a Swept IMDX Measurement

This program configures several Swept IMDx parameters using power sweep. In this configuration, tone power is swept from -20 dBm to -5 dBm while the Input, LO, and Output frequencies are fixed as follows:

This program also allows you to optionally load a .mxr file to perform mixer setup.

To run this program without error, an external source named 'PSG' must be connected to drive the LO.

This program can be run as a macro in the PNA. To do this, copy the code into a text editor file such as Notepad and save on the PNA hard drive as IMDX.vbs. Learn how to setup and run the macro.

See all Swept IMD commands.

See all Mixer Setup commands.

See Other SCPI Example Programs

Dim app

Dim scpi

Dim err


'Create / Get the PNA application.

Set app = CreateObject("AgilentPNA835x.Application")

Set scpi = app.ScpiStringParser


'Preset the system

scpi.parse "SYST:FPR"

scpi.parse "DISP:WIND1:STAT ON"


'Create an IMDX measurement in Channel 1 and display it as trace 1 in window 1

scpi.parse "CALC1:CUST:DEF 'ch1IMDX', 'Swept IMD Converters', 'PwrMain'"

scpi.parse "DISP:WIND1:TRAC1:FEED 'ch1IMDX'"


'Put the channel in trigger hold

scpi.parse "SENS:SWE:MODE HOLD"

scpi.parse "SENS:IMD:SWE:TYPE POW"

'Put the channel in trigger hold and setup all the mixer parameters

scpi.parse "SENS1:SWE:MODE HOLD"

scpi.parse "SENS1:IMD:SWE:TYPE POW"




scpi.parse "SENS1:MIX:INP:FREQ:FIX 2500000000"

scpi.parse "SENS1:MIX:LO:FREQ:FIX 2000000000"


scpi.parse "SENS1:MIX:CALC OUTP"

scpi.Parse "SENS:MIX:APPLY"

'First apply the settings, then set LO Name

scpi.Parse "SENS:MIX:LO:NAME 'PSG'"

scpi.parse "SENS1:MIX:LO:POW 10"

scpi.Parse "SENS:MIX:APPLY"


'Optionally, put the channel in hold and load an

'existing .mxr file with all the mixer settings

'scpi.parse "SENS1:SWE:MODE HOLD"

'scpi.parse "SENS1:MIX:LOAD 'c:\users\public\network analyzer\documents/Mixer/IMD/Ch1.mxr'"


'Make additional IMD settings


scpi.parse "SENS1:IMD:TPOW:F1:STAR -20"

scpi.parse "SENS1:IMD:TPOW:F1:STOP -5"

scpi.parse "SENS1:IMD:FREQ:DFR:CW 10000000"

scpi.parse "SENS1:SWE:POIN 201"

scpi.parse "SENS1:imd:ifbw:main 1000"

scpi.parse "SENS1:imd:ifbw:imt 500"

scpi.parse "SOUR1:POW2:AMPL -5"


'Create additional measurements in the channel

scpi.parse "CALC1:CUST:DEF 'ch1IMDX2', 'Swept IMD Converters', 'IM3'"

scpi.parse "DISP:WIND1:TRAC2:FEED 'ch1IMDX2'"

scpi.parse "CALC1:CUST:DEF 'ch1IMDX3', 'Swept IMD Converters', 'OIP3'"

scpi.parse "DISP:WIND1:TRAC3:FEED 'ch1IMDX3'"

scpi.parse "CALC1:CUST:DEF 'ch1IMDX4', 'Swept IMD Converters', 'IIP3'"

scpi.parse "DISP:WIND1:TRAC4:FEED 'ch1IMDX4'"

scpi.parse "CALC1:CUST:DEF 'ch1IMDX5', 'Swept IMD Converters', 'ToneGain'"

scpi.parse "DISP:WIND1:TRAC5:FEED 'ch1IMDX5'"


'Take a single sweep to apply all stimulus changes

scpi.parse "*cls;*ese 1"

scpi.parse "sens1:swe:mode SING;*OPC?"


'Check for errors

err=scpi.parse ("SYST:ERR?")


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