Catalog Measurements using SCPI

This Visual Basic Program does the following:

To run this program, you need:

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Dim Meas as String
Dim Win as String

Dim Trace as String

'Read the current measurements in Channel 1

GPIB.Write "CALCulate1:PARameter:CATalog?"

Meas = GPIB.Read

MsgBox ("Ch1 Measurments: " & Meas)

'Read the current windows

GPIB.Write "DISPlay:CATalog?"

Win = GPIB.Read

MsgBox ("Windows: " & Win)

'Read current traces in window 1

GPIB.Write "DISPlay:WINDow1:CATalog?"

Trace = GPIB.Read

MsgBox ("Traces in Window1: " & Win)