Active (Hot) Parameters

This program can be run as a macro in the PNA. To do this, copy the code into a text editor file such as Notepad and save on the PNA hard drive as <filename>.vbs. Learn how to setup and run the macro.

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'Demonstration of Active Parameters setup.
Dim app
Set app = CreateObject("AgilentPNA835x.Application")
Set scpi = app.ScpiStringParser

scpi.Parse "SYST:FPR"
scpi.Parse "CALC:CUST:DEF 'mytrace', 'Active Parameters', 'IPwr' "
scpi.Parse "DISP:WIND ON"
scpi.Parse "DISP:WIND:TRAC:FEED 'mytrace'"

scpi.Parse "SENS:ACT:SWE:TYPE MULT"     'Sweep type to multi sweep
scpi.Parse "SENS:ACT:SWE:POW:STAR -15" 'Start power -15dBm
scpi.Parse "SENS:ACT:SWE:POW:STOP 0" 'Stop power 0dBm
scpi.Parse "SENS:ACT:SWE:POW:STEP 4"  '4 steps with -15,-10,-5,0dBm

scpi.Parse "SENS:ACT:DISP:TRAC1:IPW -5"  'Set the display as the -5dBm input