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PathThruMethod Property


Note: This command replaces ThruCalMethod.

(Read-Write) Specifies the calibration THRU method for each port pair.

Note: Sending this command will overwrite the PNAs SmartCal determination for the thru method.  Send this command ONLY if you have a deliberate reason for overwriting the SmartCal logic.  You can send the query form of this command to learn the THRU method determined by SmartCal.

See Thru Pairs Sequence to learn how to send this and other Thru commands.

See an example of a 4-port guided calibration using COM.

VB Syntax

guidedCal.PathThruMethod (port1, port2) = "ThruType1[,ThruType2]"


(Type) - Description


GuidedCalibration (object)


First port of the pair to be calibrated.


Second port of the pair to be calibrated.


(String) Thru methods for 1st and 2nd ports of the pair, enclosed in a single pair of quotes.  NOT case-sensitive.

thruType1  Calibration thru method for the pair if thruType2 is not specified. Otherwise, thru method for port 1.

Choose from:

  • “Defined Thru”  Measures a Thru for which there is a stored definition in the Cal Kit.

  • “Zero Thru”  Measures a Zero length Thru, also known as Flush-Thru.

  • “Undefined Thru”  A thru type for which there is NOT a stored definition in the Cal Kit. Also known as Unknown Thru. Valid ONLY for SOLT cal type.

  • “Undefined Thru using a Defined Thru”  (ECal modules ONLY) Measures the internal Thru as an Unknown Thru.

ThruType2  (String)  Optional argument. Use ONLY when Adapter Removal Cal is specified for the pair using PathCalMethod. When specifying ThruType2, this is the only valid argument: "Defined Thru, Defined Thru"

Return Type

String - Returns comma-separated ThruTypes.

Always returns two parts:

If the second part of the string is empty, adapter removal is NOT being performed.

If the string is "Defined Thru, Defined Thru", adapter removal IS being performed.


The most accurate THRU method for the current cal.


guidedCal.PathThruMethod(2,3) = "Zero Thru" 'Write for port pair

guidedCal.PathThruMethod(1,4) = "Defined Thru, Defined Thru" 'Write for adapter removal cal.

calmethod = guided.PathThruMethod(1,4) 'Read previous example, return: "Defined Thru, Defined Thru"

C++ Syntax

HRESULT get_PathThruMethod(long firstport, long secondport, BSTR *thruMethod);

HRESULT put_PathThruMethod(long firstport, long secondport, BSTR thruMethod);



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