About Segment Sweep

GetAllSegments Method


Downloads a segment table from the PNA.

 VB Syntax

segdata = Segs.GetAllSegments


(Type) - Description


A Segments (Collection)


(Variant) A 2-dimensional array of Segment data:

  • Dimension 0 is the number of elements in each segment.

  • Dimension 1 is the number of segments that will be used.

All elements in the returned array are Variant.  The type inside each Variant will be as is listed below.  

The returned array will contain values for all elements regardless of the settings of IFBandwidthOption, SweepTimeOption, SourcePowerOption and CouplePorts properties.  Ignore the values for the properties that are set to false.

The following is a list of dimension 0 elements for each segment:

  • 0 = Segment state (Boolean True or False)

  • 1 = Number of  Points in this segment (Integer)

  • 2 = Start Freq (Double)

  • 3 = Stop Freq (Double)

  • 4 = IFBW (Double)

  • 5 = Dwell Time (Double)

  • 6 + N = Power (Double) where N is the number of source ports of the PNA.  For example, with a 4-port, 1-source PNA, indices 6 through 9 correspond to the per-segment power levels for Ports 1 to 4.  Use SourcePortCount Property and SourcePortNames Property to see the available source ports for the PNA.

Return Type

Variant, containing an array.


Not Applicable


See a VB example using this command

C++ Syntax

HRESULT GetAllSegments (VARIANT *pSegments );