CreateCustomMeasurementEx Method


Creates a new custom measurement or a new 'standard' S-Parameter measurement.

 VB Syntax

app.CreateCustomMeasurementEx chanNum,MeasClass,MeasName [,window]


(Type) - Description


(object) - An Application object


(long) -Channel number used by the new measurement; can exist or be a new channel.


(string) - Measurement class of the new custom measurement object. The Measurement Class must be installed and registered on the PNA.

Choose from the following (click or scroll down to view valid MeasNames for each MeasClass)


(variant) Measurement names to create:

Meas Class

Measurement Name



"S11", "S21", and so forth

"A_1","A_2", and so forth

S-parameter name

Unratioed parameter names with notation: "receiver_source port"

See Balanced S-parameter measurement names

Active Hot Parameters













Learn about Active Hot parameters

"Vector Mixer/Converter"




Learn about VMC parameters

"Scalar Mixer/Converter"









Learn about SMC parameters

"Gain Compression"

Learn more


"Gain Compression Converters"

Learn more

GCA and GCX:


Input power at the compression point.


Output power at the compression point.


Gain at the compression point.


 Input Match at the compression point


Linear Gain


CompGain21 -Linear Gain

"S11", "S21", "S12", "S22"

Standard S-parameters; measured at port 1 and port 2

GCX - All Gain Compression parameters (except S21 and S12) plus the following:









Mixer parameters

"Noise Figure Cold Source"

Learn more


"Noise Figure Converters"

Learn more

Noise Figure AND NFX:


Noise figure


Validate noise source measurements.


Effective noise temperature.



DUT noise power ratio. (Noise power expressed in Kelvin divided by 290).



System noise power ratio



DUT noise power density. (Noise power expressed in dBm/Hz).



System noise power density.  

(Opt 029 Only)

Indication that the noise receiver is being over powered.


(Opt 029 Only)

Temperature reading (in Kelvin) of the noise receiver board.

Noise Figure ONLY - NOT NFX:

"S11", "S21", "S12", "S22"

Standard S-parameters; measured with the port1 and port2 noise switches set for noise mode.

"A_1","A_2" ...and so forth.

Unratioed parameters; with notation:
"receiver, source port"


Optimum Complex Reflection Coefficient


Noise Resistance


Minimum noise figure that occurs at GammaOpt










Mixer parameters

"ALO1"," BLO1" ...and so forth.

Test port receiver at LO1 frequency

"R1_1", "B_2" ..and so forth.

Unratioed parameters with notation:

"receiver_source port"

"Swept IMD"

"Swept IMD Converters"

Learn more

There are over 150 possible Swept IMD parameters, too many to list here.

Build the parameters with the Swept IMD Parameter dialog, then copy the parameter name to the remote command.

The following are a few example parameters:


Absolute power of the Low tone at the DUT output.


Power of the third product relative to the average power of the f1 and f2 tones measured at the DUT output.


Theoretical power level at which the third product will be the same power level as the average of the main tones at the output of the DUT.

"IM Spectrum"

Learn more


View signals OUT of the DUT and into PNA port 2 (B receiver).


View signals IN to the DUT (R1 receiver).


View signals reflected off the DUT input and back into PNA port 1 (A receiver)

"IMx Spectrum Converters"

Learn more


View signals OUT of the DUT and into PNA port 2 (B receiver)

"Differential I/Q"

Learn more

Create custom parameters using DefineParameter Method, then specify your custom parameter name here.

The following are default parameters:




Input Power over F1 range

Output Power over F1 range

Gain over F1 range

"Spectrum Analyzer"

Learn more



where <n> is the port number to measure


where <n> is the image reject trace

Reference receiver

Test port receiver


(long) Optional argument. Number of the window the new custom measurement will be placed in. Choose between 1and the maximum number of windows allowed on the PNA.. If unspecified, the measurement is placed in the active window.

Return Type



Not Applicable


'To create a scalar mixer measurement in channel 2:
Dim MyMeas as Agilent835x.Measurement
Set MyMeas = app.CreateCustomMeasurementEx (2, "Scalar Mixer/Converter", "SC21")

'To create a vector mixer measurement in channel 2:
Dim MyMeas as Agilent835x.Measurement
Set MyMeas = app.CreateCustomMeasurementEx (2, "Vector Mixer/Converter", "VC21")

C++ Syntax

HRESULT put_CreateCustomMeasurementEx (long ChannelNum, BSTR guid, VARIANT initData, long windowNumber, IMeasurement** ppMeasurement );