Perform a VMC Mixer Characterization

This example performs a VMC Mixer Characterization ONLY.

To run this example program without error:

This VBScript (*.vbs) program can be run as a macro in the PNA. To do this, copy the following code into a text editor file, such as Notepad, and save it on the PNA hard drive as *.vbs.

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dim pna: set pna = CreateObject("AgilentPNA835x.application")

pna.recall "c:\users\public\network analyzer\documents/default.csa"

set chan = pna.activechannel

DoBasicVMCCal (chan.channelNumber)


sub DoBasicVMCCal( channel )

dim myMixerCharFile: myMixerCharFile = "C:/Program Files/Keysight/Network Analyzer/Documents/com_characterize.s2p"


' construct a VMC calibration object

dim calmanager: set calmanager = pna.GetCalManager

dim guidedCal: set guidedCal = calmanager.CreateCustomCalEx( channel )

dim vmc: set vmc = guidedCal.CustomCalConfiguration


' Initialize the cal object.

' usecalsetpreference is unused for the mixer characterization wizard

dim useCalSetPreference: useCalSetPreference = false

vmc.Initialize channel, useCalSetPreference


' Define the DUT connectors and kits at port 1 of the PNA

vmc.ConnectorType (1) = "APC 3.5 female"

vmc.CalKitType(1) = "N4691-60004 ECal 02593"

' Define the DUT connectors for the output of the characterization mixer

' Use (logical) Port 3.

vmc.ConnectorType(3) = "APC 3.5 female"

' Specify the mechanical cal kit for measuring the characterization mixer

vmc.CalKitType(3) = "N4691-60004 ECal 02593"

vmc.CharacterizeMixerOnly = true ' this specifies that we will create a characterization files

' this file will be written  (.s2p and .s2px file)

vmc.CharFileName = MyMixerCharFile

vmc.AutoOrient = True

' For the mixer char step ONLY,

' Auto orientation is turned OFF by the PNA.

' Otherwise it would fail because of the loss of the mixer.

' Manually set the ECal orientation for that step.

vmc.EcalOrientation1Port(1) = "B1"

' the main calibration loop

' a description for the connection instructions is read

' and then the standard is acquired

dim steps, connectionPrompt

steps = vmc.GenerateSteps

msgbox "Number of Steps = " + cstr(steps)

if (steps > 0)  then  ' otherwise an error condition occurred

for i = 1 to steps

 connectionPrompt = vmc.GetStepDescription( i )

 msgbox connectionPrompt

 vmc.AcquireStep( i )



end if

end sub