Create a Narrowband Pulsed Measurement using the PNA-X or N522x

The following COM example demonstrates how to create a narrowband pulsed measurement using the Pulsed Application DLL on the PNA-X.

See the example program for wideband pulsed measurements on the PNA-X.

It first gets valid configuration settings and then uses those settings to configure the PNA and internal pulsed generators.

To run this program, you need:

This VBScript (*.vbs) program can be run as a macro in the PNA. To do this, copy the following code into a text editor file such as Notepad and save it on the PNA hard drive as Pulse.vbs. Learn how to setup and run the macro.

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Dim OApp As AgilentPNA835x.application

Dim OIntPG As AgilentPNA835x.PulseGenerator

Dim OPathConf As AgilentPNA835x.PathConfiguration

Dim OFilter As AgilentPNA835x.SignalProcessingModuleFour

Dim OIF As AgilentPNA835x.IFConfiguration

'Pulsed parameters

Dim DPRF As Double

Dim DBW As Double

Dim DPhysicalIF As Double

Dim DNCO As Double

Dim DCF As Double

Dim DGD As Double

Dim DGW As Double

Dim DSWGD As Double

Dim DSWGW As Double

Dim DSWGR As Long

Dim LStage1TapArray() As Long

Dim LStage2TapArray() As Long

Dim LStage3TapArray() As Long

Dim BFixedPRF As Boolean

Dim IIFAtten As Integer

'pulsed DLL interface

Dim OPulsed As New AgilentPNAPulsed.application

'Pulsed settings

DPRF = 5000 'Hz

DBW = 500 'Hz

BFixedPRF = True

DNCO = 0#

DCF = 0#

DGD = 0#

DGW = 0.000001

DSWGR = 0#

'Send desired pulsed parameters to the pulsed configuration DLL. The DLL will return a new set of pulse parameters to send to the PNA.

OPulsed.ConfigEnhancedNB2 DPRF, DBW, DPhysicalIF, DNCO, DCF, LStage1TapArray, LStage2TapArray, LStage3TapArray, BFixedPRF, DGD, DGW, DSWGD, DSWGW, DSWGR


'Send configuration to PNA


'Connect to the PNA application

Set OApp = CreateObject("AgilentPNA835x.Application")

'Create instance of pulse generators on active channel

Set OIntPG = OApp.ActiveChannel.PulseGenerator

'Create instance of path configuration on active channel

Set OPathConf = OApp.ActiveChannel.PathConfiguration

'Create instance of digital filter on active channel

Set OIF = OApp.ActiveChannel.IFConfiguration

'Create instance of Hana digital filter on active channel

Set OFilter = OApp.ActiveChannel.SignalProcessingModuleFour

'Set up master pulse period for internal pulse generators

OIntPG.Period = 1 / DPRF

'Set up internal pulse generator output #1 to drive internal source modulation

OIntPG.Width(1) = 0.0001 '100us

OIntPG.Delay(1) = 0.00001 '10us

OIntPG.State(1) = True

OPathConf.Element("PulseModDrive").Value = "Pulse1"

'Set up internal pulse generator output #2 to drive internal receiver gates for a 2 port PNA-X

OIntPG.Width(2) = 0.000001 '1us

OIntPG.Delay(2) = 0.00005 '50us

OIntPG.State(2) = True

OPathConf.Element("IFGateA").Value = "Pulse2"

OPathConf.Element("IFGateB").Value = "Pulse2"

OPathConf.Element("IFGateR1").Value = "Pulse2"

OPathConf.Element("IFGateR2").Value = "Pulse2"


'Configure PNA in pulsed mode operation


'Turn off ALC and turn on modulator control

OApp.ActiveChannel.ALCLevelingMode(1) = naALCOpenLoop 'Source 1 output #1 ALC off

OPathConf.Element("Src1Out1PulseModEnable").Value = "Enable" 'Enable Source 1 pulse modulator

'Set path and enable IF gates

OApp.ActiveChannel.IFBandwidth = DBW

OPathConf.Element("IFSigPathAll").Value = "NBF"

'Set filter stages based on pulse parameters

OIF.IFFrequency = DPhysicalIF

OIF.IFFrequencyMode = naMANUAL

OFilter.Stage1Frequency = DNCO

OFilter.Stage1Coefficients = LStage1TapArray

OFilter.Stage2Coefficients = LStage2TapArray

OFilter.Stage3FilterType = "RECT"

OFilter.Stage3Parameter("C") = LStage3TapArray(0)

OFilter.FilterMode = naMANUAL

'Set receivers to auto gain setting

OPulsed.ConfigEnhancedNBIFAtten DPRF, DGW, IIFAtten '1us pulse width

OPathConf.Element("NBFATNA").Value = IIFAtten

OPathConf.Element("NBFATNB").Value = IIFAtten

OPathConf.Element("NBFATNR1").Value = IIFAtten

OPathConf.Element("NBFATNR2").Value = IIFAtten

MsgBox "Done"

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