ECAL Confidence Check

This Visual Basic program:

Before using this code:

Note: A confidence check can NOT be performed remotely from User Characterizations that are stored on the PNA disk.

Private oPNA As AgilentPNA835x.Application

Private oChan As Channel

Private oCal As Calibrator

Private oMeas As Measurement


Private Sub cmdRun_Click()

Dim iMeasIndex As Integer


Set oPNA = CreateObject("AgilentPNA835x.Application", "MachineName")

Set oChan = oPNA.ActiveChannel

Set oCal = oChan.Calibrator


iMeasIndex = 1


' Loop through measurements until an S11 on the active channel

' is found, or the end of the measurement collection is reached.


   Set oMeas = oPNA.Measurements(iMeasIndex)

   If oMeas.Parameter = "S11" And _

      oMeas.channelNumber = oChan.channelNumber Then Exit Do

   iMeasIndex = iMeasIndex + 1

   If iMeasIndex > oPNA.Measurements.Count Then

      MsgBox "No S11 measurement found on the active channel." _

             & " Create an S11 measurement, then try again."

      Exit Sub

   End If



' Set up trace view so we are viewing only the data trace.

oMeas.View = naData

' Acquire the S11 confidence check data from ECal Module A

' into the memory buffer.

oCal.AcquireCalConfidenceCheckECALEx "S11", 1

' Turn on trace math so the trace shows data divided by memory.

' You can be confident the S11 calibration is reasonably good if

' the displayed trace varies no more than a few tenths of a dB

' from 0 dB across the entire span.

oMeas.TraceMath = naDataDivMemory

End Sub


Sub cmdQuit_Click()

' Turn off trace math

' in case someone clicks Quit without having clicked Run

If oMeas <> Nothing Then oMeas.TraceMath = naDataNormal

' Conclude the confidence check to set the ECal module

' back to it's idle state.

If oCal <> Nothing Then oCal.DoneCalConfidenceCheckECAL

' End the program


End Sub