Create and Cal an SMC Measurement

This example creates and calibrates an SMC measurement.  A power sensor must first be connected to the PNA.

By removing the comments ( ' ) at the start of the BLUE code, it can also do the following:

This VBScript (*.vbs) program can be run as a macro in the PNA. To do this, copy the following code into a text editor file such as Notepad and save on the PNA hard drive as SMC.vbs. Learn how to setup and run the macro.

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Dim App

Set App = CreateObject("AgilentPNA835x.Application")


Dim Meas

Set Meas = App.ActiveMeasurement


App.CreateCustomMeasurementEx 1, "Scalar Mixer/Converter","SC21"

'Other valid strings that can be specified to create a measurement with a parameter

'other than'"SC21" are: "S11", "S22", "IPwr", and "OPwr"

dim chan

set chan = app.activechannel

'Attenuator setting must match optional Phase Ref Cal setting

chan.attenuator(1) = 10

chan.NumberOfPoints = 11

chan.IFBandwidth = 1000

'You can perform mixer setup here or

'recall a previous mixer setup from the PNA Hard drive.

'This is how to perform mixer setup using IConverter.

' Setup Stimulus

dim cv

set cv = chan.Converter

cv.InputStartFrequency = 3.6e9

cv.InputStopFrequency = 4.9e9

cv.LOFixedFrequency(1) = 1e9

cv.LOPower(1) = 10

cv.OutputSideband = 0 'Lowside

cv.Calculate 2 'Calc output

'cv.EnablePhase = True

cv.LOName(1)="Port 3"



' Alternatively, recall a mixer setup from the PNA Hard drive

'Meas.LoadFile "C:/Program Files/Keysight/Network Analyzer/Documents/Mixer/MyMixer.mxr"


' Begin Calibration

Dim CalMgr

Set CalMgr = App.GetCalManager


Set SMC = CalMgr.CreateCustomCal("SMC")

SMC.Initialize 1, 1

SMC.ConnectorType(1) = "APC 3.5 male"

SMC.ConnectorType(2) = "APC 3.5 female"

' Use Mechanical cal kits

SMC.CalKitType(1) = "85033D/E"

SMC.CalKitType(2) = "85033D/E"

' To use an ECal module instead, comment out the above two lines

' and uncomment the appropriate lines below:

' Your ECal module must already be connected

' via USB to the PNA.

' SMC.CalKitType(1) = "N4691-60004 ECal"

' SMC.CalKitType(2) = "N4691-60004 ECal"

' Non-factory characterizations are specified as follows:

' SMC.CalKitType(1) = "N4691-60004 User 1 ECal"

' When two or more ECal modules with the same model number are connected

' also specify the serial number as follows:

' SMC.CalKitType(1) = "N4691-60004 ECal 01234"

' When Disk Memory ECal user characterizations are used,

' specify both the User char and the serial number as follows:

' SMC.CalKitType(1) = "N4691-60004 MyDskChar ECal 01234"

' Turn on auto orientation for the ECal (default behavior).

' SMC.AutoOrient = 1'

MsgBox("Cal kits defined for Ports 1 and 2")

' Import power cal data from an existing SMC calset.

' This calset MUST exist on the PNA.

SMC.ImportDataSet "Phase Reference-full-span","POWER_AND_PHASE"

'Omit the isolation part of the 2-port cal (default behavior).

SMC.OmitIsolation = 1


Dim steps

steps = SMC.GenerateSteps

For i = 1 To steps

  MsgBox SMC.GetStepDescription(i)

  SMC.AcquireStep i


Dim calset

calset = SMC.GenerateErrorTerms

Msgbox("SMC Cal Complete!")

Last Modified:


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Added Phase Ref option


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Updated for A.09.33