Create a Wideband Pulsed Measurement using the PNA-X

This Visual Basic COM example shows you how to configure the PNA-X internal pulse generators and modulators to make wideband pulsed measurements in pulse profile mode using the PNA-X.

Visit the PNA website where you can download a free Wideband Pulsed Application that performs this measurement on the PNA-X.

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'Create an PNA Application instance

    Dim pnaApp As New AgilentPNA835x.Application

    'Create a PathConfiguration instance

    Dim pathConf As AgilentPNA835x.PathConfiguration

    'Create an PulseGenerator instance

    Dim pulseGen As AgilentPNA835x.PulseGenerator

    'Create a Channel instance

    Dim myChan As AgilentPNA835x.Channel


    'Preset PNA-X


    'Assign current active channel to myChan object

    Set myChan = pnaApp.ActiveChannel

    'Let PNA-X work in CW mode because of doing pulse profile measurement

    myChan.SweepType = naCWTimeSweep

    'Set CW Freq to 4 GHz

    myChan.CWFrequency = 4000000000#

    'Set IF Bandwidth to 5 MHz to get the best time resolution

    myChan.IFBandwidth = 5000000#

    'Assign current active channel path configuration to pathConf object

    Set pathConf = myChan.PathConfiguration

    'Let PNA-X source work in ALC Open Loop mode

    myChan.ALCLevelingMode(1) = naALCOpenLoop

    'Make the Pulse1 as modulation pulse to generate Pulsed-RF signal

    pathConf.Element("PulseModDrive").Value = "Pulse1"

    'Enable pulse modulation at Source1Out1 path

    pathConf.Element("Src1Out1PulseModEnable").Value = "Enable"

    'Assign current active channel pulse generator to pulseGen object

    Set pulseGen = myChan.PulseGenerator

    'Internal pulse generator has five channels,

    'default the channel 0 use as internal ADC trigger signal

    'Enable channel 0 of internal pulse generator as trigger signal

    pulseGen.State(0) = True

    'Enable channel 1 of internal pulse generator as modulation signal

    pulseGen.State(1) = True

    'Set pulse period to 10 us

    pulseGen.Period = 0.00001 '10 us

    'Set pulse width of channel 0 to 1 us

    pulseGen.Width(0) = 0.000001 ' 1 us

    'Set pulse width of channel 1 to 5 us

    pulseGen.Width(1) = 0.000005 '5 us




End Sub