hr Keysight PNA Series Firmware History

Keysight PNA Series Firmware History


Note: Any given firmware revision may actually have hundreds of changes. The below list only highlights the major changes that would affect the majority of customers. If you are concerned about a specific issue, contact your local Keysight representative.

Additions/Changes for Version A.14.40.04 . . . (compiled 10/13/2020) . . . 64-bit application

  1. New feature: Phase Noise application (option S930317B)
  2. New feature: Global Source
  3. New enhancement for modulation distortion: Power Sweep and LO Feedthru Calibration
  4. New enhancements for TMSA
  5. New source drivers for External Compound Sources
  6. Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS): Support to persist the external reference settings
  7. PNA-L: Fix crash with delta match cal when no global delta match cal exists
  8. Fix SCPI command: CSET:FIXTure:DEEMbed to work with multiple calibrations in one channel
  9. Group Delay aperture fixes

Additions/Changes for Version A.14.20.04 . . . (compiled 09/23/2020) . . . 64-bit application

  1. Parameters: Fix for case sensitivity issue with arbitrary receiver ratios
  2. Correction: Fix for correction of unratioed receiver terms
  3. Noise Figure: Fix for unknown thru calibration
  4. Performance: Improved performance when using large point counts with display ON
  5. Remote Programming: Enable remote lockout as an option, when a new preference is set
  6. SMC+Phase: Fix for case where phase reference calibration would not start without an error
  7. SMC+Phase: Fix electrical delay calculation on a high side LO mixer
  8. SMC+Phase: Fix for incorrect phase spike at some points when performing a reverse sweep
  9. SnP files: Fix loading SnP files with international characters in their titles
  10. Gain Compression Application (GCA): Re-enable enhanced response correction
  11. Gain Compression Application (GCA): Properly disallow phase reference as an option during calibration
  12. Gain Compression Application (GCA): Fix issue where analysis would show 0 dBm to 0 dBm on the x-axis
  13. N5264B: Fix for crash when using external sources on N5264B
  14. N523XB Models: Fix crash for some calibration scenarios on units that use a global delta match calibration
  15. IMD: Fix receiver leveling issue
  16. Receiver Leveling: Improve behavior when receiver leveling on the combiner path
  17. True Mode Stimulus Application (TMSA): Crash fix
  18. True Mode Stimulus Application (TMSA): Add support for aux input measurements

Additions/Changes for Version A.14.00.19 . . . (compiled 09/10/2020) . . . 64-bit application

  1. Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS): Option UNY Enhanced Phase Noise
  2. Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS): Option XSB 3rd RF source”
  3. Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS): Support for 100 MHz Frequency Reference
  4. Point receiver leveling mode
  5. Up to 500 Windows
  6. Up to 100 Traces per Window
  7. Enhancements to Correction Methods
  8. Enhancements to Balanced Setup
  9. True Mode Stimulus Application (TMSA) enhancements and improved performance

Additions/Changes for Version A.13.95.09 . . . (compiled 07/24/2020)

  1. Manual Trigger: Improve performance for some circumstances when using manual point trigger
  2. Point Sweep: Fix manual trigger with point sweep
  3. Power Sensor: Fix “undefined header error” that would occur when using power sensors with serial number including “442”
  4. Display: Fix issue with moving markers on Smith Chart
  5. Display: Fix crash when using autoscale after recalling some older versions of state files
  6. Fix crash when saving s2p file while using trace hold
  7. Fix copy channel with a compression marker
  8. DC Meter: Add support for negative V or A readings from supported DC meters
  9. Fix path configuration setting: “Source 2 Out 2” for “Port 2”
  10. High security mode: Blank frequency in the 2 port de-embedding dialog
  11. High security mode: Blank frequency in SA source settings
  12. Fix issue affecting IVCAD software
  13. Local/Remote: Added preference to put PNA into remote mode when handling SCPI commands
  14. DMX: Updated DMX Lite application
  15. Real time uncertainty: updated 85059B calkit and added support for Keysight N4692 ECal
  16. Gain Compression: Fix intermittent crash when using an external DC meter to read at compression
  17. Gain Compression: Fix crash when changing number of power points with 2D compression
  18. Noise Figure: Fix certain unknown thru calibrations
  19. Differential IQ: Fix various GUI bugs
  20. TDR: Fix UI features missing when leaving TDR application
  21. Scalar Mixer Measurements: Fix use of the power table calibration when using SMC with a N5292A controller
  22. Phase Reference Cal: Fix issue preventing the use of older phase reference calibrations
  23. Vector Mixer Measurement: Updated to set power on both ports when using an internal source for the reference mixer
  24. Spectrum Analyzer: Fix crash when recalling an instrument state with a source that is no longer connected
  25. Spectrum Analyzer: Improve power correction when using N5292A controller
  26. True Mode Stimulus Application (TMSA): Fix copy channel
  27. True Mode Stimulus Application (TMSA): Fix power setting on port 2

Additions/Changes for Version A.13.95.07 . . . (compiled 05/11/2020)

  1. Fixed defect where "Save screen" does not include ripple test result
  2. Fixed crash at startup when using banded mode
  3. Modulation Distortion – Allow spans smaller than 10 MHz
  4. Modulation Distortion – Fix crash when loading a state file with an invalid source
  5. Spectrum Analyzer – Fix error report: "The requested feature is not available…" when pressing the sweep button with an AUX source ON
  6. Spectrum Analyzer – Enable embedded LO feature when option 084 is present
  7. Spectrum Analyzer – For modulation signal generation: No longer default to "signal optimizer" for flat tones type
  8. Spectrum Analyzer – During modulation correction, added warning if using a receiver that is not already measured in SA
  9. Spectrum Analyzer – Fix error with band power markers

Additions/Changes for Version A.13.95.06 . . . (compiled 04/27/2020)

  1. New Feature: Modulation Distortion on Converters (with or without embedded LO)
  2. New Feature: AM/PM Distortion Analysis
  3. New Feature: Trace Deviation from linear (or parabolic, or cubic)
  4. SA and Modulation Distortion: Various bug fixes
  5. Modulation Distortion: Various fixes
  6. NFX, GCX, IMDX: enable additional 2 stage mixer configuration modes
  7. Fixed crash when loading .s2p files with noise parameter data
  8. Noise Figure: Fix for display of memory trace for GammaOpt
  9. Cal All – fixed issue with independent power cals
  10. Differential IQ – re-enable embedded LO feature
  11. SNP Files – fixed issue with saving .s2p files with power sweep

Additions/Changes for Version A.13.80.12 . . . (compiled 02/02/2020)

  1. Fixed intermittent error when performing calibration, especially with very large numbers of points
  2. Fixed several SA and Modulation Distortion bugs
  3. Fixed bug in SMC where output port selection was disabled
  4. For N5264B systems, modified behavior of SENS:FOM:RANG and SENS:FOM:RNUM? for backwards compatibility
  5. Fixed issue where flattened noise figure calsets could not be applied
  6. Fixed Fix *OPT?, so that it no longer returns 025 twice
  7. Licensing: Fix USB dongle licenses
  8. Noise Figure: Fix for display of memory trace for GammaOpt
  9. Fixed Cal All issue where the user couldn't override the thru connections
  10. Fixed crash when recalling a state file with high security mode
  11. For SMC+Phase, fixed bug where the normalization point would sometimes not be at 0 degrees
  12. New FPGA 54.28 with improved timing
  13. Add "VXG" to the list of supported external sources

Additions/Changes for Version A.13.80.07 . . . (compiled 10/24/2019)

  1. Fixed intermittent crashes on State Recall for states involving GCX channels and DC sources
  2. Fixed crash on VNAParser in certain cases
  3. Fixed several SA and Modulation Distortion bugs
  4. Fixed NF calibration in CW mode
  5. Fixed NF narrowband correction first-point issue (in hold mode)
  6. Fixed Power calibration out-of-tolerance fails to warn user when requested
  7. Fixed Crash when using mag or phase offset on N5264B
  8. Fixed N5264B source power calibration bug
  9. New:Modulation Distortion features:Improved calculation of Equalized EVM, Swept Cal Power and Linear S21 Sweep
  10. New:Cal All Independent Calibration channels:Clients can now opt-in to doing their own Smart Cal during CalAll
  11. Additional FW Support for ECals:N4433D options 0DC and 003, N4432D options 0DC and 003, N4431D options 010,020,030 and 040
  12. New FPGA 54.28 with improved timing
  13. Several additional bug fixes

Additions/Changes for Version A.13.65.03 . . . (compiled 6/27/2019)

  1. Fixed LO unlevel error when using more than 1 modulation distortion channel
  2. Fixed issue with ACP cal where upper side was 10 dB higher than lower side ACP
  3. Fixed crash when recalling specific state file using Swept IMD
  4. IMSpectrum: Remove unused advanced button
  5. Differential I/Q: Fixed crash when leveling external source
  6. Fixed hardware triggering with UXG
  7. Modulation Distortion: Added support for N5192A

Additions/Changes for Version A.13.60.06 . . . (compiled 5/22/2019)

  1. Now supports Modulation Distortion application (S9307xB)
  2. Now supports DUT centric measurement configuration assistant (Device Expert)
  3. Now supports Asset Advisor (keeps track of mechanical attenuator/switch changes)
  4. Several different TDR and Enhanced TDR bugs fixed
  5. Uncertainty Calculator now supports Low Frequency Extension
  6. N5290A/91A 64GHz spur fixed

Additions/Changes for Version A.13.55.06 . . . (compiled 4/22/2019)

  1. Fixed: Phase smoothing bug that was not quite fixed in previous firmware
  2. Fixed: iTMSA Channel can't be copied if no correction

Additions/Changes for Version A.13.55.04 . . . (compiled 4/5/2019)

  1. Fixed multiport Cal related defect
  2. Fixed: Issue with CalPod as ECal on A.13.55.01
  3. Fixed: Hardware errors are not reported in SCPI error queue when expected.
  4. Fixed: Several issues with Noise Figure power meter calibrations, mostly in CalAll
  5. Fixed: Offset when measuring NF using low gain stage
  6. Fixed: Cal Kit Editor crash when attempting to edit an unknown thru cal standard that was dynamically created by calibration
  7. Fixed: Phase smoothing bug that made B model results different from A models
  8. Fixed issue with Power Cal compatibility and WinCal

Additions/Changes for Version A.13.55.01 . . . (compiled 2/15/2019)

  1. Fixed TDR issue found in A.13.50.07
  2. Adds support for the Maury Noise Tuner Application (Opt 027)
  3. Fixed: Power meter locks up occasionally on B-model PNA
  4. Fixed: TMSA not working for BAL-SE or SE-BAL cases
  5. Fixed: Crash in power meter NF cal if steps not done in order
  6. Fixed: DisplayLimit throws runtime error when encountering an uninitialized variable
  7. and many more bugs fixed

Additions/Changes for Version A.13.50.09 . . . (compiled 1/23/2019)

  1. Fixed Src Adj bug
  2. Fix source power cal associated with turning on a calset
  3. Fixed: Trace Max Hold sometimes crashes the application
  4. and more

Additions/Changes for Version A.13.30.09 . . . (compiled 10/17/2018)

  1. First version that supports Windows 10; also usable on Windows 7

Additions/Changes for Version A.13.25.04 . . . (compiled 07/18/2018)

  1. First version that supports Option 110/111 (Active Hot Parameters)
  2. First version that supports Calpod B for B models
  3. 1-Port balanced measurements for iTMSA
  4. Support for external DC meter for SA channel measurements
  5. Support for VDI PM5 power meter
  6. TDR: Fixed: DUT length calculation takes too long on some models
  7. Fixed: Backwards compatibility for "SENS:"CORR:COLL:ACQ" command where user specifies ECal and omits 2nd argument
  8. Fixed: Multiport calibrations ignore user-requested thru path selections
  9. Fixed: CalPod: PNA-X crash when using CALALL and Calpods with ALC Downconverter DUT
  10. Fixed: Firmware freezes when CALC:PAR:MNUM:SEL 2; SENS:TDR:SWE:SING is sent
  11. Fixed: TDR: TDR Preset doesn't work after DLC + auto DUT Length
  12. Fixed: TDR: Save/Recall fails in 2-port PNA with DIFF1 setting
  13. Fixed: mmWave application does not save/recall properly

Additions/Changes for Version A.13.20.10 . . . (compiled 04/30/2018)

  1. First version that supports Option 011 (TDR)
  2. Attenuators (opt 219 or 419) are now recognized again on N5227B.

Additions/Changes for Version A.12.85.08 . . . (compiled 12/01/2017)

  1. Known issue in this release: Attenuators (opt 219 or 419) are not recognized on N5227B. Do NOT use on N5227B, wait for A.13.20.xx
  2. Fixed: Correction is applied incorrectly when using receiver leveling with SA
  3. Fixed bug where first sweep after a recall is bad (when using receiver leveling in SA)
  4. Fixed: *ESE defaults to 0, but should default to 255. This breaks backwards compatibility for *STB?
  5. Many merged fixes; mostly involving SA mode

Additions/Changes for Version A.12.85.04 . . . (compiled 11/06/2017)

  1. Known issue in this release: Receiver leveling in Spectrum Analyzer is not working
  2. Known issue in this release: *ESE is initialized to 0. Customers must set *ESE to 255 before using *ESR? to poll for completion of an overlapped command
  3. Fixed: Option 028 noise figure with receiver attenuator issue
  4. Fixed: Assorted issues with Option 008 pulse application
  5. Fixed: Assorted issues with SMU devices
  6. Fixed: "Channel not found" error when using Cal All with Phase Reference
  7. Fixed: Response + Isolation cal
  8. Fixed: GCA aux receiver
  9. Fixed: Banded dialog issues
  10. Added GUI for R1 Loop control on non PNA-Xs
  11. Improved support for UXG as a source
  12. Significant SA application fixes
  13. Fixed: DiffIQ with receiver leveling
  14. Fixed: crash when using an ECal with a corrupted user configuration
  15. GUI menu change: "most recently used" file list is not clipped anymore
  16. GUI menu change: "normalize" menu item added
  17. SCPI: Fixed numerous SCPI commands to ensure backwards compatibility with A models

Additions/Changes for Version A.12.80.07 . . . (compiled 6/29/2017)

  1. First web release for "B" models.

Additions/Changes for Version A.12.70.06 . . . (compiled 6/26/2017)

  1. First released version of firmware for the "B" model PNAs.
    The B models have a 12.4 inch display and are dark grey in color.
    This firmware, and the ones listed above, will not work on "A" models.

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.65.11 . . . (compiled 8/14/2020)

  1. Fix Touchstone file (.SnP) data, which was incorrect when an associated trace had the equation editor active. Equation processing is now disabled during the .snp file creation.

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.65.08 . . . (compiled 6/1/2020)

  1. Fix crash when recalling Gain Compression with 2D sweeps
  2. Fix for not recognizing a specific power sensor model numbers
  3. CalAll:Fix for IMD/IMDX not generating calset when mechanical state matches Cal All state
  4. Fix for unguided thru response cal
  5. Fix for flattening interpolated Noise Figure calsets
  6. Add support for N4431D, N4432D, and N4433D ECal modules as tuners
  7. Fix issue when appending SParameter calibrations to Receiver cals
  8. Fix for bad error turns when using Independent Power Cal feature with IMD channel
  9. CalPod:Fix for intermittent failure of SCPI commands
  10. CalPod:Fix for OPC? Lockup when using CalPod app during long recorrection operations

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.65.06 . . . (compiled 2/5/2020)

  1. NF: Fixed for bad calibration results when using fixed IF
  2. NF: Allow N469xD ECal modules to be used as tuners
  3. GCA: Fix for crash observed when using Compression Analysis tool
  4. Application Channels: Fix for when memory traces occasionally fail to update
  5. Fix for intermittent calibration failure when ECALs used for measurement
  6. Fix for using viClose() with HiSlip: No longer times out

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.65.04 . . . (compiled 10/31/2019)

  1. Fixed:power calibration for N5264A
  2. Fixed:Power calibration out-of-tolerance fails to warn user when requested
  3. Fixed:Equation editor:Fix bugs in Y11, H12, and H21
  4. Fixed:ntermittent crashes on State Recall for states involving GCX channels and DC sources
  5. Additional FW Support for ECals:N4433D options 0DC and 003, N4432D options 0DC and 003, N4431D options 010,020,030 and 040
  6. Improved Group Delay computation
  7. CalAll Fixed:Port 1 Src2 independent power calibration - now allowed again
  8. Fixed: NF uncertainty calculator error when using N4690D Series ECal Module
  9. Improved SA Manual trigger in channel sweep mode

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.65.03 . . . (compiled 5/3/2019)

  1. Fixed: Receiver Leveling power was off
  2. Fixed: deembedding was not working for phase when RF
  3. Fixed: Fix SourcePowerCorrection(x) arrays for IMD Tones when switches are different from CalAll channel
  4. Fixed: SA Markers: turning off band power markers was changing discrete mode to ON
  5. Fixed: NF cal sometimes displays "The error term data required for the selected caltype was not found" on completion.
  6. Fixed: SA Band power marker display averaging defect
  7. Fixed: NVNA fails on startup with latest PNA application.
  8. Fixed: power limit for Port 1 when both Port 1 and Port 1 Src2 are on
  9. Fixed ripple in calibrated NFX noise figure results using Cal Wizard (Smart Cal) with power meter cal
  10. Fixed: S2P files created with wrong data with some trace formats
  11. Fixed: iPulse: pulse profile behavior difference between A and B boxes
  12. Fixed: Offset when measuring NF using low gain stage
  13. Fixed: Power-meter-adapter deembedding not working in Cal All
  14. Fixed: Toggle correction on/off on application channel with fixturing gives wrong results

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.65.01 . . . (compiled 2/15/2019)

  1. Adds support for the Maury Noise Tuner Application (Opt 027)
  2. Fixed: Power meter locks up occasionally on B-model PNA
  3. Add support for U205xXA/U206xXA USB power sensors
  4. Fixed: Crash in power meter NF cal if steps not done in order.
  5. Noise figure: Fixed: Cal All generates error when specifying Vector noise cal method
  6. Add support for new NVNA Option 525 Dynamic X-Parameters
  7. Interface control: Erasing some commands in one channel, erases other commands on other channels
  8. Fixed: Power meter noise cal with adapter removal fails to do adapter removal
  9. Fixed source power cal associated with turning on a calset
  10. Fixed typo in SYST:FIFO:DATA:COUNt

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.64.09 . . . (compiled 12/11/2018)

  1. Fixed issues associated with fixturing and receiver leveling
  2. Fixed: Initialization of guided calibration failed
  3. Fix issue with Noise Figure Cal All when using multiple power sensors
  4. Fixed NF power meter calibration bug when running under CalAll
  5. Fixed: Noise figure: vector noise cal fails when using N4692D ECal modules
  6. Fixed Interface control: Erasing some commands in one channel, erases other commands on other channels.
  7. Fixed: Source power cal issue associated with turning on a calset
  8. Fixed: CALC:PAR:DEF:EXT crashes firmware when an external device is setup
  9. Fixed: Fixturing: Issue with S-parameters with correction on (and not of repsonse type) and for single-ended fixtures
  10. Fixed: IF gain calibration correction when using the IF Mux Path to measure multiple R Channels on a 4 port box
  11. Fixed: IMSpectrum crashes with certain SCPI sequence
  12. Fixed: IMD correction not valid when calibration does not include explicit response tracking terms

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.64.06 . . . (compiled 10/09/2018)

  1. Fixed Response Cal issue with alias name of receivers.

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.64.05 . . . (compiled 8/28/2018)

  1. [HotS22] Fix phase sweep
  2. Fixed: Can't change the unit of SMU's DC current meter from V to A.
  3. Fix for GCX enhanced response correction
  4. Fixed: Multiport calibrations ignore user-requested thru path selections.
  5. Fixed: FW crashed after deleting a parameter.

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.64.03 . . . (compiled 4/19/2018)

  1. Many merged fixes for SA
  2. Fixed: Crash in power sweep if leveling is on and power is off.
  3. Fixed: When set the port to be port 2, softkey didn't get correct parameters.
  4. New Feature added: Active Hot Parameters (Option 110 or 111)
  5. Fixed: Crash using aux trigger handshakes to control external sources while in segment sweep mode.
  6. Many more small fixes and small improvements

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.60.07 . . . (compiled 12/05/2017)

  1. SA: Fix crash at shutdown when the preference "de-activate on preset and recall" is off
  2. SA: Fived possible infinite loop issue when outputting raw data
  3. Merged multiple solutions from other branches of firmware
  4. CalAll: Fix for IMD channels: Power correction for Port 1 Src2 was dropped (issue introduced in A.10.60.06), correction restored.
  5. Cal Plane Manager: Add capability to zero selected S-parameters of an S4P file
  6. CalAll: Fix independent power cal of Port 1 Src 2 for case where source attenuator is used.
  7. CalAll: Fix phase jumps when source or receiver attenuator does not match cal channel.
  8. Fix Enhanced Response + Fixturing - do not elevate calibration to full N-port; leave as enhanced response.
  9. Allow Ecal model numbers N4690D, N4691D, N4692D, N4693D, N4694D, and N4696D to act as noise tuners.
  10. SA: Fixed crash at shutdown when the preference "de-activate on preset and recall" is off
  11. SA: Fixed possible infinite loop issue when outputting raw data
  12. SA: Band power marker refactor: faster, more accurate, a crash condition is removed
  13. SA: Repaired a couple of 'Failed to choose LO' warning conditions
  14. Many more small fixes and small improvements

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.60.06 . . . (compiled 9/14/2017)

  1. Fixed corruption in phase reference calibration in A.10.60.03
  2. Fixed: "SYSTem:CONFigure 'native',0" throws error
  3. Added independent power cal feature for CalAll
  4. Fixed: SENSe:MIX:...:FREQ:...?" returns values from active mixer instead of scratch mixer
  5. Fixed: IMD on 2-Port PNA-X: IMD crashes in power sweep on 2-port with no second source
  6. Fixed: SMC+Phase: group delay jumps 3 ns when IF bandwidth is changed
  7. Fixed: FW crash during NF calibration when wrong ENR file name is overwritten during cal
  8. Fixed: Marker to SA crashes with certain trace parameters
  9. Fixed: Fix recall issue for DiffIQ with legacy states
  10. Fixed firmware crash when using 10.60.03 under some segment-related conditions.

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.60.03 . . . (compiled 5/27/2017)
Warning: This release produces corrupted phase reference calibrations. Upgrade to A.10.60.06 if using phase reference calibration.

  1. Fixed: SMC+Phase: group delay jumps 3 ns when IF bandwidth is changed
  2. Fixed memory leak involving several CALC:X commands
  3. Fixed: Receiver leveling using B receiver is broken when calibration is applied
  4. Fixed: SA app does not always correct all traces
  5. Fixed: PNA crashes in swept IMD when preset power is turned off
  6. Fixed: SMC: cannot calculate fixed LO value over remote interface
  7. Fixed: Receiver Leveling Save/Recall of a non-completed receiver leveling trace crashes
  8. Fixed: Crashes when IMSpectrum Receiver Leveling is turned on with all 5 source ports in IMSpectrum
  9. Fixed: Sometimes crashes when setting the number of points in a power sweep
  10. SA app: Now supports arbitrary size Discrete Fourier Transforms
  11. SA app: New coherent mode for faster or more accurate measurements of repetitive test signals
  12. SA app: Band power marker accuracy is not reduced when the number of display points is reduced
  13. SA app: Band power markers can now be relative from a reference BP marker
  14. SA app: Band search new features: Occupied Band width and Auto Tune feature
  15. SA app: 2-Port fixturing de-embedding is now available
  16. SA app: Improved the graphical user interface
  17. Interface Control settings now work with any type of measurement channels.

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.49.11 . . . (compiled 1/17/2017)

  1. Fixed: 2D legacy source power cal doesn't work with segment sweep; and 2D source power cal doesn't work in pulse mode
  2. Fixed: AUX Trigger out on sweep missing in point sweep mode
  3. Fixed: Equation editor not computing delay correctly with port extensions on
  4. Fixed:[Receiver Leveling] Periodically, when using 0 iterations, the data gets noisy and a source unleveled error is generated
  5. Fixed: SA - End of Sweep output line on Handler I/O connector not present under some remote condition
  6. Fixed: Trigger delay changed after setting to specific value when click OK on the dialog box
  7. Fixe: In cal standard dialogs, entering more than one decimal point can cause crash.
  8. Fixed: Source power calibration fails in Chan A after sensor was used in Chan B.
  9. Fixed: SMC: using external SMU works fine; but turn on ELO and it stops sweeping
  10. Fixed: Wrong touchstone file written by cal plane manager. The order of S21 and S12 data was wrong.
  11. Clip frequencies to the ECAL limit if preference "Cal: ECal Extrapolation for IMD" is selected.
  12. Fixed: IMDX: Cal Wizard does not take LO cal power on the dialog, instead always uses channel LO power.
  13. Fixed: Fixed frequency power cal taking too many acquisitions
  14. [SMC] Fixed crash when changing the port configuration
  15. Fixed: SENS1:IMD:SWE:TYPE command doesn't work for IMDx.
  16. Fixed: When recalling a sate that has receiver levelling the intial Power at the port is higher
  17. Fixed: Pulse4 as ADC indicator not working correctly in S-parameter mode but is ok in SA mode
  18. Fixed: [NoiseFigure] 028 calibration is not compensating for thru adapter.
  19. Fixed: Power meter option is disabled on noise figure cal wizard
  20. Fixed crash in receiver leveling that happens sometimes when user turns rxleveling off with the "update source power cal" checked
  21. Fixed: DiffIQ: Average not work for phase data.
  22. Now enable Source 2 modulator in banded MM when the test set ALC is off.

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.49.10 . . . (compiled 10/07/2016)

  1. Fixed: HCOPY command fails to pop VNA to the top of the windows stack.
  2. Fixed: Enh Resp Cal + Power does not correct the transmission parameter
  3. Fixed: Change to snp file broke ability to view balanced data
  4. Fixed: Changing the SMC channel to power sweep crashes
  5. Fixed: Attempting to save a min/max trace caused the trace to refresh
  6. Fixed issue with 67GHz Phase Reference in Cal-All
  7. Fixed issue with U3022AE10 cal; changed number of cal steps. Also fixed issue with U3042AE16 testset
  8. Fixed: [8510 Memory Mode] Data-Memory crashes.
  9. Fixed seemingly random order of cal steps in Cal-All
  10. Fixed: NFX not allowing CalPodAsECals to be used for S-parameter portion of the cal.
  11. Fixed: Unable to program two-stage mixer segmented sweeps where the frequency is outside of the range of the analyzer.
  12. Fixed bug where the frequency external source was not getting set during ramp sweep
  13. Fixed: Cal-All issue with SMC Channel importing more terms than requested
  14. Fixed issue where reflection measurements were bad when using a 4-port CalAll that did not exist when calibrating the channels individually.
  15. Fixed: No scroll bar on Cal Plane Manager de-embedding page
  16. Fixed: Ripple with multiport when computing transmission tracking path term
  17. Fixed: SENS:NOIS:PMAP causes crash
  18. Improvement to Cal-All window with respect to port/channel selection
  19. Fixed: External Device Control - Cannot control PSG and DC meter simultaneously
  20. Fixed: Can't set power correctly if the atten is high in power sweep mode
  21. Fixed: Diff IQ: power sweep with MXG creates unequal freq/power list data
  22. Fixed: No scrollbars on combo-boxes in SmartCal/ECal when VNA has more than 4 ports enabled
  23. Fixed: Crash in ECal User Characterization Wizard when the first cal kit in mechanical kit list has a user-defined connector.
  24. Support leveling in SA mode
  25. Fixed: Can't see all iterations in GCA tests
  26. Fixed: TDR impedance/Time Domain has an offset at the beginning
  27. Fixed: SA: Init:Imm doesn't update the SA display even if the sources are moved
  28. Fixed: GCA: CALC1:GCD:DATA? crashes system
  29. Fixed: SA Cal does not work with source 2 port 2 configuration. SA with Cal-All sometimes crashes
  30. Fixed: DIFF IQ: Equation Editor equations cannot be recalled with DIQ channel. Fixed crash when attempting to open Offset and Limits dialog. Fixture softkey is no longer grayed out.
  31. Added Noise Source Temperature in Cal-All

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.49.08 . . . (compiled 06/23/2016)

  1. Fixed: Offset when using noise figure with newer noise board in single sweep
  2. Fixed: Can't set caltype to 1 port
  3. Fixed: [Millimeter] Crash in guided power cal in millimeter with overlapping segments that have duplicate frequencies
  4. Removed a crash condition in SA Source setup dialog
  5. Fixed: Crash sending SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:ETERms:COMPute
  6. Fixed: Conf_sp2.exe crashes whenever run with OANOCACHE=1 set
  7. Fixed: SMC Crash changing parameter to AUX IN, when original parameter has a marker
  8. Fixed: Fix a bug with SA app and quick pulse setup (option 008)
  9. Fixed: STAT:QUES:LIM:COND? doesn't reset when a trace is deleted
  10. Fixed: DIQ: de-embedding fails on ports 3 and 4
  11. Fixed: large port counts can experience very long cal save times
  12. Fixed: calset content descriptor is sometimes empty
  13. Fixed: DC Meter in GCA: DC readings at compression trace doen't show correct data at the first 2D sweep
  14. Fixed: End of sweep bit not detected if 'sweep continuous' command is issued
  15. Fixed: Saving an S4P file does not seem to grab the latest data
  16. Fixed: Point trigger in IMD (and IMDX) over remote UI does not work
  17. Fixed: NF: narrowband compensation does not work for fixed-frequency input/output cases (i.e. swept LO)
  18. Fixed: Swept IMD: Mkr to SA does not copy correct stimulus level, and SA Setup softkey disappears at second attempt of Mkr to SA
  19. Fixed: "85059A Databased" missing from Cal Kits
  20. Fixed: In some cases enabling fixturing and power compensation can crash
  21. Fixed: Large signal drop on PNA-L for IFBW/600 KHz
  22. Fixed: NFX does not support selecting the DC source on the x-axis
  23. Fixed: SA: noise-marker format is not working
  24. Add support for N755xA
  25. and more.

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.49.04 . . . (compiled 03/02/2016)

  1. Fixed: SMC][DCMeter] When the SMC measurement is calibrated, and the number of points are changed, the DC meter no longer updates.
  2. Fixed: Crash when recalling state with calset selected with different number of points (but out of range), and fixturing turned on
  3. Fixed: Multiple issues regarding pulse operation, one of which involves recalling of pulse state
  4. Fixed: Setting segment IFBW results in unpredictable behavior.
  5. Fixed: SMC defaults with a different x-axis in newer code vs. older code.
  6. Fixed: Issue with FastCW triggering
  7. Improved the speed of the DC source response

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.49.03 . . . (compiled 02/04/2016)

  1. Fixed DSP Type 3 error in SA mode that could happen in some cases.
  2. Fixed SCPI error catch for SYST:COMM:VISA:RDEV:FIND? query so that system doesn't crash if no match is found
  3. [DCMeter] Fix bug where the cancel button on the DC meter load configuration dialog was clearing all the DC Meter settings
  4. Remove a crash condition with PNA-L and SA: Pulse Gen Config
  5. Fixed: CalManager.CharacterizeFixture() method saves improperly formatted S2P files

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.49.02 . . . (compiled 01/13/2016)

  1. Fixed FastCW issue in 10.47 firmware.
  2. Fixed: Mixer characterization wizard crashes when input is descending in high side LO
  3. Re-enable the ability to recall state files saved with latest XP firmware (A.09.90.xx)
  4. Fixed: IM Spectrum fails when an external source is defined and this source is set to NOCTL state.
  5. Fixed: Peak Right/Left on SA trace sometimes misses peaks
  6. Fixed: [CalAll] FW crash when one unchecks Enable checkbox and then presses Next button
  7. Fixed: SA: Pulsed S-parameter marker to SA doesn't remember to leave ALC in open loop
  8. Fixed: SA: Markers on SA trace sometimes not recalled correctly.
  9. Fixed: FFT-SA Gated measurements Repair a bug that didn't allow external trigger gate shorter than 5.13 microseconds
  10. Added new comands for Pulse Profile start and stop: SENSe:SWEep:PULSe:PROFile:STARt (and STOP); COM: IPulseMeasControl3::PulseProfileStart (and STOP)
  11. Fixed: Power sensor cal factors are lost if the number of digits in the cal factor increases (for 'dumb' sensors)
  12. FFT-SA Reworked/improved several issues with SA setup Source page and grid,
  13. Fixed: AI1 and AI2 rear adc inputs did not work with point averaging
  14. Fixed: When quick pulse setup dialog is launched from SA dialog, the RBW setting was lost.
  15. Fixed: [FCA] Fixed defect where we wouldn't allow fixed input and output for a dual stage mixer.
  16. Fixed: NFx: using Cal All returns "Null" and cal does not complete.'
  17. Fixed: "AI1 and AI2 rear adc inputs did not work with point averaging

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.47.03 . . . (compiled 09/29/2015)

  1. Supports a new Noise Figure board assembly.
  2. Marker printout is no longer limited to 10 markers
  3. UXG sources now supported
  4. Fixed IMD crash
  5. Fixed Pulse crash
  6. Fixed "failure to launch" of AFR (opt 007)
Note: In some cases, after performing a user calibration, the Delta Cal symbol may appear; this can be ignored and will be fixed in the next revision.

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.45.03 . . . (compiled 08/27/2015)

  1. Now supports the SA application on PNA-L models

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.43.00 . . . (compiled 07/20/2015)
Note: For this and the previous version of firmware, the file path separators must use '\' instead of '/'. Future firmware will return to accepting either style.

  1. Multiple issues with the SA application have been fixed.
  2. Fixed enhanced response cal crash
  3. Fixed: Adding a DC meter trace to a swept IMD channel crashes the box
  4. Fixed: Incomplete trace updates due to error correction and eq editor interaction.
  5. File-Save As now properly releases USB drives so that they can be properly ejected.
  6. Fixed: IMDX did not apply power compensation through fixturing on LO port
  7. FCA fixes: crash when recalling state with DC source for an x-axis; cannot create more than one DC Meter in FCA
  8. Fixed: Saving data as GCA Sweep Data (*csv) sometimes fails with a generic error.
  9. Fixed crash with point sweep (ping pong), and source cal on 2 different sweeps.
  10. Fixed bug in SMC cal wizard when used with phase reference and controlled LO
  11. Fixed Cal turns off when switching from normal to low-band high power.
  12. Fixed: PMAR: Moving from a dumb sensor to a smart sensor causes the wrong correction factors to be applied
  13. Fixed: VMC app crashed during step where cal mixer is characterized.

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.40.12/.14 . . . (compiled 05/01/2015)
10.40.14 is identical to 10.40.12 except for a minor bug fix that only affects the metrology options (210, 410.)

  1. First release that supports Spectrum Analysis (Option 090)
  2. Fixed CalPod OpCheck issues
  3. Fixed: IDIF IQ receiver leveling at output of DUT not working for high gain amplifiers.
  4. Fixed: Remote commands to set ADC sample rate assume args in MHz.
  5. Note for PNAs with the Uncertainty Option (015) AND that have no receiver attenuators: OpCheck may produce a false failure indicating the receiver attenuator test has failed. Since it has no attenuators, this "failure" can be ignored. It will be fixed in the next revision.

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.25.02 . . . (compiled 01/26/2015)

  1. First release that supports Differential IQ measurements (Option 089)
  2. Fixed circular interpolation bug.
  3. Fixed: Invalid LO power cal when using SMC+ cal all at some LO frequencies.
  4. Fixed crash in COM method: SourcePowerCalibrator.get_CalPower
  5. Fix crash when saving GCA sweep data
  6. Fixed GCA/GCX: DC Meter reading was not included in the .csv file for the GCA Sweep Data
  7. Fixed: GCX Save Data (.csv) with a fixed output annotates the data file with a fixed frequency
  8. Added narrowband compensation feature to noise figure measurements

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.20.03 . . . (compiled 11/03/2014)

  1. Fixed: Crash when operating on Pulse Setup dialog with a unit without option 021 or 022 pulse modulator.
  2. Fixed: Repeating Guided cal causes FW crash. Also: Guided cal leaks memory.
  3. Fixed: GCA: Firmware crashes when reading the DC Meter during the compression sweep.
  4. Added: Restricted NVNA option 511 (Limited to 50GHz)
  5. Fixed: SMC: Fixed the GUI for the mixer setup dialog for the Output Mode. This control only shows up for a 2 stage mixer.
  6. Fixed: SMC: FCA code was disallowing a valid use case for SMC measurements - specifically, where both LOs are sweeping.
  7. Fixed: Recalling of state files with IMSpectrum saved on Spam 4G when using newer Spam 5G
  8. Fixed: Crash sending SENS:SEGM:DEL:ALL
  9. Fixed: Anonymous DCOM still not working. Fix conf_sp2 to set the default authentication level for PNA server to "None"
  10. Fixed: DCMeter/DCSource: time of timeout value is often clipped to 0
  11. Fixed bug where CALC:DATA:SNP:PORT? would reset the averaging count.
  12. Fixed VMC calibration. The error term mapping was broken when generating the VMC error terms.
  13. Fixed: The order of the sliding load positions during cal was opposite of the documentation.
  14. Phase Reference Cal: fixed crash that would happen if the phase reference was connected good enough to pass the first connection test, but bad enough to fail the second connection test.
  15. Fixed assorted SMC and VMC issues.
  16. added various AFR enhancements.
  17. Merged several remaining changes from the older XP firmware (9.90.xx) to this Windows 7 version. This includes items involving IMD, IMDX, Fixturing, FOM, SMC, Markers, CALC:PAR:CAT, and CALC:X:AXIS
  18. Finally, began the changeover from the Agilent brand to our new Keysight brand. Please note that directories have not yet changed and will remain under the Agilent directory for many more months.

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.20.02 . . . (compiled 6/16/2014)

  1. Fixed: Under some conditions, PNA crashes when changing # of points.
  2. Fixed: SMC with DC Source custom x-axis annotation will corrupt state file.
  3. Fixed bug in the guidedpowercal test.
  4. Fixed Cal All setting of power level on source only port.
  5. Fixed crash with multiple calibrated applications using LO port when the source got deactivated
  6. FW crash on adding External Source.
  7. Fixed: Disk-based ECal User Characterizations not being automatically stored.
  8. Fixed: Noise figure cal crashes when selecting a user defined cal kit.
  9. Fixed recall state crash with equation editor and response cals
  10. Fixed bug where the default SCPI parameters had a "," in them when using DC meters on an SMC channel
  11. Fixed crash with using "Power compensation" with a response calibration.
  12. Fix save/recall crash that occured in some rare instances
  13. Fixed: long delay in startup if PNA was on a network but not connected to Internet.
  14. Fixed: iTMSA: match-correction is not applied to receiver readings in true-mode.
  15. Fixed fixturing in GCX
  16. Fixed phase reference cal with cal all, when the cal all frequencies were greater than the phase reference cal frequencies.
  17. Fixed bug where the phase reference cal was getting imported in Cal All even though the user hadn't set that selection.
  18. Fixed: AFR: save fixture file could mistakenly truncate last zero of string
  19. Fixed crash in Sweep Type dialog.
  20. Fixed: Sweep type of a 2-stage converter channel cannot be changed to CW or Power Sweep from the remote interface
  21. Fixed: PNA material handler /OUTPUT1 doesn't work
  22. Fixed: Equation editor does not allow multiport parameters
  23. and many more!

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.20.01 . . . (compiled 4/7/2014)

  1. Add support for N5249A
  2. Merge several bug fixes to Windows 7 from XP versions 9.90.08 through 9.90.11.
  3. Increase UI support for large number of windows and traces.

Additions/Changes for Version A.10.00.00 . . . (compiled 12/5/2013)

Initial Windows 7 release. This firmware is most similar to A.09.90.08, but is for Windows 7 only.
Firmware changes made since 9.90.08 will appear in the next Win 7 release.

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.90.21 . . . (compiled 08/06/2017)   FINAL XP FIRMWARE VERSION

  1. Fixed: On PNAL, Cal is invalid sometimes due to ratioed/unratioed flag and ramp sweep
  2. FreqRef adj: Fix case where the EEPROM is uninitialized (gave invalid DAC value).
  3. Fixed: SMC Segments: Crash when calibration is performed with segments turned off and interpolation.
  4. Fixed two crashes with IMSpectrum and port compensation

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.90.19 . . . (compiled 10/23/2015)

  1. Fixed: Noise figure: deembedding an adapter for power sensor cal is relying on mathematical offset of source attenuator instead of actual values
  2. Fixed failure of adapter characterization: "Unable to connect" error.
  3. Fixed: Power offset was not applied correctly.
  4. Fixed: Noise Figure: TRL cal based NF gives bad noise cal
  5. Fixed: Bad trace updates when correction on and equation editor active
  6. Fixed: DC meter's X axis info is wrong

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.90.17 . . . (compiled 4/16/2015)

  1. Fixed: DC meter's X axis info is wrong.
  2. Fixed: FOM ignores the preference "Cal: For frequency offset, use primary frequencies" when using receiver leveling
  3. Fixed: Recall pulse profile occasionally causes a crash
  4. Fix some circular interpolation issues
  5. Fixed: Pulse: Receiver gate width keeps increasing in NB pulse profile every time Pulse Setup dialog is opened
  6. Add new method ICalAcquisitionManager::RemoveCalWindowOnDestruction.
  7. Fixed: error with large number of NFX channels in cal all
  8. Fixed: Change Save of Mixer Trace Data in .csv File so result is identical to Manual File Save As...
  9. Fixed: IM Spectrum SCPI Start frequency command was behaving strangely
  10. Fixed: CW Frequency value not saved properly to CSV, CTI, S2P files, and records stimulus as U units instead of seconds
  11. Fixed: IMD/IMDX number of points was getting get out of sync
  12. Fixed: PNA crashes when de-embedding is enabled on port 2 with swept IMD set up between port 1 and 4
  13. Fixed compatibility bug where CALC:MIX:XAXIS didn't previously require a selected measurement
  14. Added optional argument to the CALC:PAR:CAT? and CALC:PAR:CAT:EXT? methods:
    NORMal - show trace title results for standard channels and defined parameters for application channels
    DISPlay - show trace title results regardless of the channel type
    DEFine - show the defined parameter regardless of the channel type
  15. Fixed: The correction was turned off in IMDX channel when switching the sweep type from linear to power
  16. Add IMeasurement.XAxis and CALC:X:AXIS command to allow setting and getting of DC X Axis
  17. Fixed issue with Cal All combo of: IMD, external combiner, and input is Port 3
  18. Fixed: Crash when adding segment to segment table in Swept IMD.
  19. Fixed: SMC with DC Source custom x-axis annotation will corrupt any state file
  20. Fixed: May crash if you change number of points with marker coupling on

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.90.13 . . . (compiled 7/12/2014)

  1. Fixed: In swept power IMD, trace data to csv file was saved with the default CW frequency of 1 GHz
  2. Fixed a number of different crashes and issues with external sources and DC sources.
  3. Fixed bug in Cal-All that made impossible to set the power level for LO ports in Cal-All
  4. Fixed bug where the Visa address cache wouldn't get cleared properly if the VISA address was a mixer case VISA address
  5. Fixed: Intermittent crash with equation editor and response cal.
  6. Fixed: E16 test set has asymmetric thru measurements after cal
  7. Fixed VXI-11
  8. Fixed: iTMSA: match-correction is not applied to receiver readings in ture-mode.
  9. Fixed: The selected x-axis gets reset in GCA when the user changes the smart sweep type
  10. Fixed fixturing for GCX - it wase using the wrong frequency range for the input/output frequencies.
  11. Fixed: Applying phase cal breaks SMC calibration.
  12. Added CALC:MARK:BUCKet
  13. Fixed CALC:PAR:CAT? to return the display measurement tag for measurement classes

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.90.12 . . . (compiled 4/25/2014)

  1. Allow higher multipliers for mixers.
  2. Fixed: Equation editor defect involving NFX and also multiport.
  3. Fixed: Material handler /OUTPUT1 doesn't work.
  4. Fixed: Sweep type of a 2-stage converter channel cannot be changed to CW or Power Sweep from the remote interface.
  5. Fixed issue with power offset in iTMSA mode.
  6. Fixed: Assorted issues with VISA addressing and external devices.
  7. Increase max number of windows from 64 to 128. Increase max number of traces in Active Trace UI from 64 to 512.

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.90.11 . . . (compiled 3/21/2014)

  1. Added more precision to DC offset and scale.
  2. Fixed: iTMSA can crash broadband system.
  3. Fixed crash with direct connection mm head.
  4. Fixed: Phase-reference calibration fails (source unlevel and receiver overload) with 30dB source attenuation.
  5. Fixed Noise Figure issue: Cannot apply option 028 and 029 calibrations sequentially.
  6. Fixed: Pressing +/- key causes cal dialog box to close, thus losing the cal data.

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.90.10 . . . (compiled 2/21/2014)
The Help file is partially broken in this version and will be fixed in the next version.

  1. SMC LO cal broke in 9.90.08 with addition of multiple sensor capability; it has now been fixed.
  2. Fixed COM method ComPhaseReferenceCalibration::get_IncludePort()
  3. Fixed: DC Source (internal) was broken. The value of AO1/AO2 was being set to 0.
  4. SYST:ACT:CHANnel was modified to return a 0 if no active channel, rather than an error.
  5. Fixed mnemonic so that the long form works properly for SYST:CORRection.
  6. Fixed 2 external source control bugs that made the power calibration not work with external sources that are BNC triggered.
  7. Fixed GCA crash when using a non-default end of sweep condition and smart sweep.
  8. Fixed: Turning on point averaging in SMC+Phase mode crashes the box.
  9. Fixed a crash on recall of a particular cti file (buffer overrun.)
  10. Fixed the use of SOCKETs for generic sources, when using a port other than 5025 is used.
  11. Fixed: In SMC, remote ability to determine if power cal result passed the tolerance limit was not working.

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.90.09 . . . (compiled 1/25/2014)

  1. Change SetLevelingMethod. Now the leveling method will set the choosing level to the configured port number
  2. Fixed: Lockup when applying fixturing when number of testports is more than 16 and number of cal ports is less than the number of total ports.
  3. Modify cal all to allow remote setting of power cal level for ports other than the main power cal port
  4. Extend the power range of the millimeter power cal to a low of -50dBm
  5. Made s2p file recall much faster for arbitrary segments
  6. Fixed: Source Power Cal routine does not allow the receiver calibration to append
  7. Fixed: Noise Fig: marker readout wrong when format is temperature and smoothing is on
  8. Fixed defect with recall of FCA calibration
  9. Fixed: Recalling some states with too many calibrations is too slow
  10. Fixed: Buffer overflow when viewing the calset dialog under some conditions
  11. FIxed: 2 port single source pna-x cannot set port 1 ref switch in cal all. Fix mechanical devices dialog so it uses the right test for the existence of this switch.

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.90.08 . . . (compiled 12/06/2013)

  1. Added commands: "CALC:PAR:SEL ,FAST" and "CALC:PAR:MNUM:[SEL] ,FAST" The change is that the "FAST" version of these commands do not change the "active measurement" instead, they just set the tag. This is significantly faster, and removes CALC:PAR:SEL as a bottleneck for speed benchmarks. See Help for more info.
  2. Fixed FCA calibration bug in millimeter: "SMC Calibration Sorted Array Error"
  3. Fixed: Power error after calibration when using offsets
  4. Added support for the U848x Series of USB power sensors
  5. Fixed security bug with fixturing
  6. Fixed: SCPI command SENS:CORR:COLL:CKIT:SELect can cause crash.
  7. Fixed: 4-port deembedding failed when ports mappings are not default.
  8. Fixed multiple SMC/FCA issues
  9. Fixed correction of phase control with the case of S31 = S13.
  10. Fixed issue with unguided cal. If it was already in progress, "SENS:CORR:COLL:CKIT:PORT:SELect" command needs to re-init the cal
  11. FIxed iTMSA issue: Firmware crashes when forward-only true mode is selected with 4-port guided power cal and R3,1 traces on screen
  12. For SMC+Phase cal, you can now use the phase reference calset with the "Independent power cals for input and output ports. (no thru)" option

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.90.07 . . . (compiled 10/28/2013)

  1. Fixed: Ext. DC Source: does not take a command in Sweep tab under Edit Commands
  2. Fixed: SMC segment sweep - doesn't apply fixture correctly
  3. Fixed: Fixturing with large # ports gets very sluggish, and with enough ports locks up the PNA app
  4. Fixed: Crash if adding app trace to empty window
  5. Fixed: When finishing Noise Figure cal, error occurs stating noise tuner could not be found
  6. Fixed: SOUR1:POW:ALC:REC:FTYP SOUR 'Port1 Src2' does not work
  7. Fixed typo: Short form of command was not working: Changed MNEM "DURAtion" to MNEM "DURation"
  8. Fixed: Turning on fixturing crashes a 2 port guided power cal when there is an "R2,2" trace

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.90.06 . . . (compiled 9/30/2013)

  1. Fixed: VMC embedded-LO not working
  2. Removed order dependency for Unguided Cal commands "SENS:CORR:COLL:METH" and "SENS:CORR:COLL:CKIT:SEL
  3. Fixed: In multiport cals involving certain sets of user-selected thru paths, transmission tracking wasn't being computed for all paths.
  4. Fixed: DC Source Control dialog does not accept value smaller than 0.001
  5. Changed: Increased maximum number of groups from 2M to 10M in response to a customer request
  6. Fixed: Attempting to perform CalPod operation from softkey when no network adapters are enabled locks-up the PNA app
  7. Fixed: Metrology option application which could have unknown thru electrical delay issue
  8. Fixed: Swept IMD/IMDX with 2nd order exceeding ECal/analyzer's freqeuncy range doesn't let you perform a cal
  9. Fixed: TMSA not working on 50 and 67 GHz units
  10. Fixed: CALC:MIX:XAX only working on measurement 1

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.90.05 . . . (compiled 08/30/2013)

  1. Fixed IMDx measurement (Mixer IIP2) that was wrong
  2. Fixed: ELO tuning interval not settable programmatically
  3. Fixed: Initial power setting of Cal All and Smart Cal might overpower a power meter
  4. Fixed: Crash with multiple reference receiver parameters on the same sweep on PNA-L.
  5. Fixed: SMC crash when asking for aux receiver
  6. Fixed: Crash when using cal all via scpi on ports 1 and 3 without setting the cal all ports explicitly
  7. Fixed: AuxTriggerOutput 1uS default output is only 0.39 uS with newer DSP boards
  8. Fixed: Fix IMDXX issue with SENS:CORR:CSET:FLATten
  9. Fixed: Port Extension in true-mode does not work correctly with single-ended S-parameters.

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.90.03 . . . (compiled 08/01/2013)

  1. No longer crashes if Rcvr Char files are mismatched
  2. Now detects new Flash File system (needed later for Win 7 swaps)
  3. Added new scope value of "channel" to store all channel traces. For: 'Save Data As' and MMEM:STORE:DATA
  4. Remove hard coded power DAC in Main sources of the PNA and PNA-X
  5. Fixed: Cal All power cal resulted in error when boost amplifier is used
  6. Fixed: PNA-X swept IMDx - Mixer IIP2 measurement was wrong
  7. Fixed: Remote pulse command had unexpected side effect with IF Gate.
  8. Fixed: SENS:NOIS:SNP:SAVE ignored format settings
  9. Fixed: GCA measurement crashed if CompAI1 or AI2 was measured
  10. Fixed: Phase Reference Cal was broken for 2.92 non-insertable ECal and other less common connector types
  11. Fixed: Phase Reference Cal: Attenuator causes the power level to get set incorrectly
  12. Fixed: Phase Reference Cal: Fixed the back button in the configure unknown mixer dialog
  13. Fixed: Scc22 menu selection does not work in BAL-BAL

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.90.02 . . . (compiled 07/02/2013)

  1. Removed unnecessary sweeps from match Corrected Reference Receiver measurements
  2. Fixed: PNA's "Refresh Cal" capability as used by PLTS
  3. Fixed an issue when performing cal with more than 4 ports with 4-port ECal and connecting different ports of the ECal to same PNA port during cal
  4. Fixed: Issue with GCX where one cannot apply the source power cal to LO
  5. Fixed: LO2 was using LO1 frequencies in GCX
  6. Improved support for setting up src cal data for the LO in Power spectrum converter sweep

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.90.01 . . . (compiled 06/13/2013)

  1. SMC Phase Reference Cal from 10 MHz
  2. A CalPod module can be used as 1-port ECal module to calibrate channels for all measurement classes
  3. Support for External SMU Device
  4. Minor Equation editor enhancements
  5. Fixed external triggering when in FIFO mode
  6. Fixed: Waveguide Cal crash if using isolation
  7. Fixed: Segment table and Cal turning off when it should not
  8. Fixed: Receiver leveling sweep didn't level the R1 measurement.
  9. Fixed: Crash when switching traces in two different IMD channesl
  10. Fixed: NF crashes in banded mode
  11. Fixed: Segment table and Cal turning off when it should not
  12. Fixed: Receiver leveling sweep didn't level the R1 measurement.

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.85.08 . . . (compiled 04/03/2013)

  1. Fixed Defined Thru ECal issue when using auto orientation
  2. Fixed two receiver leveling issues
  3. Fixed: SMC+Phase: Segmented sweep references center point of entire sweep instead of center point of each segment
  4. Fixed: NFX: dual-stage setup with external LO sources gives noise figure of -1 dB.
  5. Performance improvement on Saving state files (was taking too long)
  6. Fixed: State file for VMC/SMC will not allow user to change freq when recalled on a higher freq box
  7. Fixed: SMC+Phase: adding an analog input trace causes a crash
  8. Fixed: Error was improperly being generated when a noise calibration was performed on a unit with no attenuators.

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.85.07 . . . (compiled 03/04/2013)

  1. Fixed: WB Pulse 1MHz or wider IFBW doesn't let you change pulse delay
  2. Fixed: Millimeter + SMC with LO power sweep crashes when running calibration
  3. Fixed: Bad vector NF cal when using mechanical standards
  4. Fixed: Crash in Guided Cal in Multiport Mode
  5. Fixed: Cal All in NF channel has more S21 error than channel cal
  6. Fixed: Port confusion when performing source power cal in multiport.
  7. Fixed: TRL System Z0 normalization not correct
  8. Fixed: Problems with 16-port calibrations and U3045AM12 testset
  9. Fixed: NFx: Crash with swept LO2
  10. Fixed: Cal All causes a source-unleveled error to appear during noise figure calibration.

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.85.06 . . . (compiled 01/31/2013)

  1. Phase Reference Cal: Fixed connection steps when using a non-insertable ecal from remote API
  2. Fixed: Mkr to IM Spectrum from calibrated Swept IMD causes crash
  3. Fixed: SParameter calibration unknown thru estimated delay value is incorrect with some segment sweeps
  4. Fixed: Unable to perform a CW calibration at 10MHz with 67Ghz PNA and 67GHz ecal
  5. Fixed: Option 028 cal fails if source port isn't port 1
  6. Fixed: In Fixed Input IMDX, you can't change x-axis annotation
  7. Fixed: Error prevented guided power cal with double-digit port #s.
  8. Added more points in Receiver Adj for low freq PNA-L models (newer models only)
  9. Fixed: Issue with PSG's slow performance in ext trigger
  10. Fixed: Issue with independent port power per segment on a noise figure channel. This affect Service testing and TME.

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.85.05 . . . (compiled 12/19/2012)

  1. Fixed a couple of bugs related to mm mode involving iTMSA and 4-Port cals
  2. Fixed nonfunctioning unguided-style ECal Cal via SCPI where the user selects CKIT 99
  3. Fixed issue where user was unable to perform a source power cal in Multiport mode
  4. Fixed issue where Preference for noise turner switch is not reset when run in Noise50 hardware (it is left in wrong state)
  5. Fixed: SCPI commands for specifying cal kit TRL reference plane and TRL reference Z0 don't work. Implemented fix so that those changes now get saved properly to the cal kit definitions on disk.
  6. Fixed: If user preset is enabled at PNA startup, accessing Cal Wizard causes crash
  7. Op Check: Fixed number of attenuator sections on some models. Test was checking non-existant section (but it normally passed anyway). Fixed Preference dependant bug.
  8. Fixed: X-axis was incorrect for wideband pulse measurement
  9. Fixed: Saving noise figure memory trace gives wrong data

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.85.03 . . . (compiled 11/27/2012)

  1. Fixed preferences dialog bug
  2. Fixed crash when saving a calibrated GCA measurement that was recalled in hold mode
  3. GCA/GCX: Save 2D calibrated data as csv would show the wrong input power
  4. Fixed bug that would stop Cal-All from calibrating a noise figure channel using the power meter with an insertable DUT and insertable ECal
  5. Fixed crash in MMEM:TRAN? when used against a non-existent file
  6. Fixed crash if SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:STEPS? was called before SENS:CORR:GUID:INIT
  7. Fixed bugs with commands SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:METH, and SENS:NOIS:SNP?, and SENS:NOIS:SNP:SAVE (and any COM equivalents)
  8. Modified GetSnpData() to return data in the same format as WriteSnpData. Changed COM command from WriteSnpFile to WriteSnpData
  9. Fixed bug where the frequency wouldn't get swept on a generic external source
  10. Added additional support in Receiver Leveling for selecting the right caltype when a calset includes more than 1 caltype
  11. IMDX: Fixed output receiver leveling when using embedded LO
  12. IMDX: Lowered the power during embedded LO when in safe mode
  13. Fixed bug affecting 1 port calibration in CXL
  14. Fixed bug where a calibration with FOM ON would always show a C-Delta
  15. Fixed ecal characterization when using a large number of points
  16. Fixed crash when creating and destroying reference marker with save/recall
  17. Added support for the U2021XA and U2022XA USB power sensors
  18. Fixed: PMAR with 848x sensors was incorrectly using the calfactor table. Also fixed save/load of cal factors for PMAR power sensors
  19. Fixed: Guided power cal using multiple power sensors would produce an error
  20. Phase Ref Cal now works with attenuator levels other than 0; also has improved annotations on the connect phase reference step
  21. Banded: Fix high frequency large point error in 1Thz banded system
  22. Banded: Fixes to the banded millimeter source power calibration to allow no testset with mixer mode
  23. Banded: Allow N5260A test sets to work on model numbers N5222A, N5224A, N5225A
  24. Banded: Fixes for 2 port PNA/PNA-X
  25. Banded: Fixed bad data after abort on N5260A testset

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.80.20 . . . (compiled 03/25/2013)

  1. Changed number of points in Receiver Adjustment on low freq PNA-Ls
  2. Fixed Defined Thru ECal issue when using auto orientation
  3. Updated System Verification
  4. Fix for H29 options: Don't make noise power and match measurements during thru step (due to signal leakage)

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.80.15 and .16 . . . (compiled 11/28/2012)

  1. Fixed Cal issue with N5231A/32A/39A. These now need a Global Delta Match for certain types of Cal.
  2. Fixed recall issue for Option 028 instruments
  3. Fixed crash when aborting cals
  4. Fixed power meter noise cal at freq of 43.5GHz
  5. Fixed multiple Cal issues and Rcvr issues
  6. Made SysVer more flexible with regard to the the Uncert. DLL.
  7. Fix Cal-All bug on two-port boxes where the bypass switch for the 2nd source was wrong
  8. Fixed crash on LO cal in NFX
  9. Add extra dwell time for Noise50 when RF gain changes
  10. Increase default number of pull states in noise channel from 4 to 5 on hi-frequency boxes
  11. Remove 8 and 24 MHz noise bandwidths from inclusion in power meter noise cal on Noise50
  12. Fixed 2-port dual reflectometer issue in new PNA-L models (now needs Global Delta Match Cal)
  13. The .16 version fixed an NVNA configuration issue

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.80.03 . . . (compiled 09/14/2012)
Note: Not yet for use on the new PNA-L series: N5231A/32A/34A/35A/39A. However, everything except System Verification should function properly on these PNA-L units.

  1. Supports Cal All
  2. Supports SMC + Phase Reference Cal
  3. Fixed assorted bugs with TRL calkits
  4. Fixed assorted bugs with receiver leveling
  5. Fixed port re-mapping multiport feature
  6. Fixed disk memory based ecal user characterization so that they are available immediately after being created
  7. Fixed bug that affected use of pulse on N522xA models
  8. Fixed duplicate 020 listing in the option list
  9. Fixed VMC mixer characterization feature from SCPI on 2 port PNA-X
  10. Fixed crash with embedded LO when point count is 1
  11. Fixed crash when using pulse on a 4-Port PNA-X where source 2 was used for Port 2
  12. Fixed crash when markers are coupled and no markers are present
  13. Multiple other bugs fixed

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.60.04 . . . (compiled 06/27/2012)
See note above for A.09.80.03.

  1. Initial release for new PNA-L series (N5231A/32A/34A/35A/39A)

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.50.13 and .14 . . . (compiled 07/02/2012)
Note: The red notes for 9.50.08 below also apply.

  1. Known issue: Option 020 may be reported twice in the options list. Fixed in the .14 version
  2. Known issue: System Verification reports that VNAuncert.dll cannot be found. Download the newer version A.05.09 from here.
  3. Fixed bug with sexless TRL Cals
  4. Fixed: Receiver Atten ignores math offset preference. This could produce a false OpCheck "failure"
  5. Fixed: IMD crash with adapter removal during power cal.
  6. Fixed bug with phase control
  7. Power level during SMC calibration is now the channel power 2

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.50.10 . . . (compiled 05/04/2012)
Note: The red notes for 9.50.08 below also apply.

  1. Known issue: Sexless TRL Cals fail
  2. Fix bug with SMC + Phase below 500MHz
  3. Fix GCX Cal bug
  4. Fix mechanical cal with sliding load when in remote
  5. Fixed: IMD; external source cannot be assigned to RF2 with remote command

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.50.08 . . . (compiled 04/17/2012)
Note: A.09.50.xx and above is only for N522x, N524x, and N526x models. It will NOT work on PNA-C models (or older)!
Note: Because of the inclusion of the .Net 4.0 Framework, the firmware file size is now about 132MB and the file name now ends in .exe instead of .msi.
Note: Are you unable to install this on an older PNA-X? See our FAQ answer.

  1. Added Undo/Redo feature!
  2. Added easier methods to quickly change Scale, Ref Level and Ref Posn
  3. Added Quick Start feature
  4. New External Device configuration for Pulse Gens, DC sources and meters. New DC source Control dialog
  5. External Pulse Gen now in Integrated Pulse App
  6. Redesigned the Receiver Leveling dialog to avoid confusion and cover all use-cases
  7. Unguided Cals can now access up to 95 Cal Kits instead of only 50.
  8. and many more bugs also fixed

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.42.23 . . . (compiled 03/03/2016)

  1. Add support for the '4.3-10' coaxial connector type on ECal modules.
  2. Fixed: Calibrations could be invalid if they contained a mix of ratioed and unratioed measurements.
  3. Fixed issue where measurement traces were not updating completely if state contained an active equation which triggered more events.

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.42.22 . . . (compiled 12/12/2013)

  1. Fixed: Spur issue on R1 trace when using IPWR (SMC)

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.42.21 . . . (compiled 06/11/2013)

  1. Fixed bug where a calibration in FOM (or even in FCA) would always show a C delta.
  2. Increase large marker readout size with split display for C models
  3. Add support for the U202xXA USB power sensors
  4. Change minimum frequency of an external source to 1Hz from 0Hz (fixes crash)
  5. SysVer: now works with both PNAuncert and VNAuncert
  6. Fixed issue with ext trigger not working on N5230C's
  7. Fixed: VMC crash when a legacy parmlist includes an item with an empty string name
  8. Fixed: BNC trigger issue with MXG's and attenuators

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.42.18 . . . (compiled 06/13/2012)

  1. SMC: Changed the default power level to be the channel stimulus instead of 0dBm.
  2. Fixed backwards compatability issue. Power sweeps could not be recalled from states before A.09.33.xx
  3. CALC:DATA? doesn't allow you to get raw data. Added command CALC:DATA? RDATA
  4. Fixed: PulseSyncIn trigger polarity and type was not used during guided cal
  5. Fixed: Irregular pulse output for newer DSP boards in PNAs

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.42.17 . . . (compiled 05/02/2012)

  1. Fixed: Switching cal type in GCA/GCX to Enh Resp, with S22 trace crashes; Also fixed Cal issue in GCX
  2. Fixed: IMD external source cannot be assigned to RF2 with remote command.
  3. Fixed: Port assignments wrong in 4 port deEmbedding dialog when used with more than 9 ports.
  4. Fixed: iPulse does not work properly with power sweep
  5. Fixed: Point trigger with point averaging seems to ignore or skip points on 67 GHz PNA-X
  6. Fixed: CXL w/8350: stop sweep/rcvr ready problem.
  7. Fixed: Sweep aborts do not properly reset the averaging count.
  8. Fixed: Fixturing CSET commands don't update the 2nd tone source correction array
  9. Fixed: Fixturing dialog crashes app when selected port is not supported by the active measurement class.

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.42.16 . . . (compiled 02/21/2012)

  1. Fixed: In some cases an unleveled on Port 2 would not go away
  2. Fixed: FSIM:EMB:NET:PMAP commands were not working correctly.
  3. Fixed: Crash in Narrowband Pulse and also PMN cal.
  4. Fixed SysVer cal power to improve 300kHz performance on some units
  5. Fixed: Next peak search did not work properly
  6. Fixed: When doing an LO cal in the VMC cal wizard, the resulting source cal offsets are sometimes wrong.
  7. Fixed: CW Freq bug in FOM

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.42.12 . . . (compiled 12/21/2011)

  1. Fixed: OpCheck did not work on N5264A in 9.42.10
  2. Fixed: Crash in NFX when using 2-Port single source PNA
  3. Fixed: Receiver leveling now works as it did in 9.22
  4. Fixed SysVer printout and limit line errors
  5. Fixed: Swept IMD crashes when doing cal with offsets and uncoupled tones
  6. Fixed: Remote Interface for setting the cal power during a LO power cal in converter channel did not work

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.42.10 . . . (compiled 11/16/2011)
Note: OpCheck does not function on the N5264A only! Use 9.42.12.

  1. Performance Test now supports most N522xA models
  2. Fixed assorted crashes involving the following: Ext Src on recall, Noise Cal on converters, GuidedPowerCal, SMC, Ext Devices, IMDX, swept IMD calset, IMD w/changing leveling modes, Ext Src + ind IFBW, FCA, ecal charaterizations, deleted dbase Calkit files
  3. Fixed: Can't add a PMAR through the external device configuration
  4. Fixed: NFx: forward gain and NF measurements routine was wrong
  5. Fixed: Pulse mode recalls state with uninitialized sweep type
  6. Fixed: 4-port 110 GHz system bug
  7. Fixed: Changing point count in NFx or SMC turns off correction.
  8. Fixed: IM Spectrum; receiver leveling turns on source power cal and save/recall doesn't bring back same state
  9. Fixed: Recall problem with FCA1 state with external LO, where LO hardware had changed to a lesser max frequency model
  10. Fixed: CXL issue with resource lock
  11. Fixed: Improper pathconfiguration dialog for H86
  12. Fixed: IMD input receiver leveling mode does not work properly
  13. Fixed: Compression calibration in "Point Sweep" mode
  14. Fixed: Remote putData (standard channel) does not update traces correctly
  15. Make OpCheck independent of any user preference
  16. Fixed: CalKit frequency error not detected, bad connectionlist
  17. Fixed: X-axis selection in FCA was not saved with the state file
  18. Fixed: IMD input receiver leveling mode does not work properly
  19. Fixed: Compression calibration in "Point Sweep" mode
  20. Fixed: Remote putData (standard channel) does not update traces correctly
  21. Allow more than 127 chars in option string

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.42.05 . . . (compiled 08/09/2011)

  1. Fixed: Can't recall state where external source is active on a unit that already has it active
  2. Fixed: SCPI script produced stale data with manual trigger
  3. Fixed: Segment data frequecnies were being truncated. Caused issues with NVNA
  4. Fixed: Marker->Delay on FCA causes a sweep to get aborted
  5. Fixed huge delay (hang) when too many segments were used in Power Cal Dialog
  6. Fixed ripple problem when measuring ResponseTracking and SourcePowerCorrection in the presence of an adapter
  7. Fixed assorted crashes involving: Pulse, PMAR, exiting millimeter mode, CALC:DATA? (w/>100k points), and noise receiver.
  8. Fixed problem where the value of PwrMainLoIn and PwrMainHiIn trace were different from power sensor reading

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.42.01 . . . (compiled 07/12/2011)
Note: System Verification is broken in this version. It will be fixed in the next version.

  1. You can now drag a trace to another window
  2. Added Copy Channels on all Applications
  3. Added IMD f2 Tone using External Source / Combiner
  4. Added IMD and IM Spectrum Tone Power Leveling settings
  5. Added IMD, IMDx, and IM Spectrum "Min" and "Max" parameters
  6. You can now use a Power Table with mmWave SMC Measurements
  7. Added Guided Power Cal for SMC
  8. Added ESG and PSG Sources for Phase Control

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.33.09 . . . (compiled 05/19/2011)

  1. Fixed: Rcvr Leveling crash; IMD crash; FCA crash; VMC crash; fixturing with PMAR crash
  2. Fixed Response and Isolation cal bug
  3. Fixed power spikes that occurred on some units
  4. Fixed memory leak
  5. Fixed Trace averaging with source/rcvr cal
  6. Fixed FCA error with 2-port boxes w/o 2nd source
  7. Fixed: LO source power cal was turned off after the VMC calibration is completed
  8. Fixed: SMC- Can't set input port=3 and output port=2
  9. Fixed: mm-Wave with FOM mode control _group Delay format display not correct
  10. Fixed: In WB, the gating time had no upper/lower limit
  11. Fixed: In Remote VMC, unable to set the output name of mixer characterization if you are doing a full VMC

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.33.07 . . . (compiled 04/14/2011)

  1. Fixed following GCA/GCX bugs: cal crash, needing Opt 080, smart Sweep w/atten, w/ELO, w/Enh Resp
  2. Fixed: SMC cal does not show SHORT and LOAD steps if calkit is mechanical cal module
  3. Fix for wideband pulse with source power calibration involving IFBW
  4. Fix infinite loop changing power with fixturing power compensation on
  5. Fix power compensation not working when correction not on
  6. Fixed save/recall crash with the latest changes for power calibrator moving the power offset.
  7. Fixed an iTMSA error
  8. Made the calset directory case insensitive to fix crash with duplicate names (except case)
  9. Fixed: Improper fixturing loss from source power cal calculation in Swept IMD and IM Spectrum
  10. Fixed: Crash when recalling state file with ADC parameter in logmag + marker.
  11. Fixed: multiple IMD / IMDX issues and crashes

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.33.05 . . . (compiled 03/23/2011)

  1. Now supports the Source Phase Control Option (088)
  2. New FCA features: New config dialogs, Segment Sweep, Power Sweep, Save CSV trrace data
  3. Security for external sources
  4. 2-Port and 4-Port Fixture Extrapolation and Reverse Ports.
  5. Phase Coherent "R over R" measurements
  6. Use Multiple Power Sensors for Guided Power Cal
  7. Perform Source Power Cal with PMAR Device
  8. Fixed gender issues with disk based characterizations
  9. Fixed: Integrated WB pulse receiver acq time and IFBW not setting correctly
  10. Fixed: Material Meas Software (85071E) issue where a 2-port calset was not recognized
  11. Fixed: Various other bugs and issues

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.31.07 . . . (compiled 02/14/2011)

  1. Opt 118 now works on C models
  2. Fix meas.marker error if format not previously set to non-default value
  3. Fixed: iPulse wideband shows incorrect rcvr pulse widths
  4. Fixed: Main Tone IFBW and IM Tone IFBW values are swapped in the frequency tab in segment mode
  5. Fixed various crashes: windowless SCPI Meas, Global Power limit, GCX on any ch but 1
  6. Fixed incorrect sweep times on some units
  7. Fixed: GCA; Can't set compression level above the max power on port 1
  8. Fixed: FastCW mode too slow when not using hardware trig.
  9. Fixed: Yig boxes in offset mode are slow
  10. Fixed: AcquireCalConfidenceCheckECAL functions on Calibrator COM object broken
  11. Fixed: Noisy hetband output in CW mode
  12. Allow the RF Power to be off on turn-on with a user preset
  13. Fixed: error in displayed GCA data for CompOut21

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.31.01 . . . (compiled 11/17/2010)

  1. Fixed Opt 028 issue that was in 9.31.00
  2. Fixed several IMD bugs
  3. Fixed several GCX bugs
  4. Changed the availability of +28Volts in non-noise-figure instruments
  5. Now supports the N1913A and N1914A power meters
  6. Fixed adapter removal cal crash
  7. Receiver leveling with only one point now works
  8. Fixed crash when, in some cases, the number of points is changed

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.31.00 . . . (compiled 10/20/2010)

  1. Added gain compression on converters (GCX)
  2. Added Support for Dual-Stage Converters in all Apps
  3. Added Enhanced S-parameter Power Cal
  4. Added Marker Display enhancements
  5. Added ability to change IF Gain Settings for each input
  6. Added Receiver Overload/Compression Warning and Power OFF Preferences
  7. Fixed several bugs and added enhancements for millimeter usage

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.22.17 . . . (compiled 12/18/2010)

  1. Fixed crash with 1 port calibration when you change the number of points
  2. Fixed: IApplication.ExternalDevices collection does not work properly
  3. Add trl noise figure fix.
  4. Fix for "change dwell time on a segment sweep invalidates calibration"
  5. Fixed crash in PMN noise figure with segment sweep
  6. Fixed SMC+Phase: Phase stitching not working in reverse sweep
  7. Fixed SMC+Phase bug with remote API
  8. Integrated pulse fixes
  9. Fix for crash at shutdown with windowless SCPI measurement

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.22.15 . . . (compiled 10/07/2010)

  1. Fixed TRL crash. Added extra standards for noise pulling
  2. Fix bug when changing channels in source power cal
  3. Fixed various external device configuration issues
  4. Allow scalar noise calibrations to save noise correlation data to .nco file
  5. Fixed bug when saving s2p data in noise channel
  6. Fixed IM Spectrum cal when using ports 3 and 4
  7. Fixed issue with Confidence Checks of 4-port ECal user characterizations on 4-port PNA-X

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.22.12 . . . (compiled 8/13/2010)
Note: Versions 9.22.09 thru 9.22.11 all had some minor build issues. The firmware is basically the same.

  1. Fixed Response and Isolation Cal issue where subsequent cals were incorrect
    Note: Existing Resp&Isol Cals will not recall properly. You must create new ones after installing this firmware!
  2. Fix for NFx setup dialog that triggers external LO error
  3. Fix for FCA's automation problems involving equation editor
  4. Fix for IM Spectrum - source power cal could not be turned back ON once it had been turned OFF
  5. Citifile errors under program control no longer show a dialog box (which prevented code from running)

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.22.08 . . . (compiled 7/27/2010)

A.09.22.08 is essentially the same as A.09.22.07 but it now includes the proper PNA Proxy program (used for programming purposes.)

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.22.07 . . . (compiled 7/13/2010)

  1. Fix for security '577' errors
  2. Fix NFX X - axis value query
  3. Multiple assorted bug fixes involving SMC, VMC, IMD, IM spectrum, Fast CW, external source control, swept embedded LO, and NFX cal
  4. Changed smoothing algorithm slightly to matchg behavior of 8753/8720. (Only affects beginning and ending data points)
  5. Allow more digits on the frequency range display in the deembed dialog

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.22.02 . . . (compiled 6/2/2010)

  1. Enable port mapping with option 028 (use any port)
  2. Multiple bugs fixed

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.20.08 . . . (compiled 9/29/2010)

Note: A.09.20.06 and A.09.20.08 are identical except that the .06 version had a severe memory leak that was fixed in .08.

  1. Integrated Pulse Measurements (Opt 008)
  2. Noise Figure using Standard PNA Receiver (Opt 028)
  3. Noise Figure on N5244A/45A (Opt H29)
  4. Edge and Level Trigger in Pulse
  5. Include SC12 Sweep for SMC (Opt 082/083)
  6. Include Phase with SMC (Opt 082/083)
  7. Fixturing in Apps
  8. Max Output Power for GCA (Opt 086)
  9. Mechanical Device conflicts cause Channel Block (NOT Channel Hold)
  10. PSAT Marker and Power Normal Operating Point Marker
  11. Group Delay Aperture Setting
  12. Display: Active Background Color; and Solid or Dotted Grid Lines
  13. Point Sweep on PNA 'C' Models now works
  14. Fixture Power Compensation
  15. Sweep Delay
  16. Uncertainty equations using RSS Computations
  17. Preset Power Preference Setting
  18. Use Last Receiver Leveling Correction for SPC
  19. 'Save Data As' Dialog improvements
  20. Recall .SNP files to view as trace
  21. Save Balanced Data as SNP files
  22. Characterize Adaptor Macro Rev. A.02.10: Adds Reverse S2P and the ability to load the PNA Power Loss Table from an existing S2P file
  23. and of course: multiple bugs fixed

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.10.05 . . . (compiled 1/8/2010)

  1. SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:CKIT:CAT? and CompatibleCalKits now also returns ECal S/N
  2. Fixed Averaging clear bug
  3. Fixed Step mode bug
  4. Help, About now displays CPU and DSP versions
  5. Fixed several external device bugs and external device triggering bugs
  6. Different AUX trig intervals now allowed
  7. Fixed issue with pulse width on internal generator when externally triggered

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.10.01 . . . (compiled 11/16/2009)

  1. Added noise figure capability for mixers
  2. Improved recall time for some states
  3. Fixed some bugs when using power meter as receiver
  4. Fixed minor bugs in Gain Compression Application

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.00.04 . . . (compiled 11/2/2009)

  1. Fixed multiple issues with use of Power Meter as Receiver
  2. Fixed: TRL cal crash with user-defined cal kit.
  3. Fixed: IMDx power sweep first sweep had bad data
  4. "SENS:CORR:COLL:METHod" and "SENS:CORR:COLL[:ACQuire]" now accept a 'RESPonse' argument. Added ICalibrator9 interface for Calibrator COM object, with 'DoResponseCal' method
  5. "SCPI SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:CKIT:CAT? now returns ecal serial #s".

Additions/Changes for Version A.09.00.01 . . . (compiled 09/28/2009)

  1. Global power limit
  2. Device side USB is now fully supported
  3. Enabled FOM & SMC measurements between OML modules & internal reflectometers
  4. Improved trace scale and autoscale
  5. Increase number of ECal user states
  6. Increase number of channels to 200
  7. Receiver leveling in IMD & FCA
  8. mmWave without test set capability
  9. Ability to use a power meter reading as receiver
  10. Point Averaging on Apps
  11. Embedded LO in SMC & IMDx
  12. Mechanical setting logic
  13. Gain Compression Application enhancements
  14. Pin & Pout on marker
  15. PAE at X dB compression
  16. Narrow pulse widths and external pulse drive allowed below 32.8 GHz (for opt 036 & 037)
  17. IMD receiver on ports 3 & 4
  18. Added ability to change trace colors and use dotted grid and/or limit display

Additions/Changes for Version A.08.60.07 . . . (compiled 06/15/2009)

  1. Initial release for N5244A/45A

Additions/Changes for Version A.08.55.09 . . . (compiled 07/21/2009)

  1. Fix for PulseSyncIn input and point averaging
  2. Fix power offset so that you can set the power offset on port #2 when doing an SMC cal
  3. Fixed generic source issue
  4. Fixed Receiver Cal issue

Additions/Changes for Version A.08.55.08 . . . (compiled 07/10/2009)

  1. Initial release for IMDX capability

Additions/Changes for Version A.08.50.09 . . . (compiled 04/10/2009)

  1. Fixed crash with recall of FCA files
  2. Fixed crash when selecting any SMC caltype other than SMC_2P
  3. Fixed crash in recall of FCA state with mixer setup control
  4. Fixed crash with SCPI command: SYST:MACR:COPY:CHAN1:SOUR in FCA
  5. Fixed crash with iTMSA in point sweep mode

Additions/Changes for Version A.08.50.07 . . . (compiled 03/27/2009)

  1. In Extra Security mode ASCII save, replace frequency with bucket number
  2. Added Electrical Delay and Port Extensions features
  3. Changed max points to 32001
  4. Allow .csv and .mdf file format for saves
  5. Power Sweeps are now faster
  6. Improved Antenna features (for Opt 118)
  7. Enabled receiver leveling
  8. iTMSA improvements (Opt 460)
  9. Power level control for mm modules
  10. Fixed: SCPI query for noise averaging state always returned 0
  11. Fixed: Can't save unwrapped phase data to any data file type except prn
  12. Fixed: Equation editor issues/crashes
  13. Fixed: ECal_states.xml file is missing codes for 85099C
  14. Fixed: Spikes caused by averaging during cal
  15. Fixed: RF On/Off did not work when in single band
  16. Fixed: Many other bugs and issues fixed

Additions/Changes for Version A.08.33.13 . . . (compiled 12/08/2008)
Note: This combines PNA-X with C-model firmware.

  1. Fixed marker coupling when used with tracking
  2. Fixed marker coupling recall bug
  3. Fixed guided cal issue with PLTS
  4. Added SCPI query command "SENS:CORR:CSET:STIM?
  5. Fixed mm setup dialog; now remembers power offset
  6. Fixed IMD power sweep bug
  7. Fixed several external source bugs (SMC)
  8. Fixed FCA bug: port uncoupling
  9. New Characterize Adaptor Macro; allows reversing of ports
  10. Improved adapter delay estimation

Additions/Changes for Version A.08.20.04 . . . (compiled 06/23/2008)

  1. Added internal TMSA
  2. Now LXI compliant
  3. Suports new banded testsets
  4. Supports uncoupled power sweeps

Additions/Changes for Version A.08.04.07 . . . (compiled 02/07/2008)

  1. Supports Noise Figure measurements
  2. Supports Gain Compression Application
  3. Embedded LO

Additions/Changes for Version A.07.50.63 through A.07.50.67 . . . (compiled 10/05/2010 and 12/19/2011)
Note: 7.50.63 and 7.50.66 and 7.50.67 are similar but the .67 version solved some installation issues. A.07.50.67 is intended to be the LAST 7.50 version! We will no longer update this Firmware branch unless a very critical bug is found!

  1. Fixed interpolation bug where correction was not being applied upon upload
  2. Fixed AgileUpdate bug where Customer release version did not download
  3. Modified some adjustments so that they could use newer power sensors
  4. Fixed bug where, under certain circumstances, a delta match correction was not being computed
  5. Added ability to turn off remote sweep in SMC. Updated the caltypes dialog
  6. Fixed several security bugs (these were more annoyance issues; not an actual security bug)
  7. Changed smoothing to match 8753/8720 method. This only affects the beginning and end points of each sweep
  8. Fixed: Power and Atten dialog had problems dealing with power levels less than 1dBm.
  9. Security events (error 577) are no longer generated upon startup (if Group Policy setting is also changed)
  10. Fixed wrong 85052C cal kit class assignment label (for SOLT cal)

Additions/Changes for Version A.07.50.60 . . . (compiled 12/08/2009)

  1. Fixed SCPI command "SENS:CORR:COLL:GUID:MEAS:DATA" so that it will set-or-get data for arb ratio or unratioed measurements on a cal connection step regardless of whether the measurement is specified using logical receiver notation or physical receiver notation.

Additions/Changes for Version A.07.50.57 . . . (compiled 10/20/2009)

  1. Fixed issue with the PC stand-alone cal kit editor where standard class labels were not showing up and changes to them could not be saved.
  2. Fixed IPwr,OPwr,RevIPwr,RevOpwr in SMCRsp
  3. Fixed save of s2p files for FCA.
  4. Fixed: FCA cal fails with two ECals connected
  5. Update of ECalWipe to allow printout of data and improved instructions
  6. AgileUpdate now has optional Customer Release capability
  7. Fix interpolation of phase markers between +/- 180 deg.
  8. Added user selectable display colors, print colors and dotted grid!

Additions/Changes for Version A.07.50.54 . . . (compiled 6/23/2009)

  1. Fixed USB power sensor issue betw -6 and -9dBm
  2. Fixed save of unwrapped phase data
  3. Added abilility to draw red dots at each point on a fail trace limit. Added preference for this.
  4. Fixed: ECAL orientation fails when two identical ecals are connected".
  5. Added "ExtRef" to the status bar if the PNA is externally reference locked
  6. Fixed bug where Frequency appeared on x-axis annotation when in Time Domain.
  7. Fixed bug when importing calkit from any removable storage) that occurs if disk is removed too soon".
  8. Fixed various crashes that occured under certain circumstances

Additions/Changes for Version A.07.50.48 . . . (compiled 3/13/2009)

  1. Fixed recalling of legacy fca states with external sources
  2. Added SCPI command for determining ECal orientation
    SENS[chan]:CORR:CKIT:ECAL[moduleNum]: ORIent? pnaPortNum [,CHARn]
  3. Fixed problem w/power cal accuracy between -6 and -9 dBm using USB sensors
  4. Fixed: Can't save unwrapped phase data to any data file type except prn.

Additions/Changes for Version A.07.50.45 . . . (compiled 12/09/2008)

  1. Fixed crash during copy channel
  2. Fixed: Waveguide SOLT class Labels reset on restart
  3. Fixed high security issue with calsets
  4. Fixed external source issues with generic sources and other SMC situations
  5. Port extensions can now be as low as 1pSec
  6. Improved phase unwrap for estimating delay in unknown thru and adapter removal calibrations
  7. Removed unwanted pop-up when programmatically recalling a citi file
  8. VMC now allows for 250 calibrations (was 25)
  9. File-Save As dialog now remembers last saved file type
  10. Added print margins to the registry as a preference
  11. Fixed: Dwell time changes when dialog box is opened
  12. Fixed: markers float off Time Domain trace
  13. Fixed: Issue with 'Zero/Cal' of USB power sensor and P-Series. Note: The U200x USB sensors will also need their firmware upgraded to A.01.02.00 or higher.
  14. Fixed spikes that occured when cal'd with averaging
  15. Fixed: Source cal broken with single frequency segments

Additions/Changes for Version A.07.50.37 . . . (compiled 7/18/2008)

  1. Added several new features for triggering, including polarity
  2. Fixed: SENS:CORR:CSET:DELete to take a name or a guid
  3. Fixed: Receiver attenuators don't work in application power cal
  4. Fixed external source issues with generic sources and other SMC situations
  5. Fixed: Trace Stats do not print; they used to
  6. Fixed: SMC cal with E4416/E4417 power meters
  7. Fixed: Corrected S2P files could not be saved when using Enhanced Response Cal.
  8. Fixed: Smoothing problem in FCA. Now, the PNA will NEVER smooth Real/Imaginary Data in files
  9. Fixed: MXG external source control was broken
  10. Added definitions for Maury 2.92 mm sliding load and broadband load Cal kits

Additions/Changes for Version A.07.50.26 . . . (compiled 02/28/2008)

  1. Fixed issue with Pulse Gates not disabling; also fixed external pulse trigger and other pulse issues
  2. Fixed global delta match
  3. Fixed VMC interpolation bug
  4. Fixed SMC reference mixer switch state problem
  5. Fixed recall of states refusal on 4-port N5230A
  6. Fixed incorrect power display when power was between 0 and 1dBm
  7. Fixed phase-lock-lost issue when performing power adjustment on E836X models
  8. Fixed crash where all thrus selected
  9. Fixed assorted crashes with FCA, and when using banded systems.

Additions/Changes for Version A.07.50.13 . . . (compiled 10/29/2007)
Note: This is the first converged firmware platform that is usable on most all PNAs, subject to hardware requirements. This firmware is not usable on any 3-port models (N3381A/82A/83A.) It has many new features and bug-fixes, some of which are listed below.

  1. Pulse capability
  2. Enhanced Response Cal
  3. Banded mm wave
  4. Embedded LO
  5. ADC Measurements
  6. 5 MHz IFBW
  7. USB power sensor support
  8. Supports both USB & LAN control of N1911A/12A power meters
  9. 20001 points
  10. Highest security mode
  11. Enhanced right-click
Known issues: Global Delta Match is not functioning; use A.07.50.14 or above

Additions/Changes for Version A.06.04.32 . . . (compiled 8/02/2007)

  1. Fixed intermittent "DSP Type 2" errors when rotating knob that crept into the .28 version.
  2. Made TRL algorithm more robust
  3. Updated uncertainty values for System Verification
  4. Fixed bug in "Choose stimulus settings" dialog when calsets differ only by number of points.

Additions/Changes for Version A.06.04.28 . . . (compiled 5/04/2007)

  1. Eliminated long delay on Src Pwr Cal for SMC
  2. Fixed 4 separate crashes under 4 separate conditions: VMC, spur avoid, de-embedding, SCPI (SENS:CORR:CSET:ACT)
  3. ECal User Characterization "port extension" descriptions now accessible
  4. Recalling state file now properly turns on Equation editor
  5. FCA LOs can now support amplifiers or pads on the LO port
  6. Fixed Calset issues with Maury' Load Pull system
  7. Trace parameter is no longer changed after saving CITIfile
  8. Random single triggers no longer intermittantly cause bad data under some conditions
  9. ECal switch-settling delay values were changed to improve repeatability
  10. Modified interpolation of cal data to allow data sets to be interpolated over the power range.

Additions/Changes for Version A.06.04.21 . . . (compiled 1/26/2007)

  1. Fixed bug involving TRL cal with isolation.
  2. Added extra settling time with N4432
  3. Fixed bug involving Power sweep with SMC cal.
  4. Fixed if gain cal issue with 1.1 GHz CPU or faster

Additions/Changes for Version A.06.04.18 . . . (compiled 12/6/2006)

  1. Added save of FCA and calset viewer in .prn format.
  2. Fixed various interpolation issues; some with SMC cal.
  3. Removed unexpected nominal delay dialog for 4-port units during guided cal.
  4. Fixed various issues in Equation Editor.
  5. Fixed inability to measure B or arb. ratio using B....for older PNAs only.
  6. Fixed marker.value issue for COM.
  7. Fixed crash with Marker Bandwidth when using Polar.
  8. Fixed Unguided AcquireCalStandard call. Fixed TRL Adapter Removal on 4-port PNAs.
  9. Fixed Citifile data for Real/Imag format. Fixed some crashes.
  10. Improved Print capabilities (added magins, orientation, paper type, etc.) Now allows one to deselect the Agilent Logo and Global Pass/Fail Indicator on printouts
  11. Fixed Averaging status with SMC measurement.
  12. Fixed: Delay value is sometimes not shown after unknown thru cal.
  13. Fixed: Segment Sweep Cal had issues w/sliding load transition point.
  14. Fixed Delta Match bug.
  15. Fixed GPIB passthrough bug where it would ignore the programmed timeout value.
  16. Added improved control over Power Sweep and retrace capabilities.

Additions/Changes for Version A.06.04.05 . . . (compiled 8/7/2006)

  1. Sped up some operations of 4-port units (measurement speed is unchanged)
  2. ECal user-characterizing can now be outside the freq range of the module's factory characterization
  3. Fixed pulse application
  4. Fixed various crashes in Cal and FCA
  5. Added response error term type to SCPI command; added optional parameter to SENS:CORR:CSET:DATA for the response error term type
  6. During unknown thru cal, elec length confirmation window may not be shown. Fixed.
  7. Copy Channel was not clearing calibration in the destination channel. Fixed.
  8. RF Off setting of UserPreset when rebooting was ignored. now, if RF power is off at the start of a hibernate cycle, it will remain off upon start-up.
  9. "ERROR" is no longer displayed when Average hardkey is pressed.

Additions/Changes for Version A.06.03.05 . . . (compiled 5/18/2006)

  1. Added Equation Editor
  2. Added Socket Server
  3. Fixed all bugs listed on 6.01 Summary Page, and more.
  4. Smoothing is now saved/recalled
  5. LRL line auto characterization check box can now be selected
  6. Fixed occasional crash (or error msg) when storing Citifiles
  7. Fixed occasional crash when performing 4-port Cal
  8. Fixed false source unleveled error
  9. Fixed various FCA/SMC/VMC errors
  10. Fixed wrong marker impedance values when in CW or Power sweep

Additions/Changes for Version A.04.87.01 and A.05.26 . . . (compiled 9/7/2005)

  1. Improved phase lock on E8361A (4.87.01 only)
  2. Fixed crash when selecting View/Modify Cal Kits (5.26 only)
  3. Fixed: Receiver Cal in offset mode used wrong frequency cal factor
  4. Fixed: Src Pwr Cal w/Vector Cal when saved with uncoupled port power recalled improperly

Additions/Changes for Version A.04.86 and A.05.25 . . . (compiled 5/31 and 6/08/2005)

  1. Added dedicated 17th window capability for Cal purposes only
  2. Option H11 Verification
  3. Calibration Class Label editing
  4. Data-Based cal kits can now be modified
  5. Safely shut down the PNA without a mouse (sse help file on this important subject)
  6. TRL cal capability added for 4-port units
  7. Guided SmartCal supports ECal on one or more ports (new for 4-port units)

Additions/Changes for Version A.04.83 . . . (compiled 06 Jan 2005)
Note: A.04.83 is a replacement for A.04.82 that had some ALC problems with some PNA's

  1. User Preset programming commands now available
  2. Magnitude offset and slope capability
  3. The Frequency Converter Application can now make calibrated Fixed Output SMC and VMC measurements
  4. New VMC R1 and B absolute power measurements
  5. Material Handler Trigger Control changes, including new programming capabilities
  6. Global Pass/Fail Status, including new programming capabilities
  7. Several Changes to ECAL. Existing SCPI program may be impacted; see Help
  8. Sweep dialog now has Apply button
  9. New, more comprehensive, Operators Check program
  10. Fixed Power Meter Cal issue where clicking on 'Cancel' could increase power unexpectedly

Additions/Changes for Version A.04.25 . . . (compiled 05 Apr 2004)

  1. This is the first revision that is designed for XP (also works on Windows 2000.) See our XP introduction page.
  2. GPIB pass-through capability added
  3. Arbitrary sweep added (including reverse sweep)
  4. Distance marker added to time domain capability
  5. Added time domain toolbar and coupling of time domain parameters across measurements that share the same channel
  6. Multiple improvements to the BNC External trigger feature
    • Dialog added to allow UI control of the feature
    • Two new SCPI commands added that allow more control over external trigger feature: CONT_SIGN_TRIG:ATBA & CONT:SIGN:TRIG:OUTP
    • Two new COM commands as well: ITriggerSetup2::AcceptTriggerBeforeArmed and ITriggerSetup2::TriggerOutputEnabled
    • BNC trigger can now be configured to trigger either a point or a sweep
  7. Added MSG_ALL_SWEEPS_COMPLETED_AND_PROCESSED COM event. This event is fired when all measurements have been made and processed within a channel.
  8. Added SCPI command for setting the window size: DISP:WINDOW:SIZe MIN | MAX | NORMAL
  9. Fixed .bmp save error; increased freq resolution on saved files; improved user mode behavior of GPIB, excess temp files are no longer created; fixed COM method: ICalibrator::DoneCalConfidenceCheckECAL
  10. Added code to allow fixed output VMC measurements, although calibration is not permitted for this measurement
  11. Added waveguide calibration support for FCA
  12. Short Inductance is now properly applied to full 2-port SOLT calibration (was a problem in some cases such as on-wafer probes)
Known Issues
  1. Suggestion: If you previously used A.04.06 and manipulated cal sets frequently, large temp files could remain on the hard drive. You should first run the Windows 2000 Disk Cleanup utility to reclaim this disk space.
  2. Programming only: The SCPI command of sens:corr:coll:ckit:reset is obsolete in rev 3.xx and now returns an error. Use sens:corr:coll:ckit:init instead. However, the :ckit:init command currently has a memory leak. If you need use this more that a dozen or so times, you may have to restart the PNA application to free up the "leaked" memory.

Additions/Changes for Version A.04.06 . . . (compiled 12 Dec 2003)

  1. Fixed-IF (swept LO) conversion-loss measurements capability (part of Opt 083; Frequency Converter Application.) Controls up to two Agilent/Keysight or non-Agilent signal sources.
  2. 85059A 1.00 mm data-based cal kit support.
  3. Advanced Modify Cal Kit... dialog now supports 1 port data-based cal standards.
  4. Several S2P enhancments, incl.correct units for Time Domain. Also added supporting SCPI commands.
  5. Import of a cal kit file from an 8753, 8752, 8719, 8720, or 8722.
  6. Support for external I.F. applications (antenna measurements).
  7. Pulse Measurement capability (requires Option H08).
  8. Many marker readout feature enhancements, incl. increased number visible, R+jX and G+jB, and more.
  9. Added several COM and SCPI methods to support triggering and channels.
  10. CITIFile support added (write only.)
  11. COM: ITriggerSetup interface for setting up global trigger settings.
  12. "8510 mode" Data Processing. This is only settable manually; no SCPI/COM support.
  13. Chinese language Help added.
  14. Many defects fixed, including those related to triggering, TRL Cals, importing of 8510 cal kits, ECAL, adapter removal cals, 2.92 conn cals, certain .cst recalls, etc. Improved performance in segment sweep.
Known Issues
  1. Adding or deleting cal sets could leave large temp files behind. If you regularly modify cal sets, run the Windows 2000 Disk Cleanup utility often to reclaim this disk space.
  2. Programming only: When changing cal kit values, the PNA should be placed in Local Lockout to prevent front panel keystrokes from interrupting the update process.
  3. Programming only: The SCPI command of sens:corr:coll:ckit:reset is obsolete in rev 3.xx and now returns an error. Use sens:corr:coll:ckit:init instead.

Additions/Changes for Version A.03.53 . . . (compiled 17 Sept 2003)

  1. Some SCPI triggering issues have been fixed.
  2. System Verification service test now working properly.
  3. Stored Cals were sometimes unavailable to non-administrators; fixed.
  4. A minor interpolation error was fixed.

Additions/Changes for Version A.03.52 . . . (compiled 8 Jul 2003)

  1. Frequency security feature added to System menu. Includes support for GPIB and COM. Hides frequency information on all display and printout instances (except S1P/S2P files.)
  2. Added Keysight Model 85059A 1.00 mm calibration kit to cal kit selections.
  3. Status bar is now turned on when starting up the application or by Preset.
  4. On microwave units, Preset now sets start freq to 45 MHz instead of 10MHz. 10 MHz can still be manually set.
  5. Added Local Lockout feature to SCPI (GPIB or via LAN) to lock out the "Local" key, external keyboard and mouse clicks. (Remote operation via SCPI already locked out the other front panel keys.) Also added this same feature to COM.
  6. Many Cal and Cal Kit improvements/bugs fixed, including several TRL improvements. TRL-only Cal kits no longer require dummy SOLT standards. New SCPI and COM commands introduced. Enhanced ability to remotely define/modify cal kits via SCPI and COM.
  7. Maximum settable dwell time between points increased from 10 to 100 seconds.
  8. New threading model used. This affects the entire PNA, but should be mostly transparent. Should provide faster response when large number of points are used.
  9. If application is not running (or not visible), pressing the Preset key will now start it.
  10. Up to 8 ECal modules can now be connected for use in an Electronic Calibration.
Defects Fixed
  1. Problems associated with recalling *.cal files have been resolved.
  2. Cal Wizard Help now fixed to work with the local language switch (menu item Help, Help Language).

Additions/Changes for Version A.03.23 . . . (compiled 15 Apr 2003)

  1. Numerous changes and additions regarding FCA usage (see FCA page)
  2. Numerous bug fixes involving the Cal Kit editor, Cal process, and Cal Kits
  3. ECal characterization fixed
  4. Updated Cal kit definitions of 85058
  5. Arbitrary Impedance now works in Unguided Cal

Additions/Changes for Version A.02.62 . . . (compiled 24 Oct 2002)

  1. Added "Aritrary Impedance" to the existing choices of Cal standard types
  2. Fix wrong load standard Z0 in X,P,K,W and R-band Cal kits (version 2)
  3. Status bit for averaging-complete is fixed
  4. SENS:SEGM:SWE:POIN now allows 1 point per segment
  5. Several ECal issues fixed, incl. 7-16 ECal issues on 3-port boxes
  6. Status Register expanded. STATus:OPERation:DEVice added which includes the Sweep-Complete bit.
  7. Fixed various guided Cal issues, incl default Z0 and 85052B sliding load definition
  8. Log sweep graticle is now drawn in all cases
  9. Marker "float" issue after using memory trace fixed
  10. Added buffer init so that dummy Cal no longer needed when uploading error terms
  11. Improvement on Cal behavior (both guided and unguided)
  12. Fixed issues with 2-port Cal on 3-port boxes
  13. Fixed recall issues with Polar trace (actually fixed in 2.51)

Additions/Changes for Version A.02.51/2.50 . . . (compiled 20 Jul 2002)
Note: A.2.50 and A.02.51 are similar except for a bug that only affects phaselocking of 40 and 50 GHz units. These units should only use version 2.51. There is no need to upgrade firmware on lower frequency units if 2.50 is already installed.

  1. Added sweep type: Log Sweep (up to 401 points.)
  2. Added "Cal Kit Manager" (in Service menu) to organize and edit Version 1 Cal Kits. Also allows some importing of 8510 kits.
  3. Added user configurable AutoCheck routine to automatically and periodically check for firmware updates.
  4. Added support for "User Characterized ECal module and full 3-port support with 4-port ECal unit.
  5. Significant changes and improvements to TRL Cal including separate forward and reverse acquisition of the REFLECT standards and options for setting reference plane.
  6. Modified and simplified Calibration Wizard behavior.
  7. SCPI: New command: CALC:PAR:DEL:ALL.   "CALC:PAR:SEL" now activates both measurement and window.
  8. COM: Fixed "IMeasurement::getPairedDAta", "ITransform::State( bool )" and IChannel::GetXAxisValues2()". Current Type Library version is now 1.3.
  9. Enabled factory installation of "Fixturing" application under the [Macro/Local] key.
  10. Major update to Help documentation.
  11. Fixed defects associated with ECal's and unknown-thru selection; also fixed ECal averaging bug.
  12. Source Power Cal now works properly in Power Sweep and recognizes 438A power meter
  13. Fixed incorrect delay value in 85056K Cal Kit definition.

Additions/Changes for Version A.02.20 . . . (compiled 3 Apr 2002)

  1. Fixed Marker bandwidth tracking. Did not track when programmed.
  2. Fixed several Power Sweep problems. Attenuators now work in option UNL/015 units.
  3. Changed SCPI command of FPRESET to also include a Preset.
  4. Fixed several waveguide cal kit problems (guided.)
  5. Averaging now works for guided cals.
  6. Added 75 ohm capability and added cal kits for it.
  7. Fixed problem when all C values for Cal kit Open = zero
  8. Added multiple pages for Format key
  9. Memory trace color change for better visibility.
  10. Misc Cal bug fixes.

Additions/Changes for Version A.02.14 . . . (compiled 25 Feb 2002)

  1. Fixed several Power Sweep & CW related bugs; some involving 2-port Cals.
  2. Marker query while in Phase mode now returns degrees instead of radians
  3. 1-port Cal interpolation now works properly again.

Additions/Changes for Version A.02.11 . . . (compiled 11 Feb 2002)

  1. Fixed time delay during a cal.
  2. Fixed math error that affected Source Match Cals above ~30GHz.

Additions/Changes for Version A.02.10 . . . (compiled 18 Jan 2002)

  1. Support added for Microwave PNA's.
  2. Added support for saving graphic files in .png format. Use of .jpeg is not recommended.

Additions/Changes for Version A.01.60 . . . (compiled 05 Dec 2001)

  1. Support added for EEPROM conversion between Rev 2.xx and 1.60.
  2. Added missing SCPI commands for arbitrary ratios.

Additions/Changes for Version A.01.51/1.50 . . . (compiled 25 Sept 2001)
Note: A.1.50 and A.01.51 are identical except for a minor bug that could, under unusual circumstances, affect phase lock on 3 GHz instruments only. There is no need to upgrade firmware on 6 and 9 GHz models if 1.50 is already installed.

  1. Eliminated marker position changes when doing ECal.
  2. Fixed SENS:CORR:COLL:APPLY. Uploaded cal data now works even when interpolated.
  3. S2P files now include effects of any active port extensions and delay.
  4. Message no longer reports files were saved even though user canceled save request.
  5. Save-file routine now updates properly to show currently used file name.
  6. Correct error message now shown when attempting to save to a full floppy disk.
  7. Fixed lock-up problem with Japanese region settings and the on-screen keyboard.
  8. Modified behavior of some undocumented Aux IO lines.
  9. Improved consistency of COM preset behavior.

Additions/Changes for Version A.01.40 . . . (compiled 17 April 2001)

  1. Support added for multi-language Help.
  2. Added hard drive revision reporting on Help-About screen.
  3. Improved Cal Wizard and Advanced/Modify Calkit screens for better comprehension.
  4. Attenuator is now set to maximum if RF power is turned off.
  5. Restricted all service adjustments to Administrators only.
  6. Marker search-right and target-search now always work properly.
  7. Limited marker search to within user range when applicable.
  8. Fixed power setting of ports in segmented sweep.
  9. Error is now reported if recall of a state file fails.
  10. Fixed averaging restart to guarantee entire trace is restarted.
  11. State filenames are now case-insensitive.
  12. Fixed *OPC problem under some conditions.
  13. Fixed dialog box bug on print-to-file when overwriting existing file.
  14. Fixed 3.5mm capability on System Verification.
  15. Fixed ECAL bug when used above 7.5GHz on some ECAL units.

Additions/Changes for Version A.01.30 . . . (compiled 16 February 2001)

  1. Fixed problem with activating response cal after recalling .cst file.
  2. Fixed various measurement configurations which caused the application to crash.
  3. New SCPI command added: CALC:FUNC:STATistics:STATe turns the display of trace statistics on and off.
  4. Fixed a problem with the Recall active entry toolbar.
  5. Fixed a problem with limit test status bit.
  6. Fixed marker -> Delay results.
  7. Fixed cal failure when C0 <= 0.
  8. New service utility added: "View EEPROM Headers", under the System->Service->Utilities menu.
  9. Fixed output problems with system verification.

Additions/Changes for Version A.01.23 . . . (compiled 18 January 2001)

  1. Fixed various minor SCPI and COM programming bugs.
  2. Implemented SCPI MIN/MAX limits for "CALC:MARK" block, dwell time, and source power slope.
  3. Fixed various minor preset and hibernate anomalies.
  4. Fixed various calibration state setting anomalies.
  5. Fixed various marker setting and statistics anomalies.
  6. Fixed annotation on status bar.
  7. Updated error checking and messaging.

Additions/Changes for Version A.01.11 . . . (compiled 20 November 2000)

  1. Several operational firmware bugs in version A.01.02 were fixed.
  2. Several programming command bugs in version A.01.02 were fixed.
  3. Changed power sweep: at end of power sweep, return power to start power to keep high power amps cooler.
  4. S1P, S2P file comment lines fixed.
  5. Added SCPI command: DISPlay:ANNotation:MESSage:STATe <ON | OFF>
    This allows the popups to be turned off in the DLL.
  6. Added support for SCPI keywords MIN, MAX command and query for the Time Domain commands.
  7. Fixed the :SENSe block so that it does not depend on the current active measurement.
  8. SCPI access to the status registers has been augmented.
For more details on these SCPI programming commands, see the latest on-line help file.

Additions/Changes for Version A.01.02 . . . (compiled 12 October 2000)

Initial version shipped to customers.

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