Edit Differential Crosstalk TRL CalKit

Requires Advanced Calibration (5xP) PLTS license.

Create or edit a Differential Crosstalk TRL Cal Kit (*.mkt file).

To start this dialog:

Click Calibration, then Differential Crosstalk Calibration, then Edit Cal Kit

Edit Differential Crosstalk Cal Kit dialog

Cal Kit Name  Type a name for the Cal Kit.

Connector Type  Enter a connector type for which the Cal Kit is to be used.

Description  Type a description for the Differential Crosstalk TRL Cal Kit.

Reflector Type  Choose whether the reflect standard is an Open or Short.

Line/Thru Standards

Type the Start and Stop Frequencies for each Line Standard.

Save  Click to save the Cal Kit to the PC.

Load  Click to load an existing Cal Kit from the PC.


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