Keysight CalPod Support Information


CalPod Software Installation


Use this web page when installing CalPod software modules for the first time. Do not use the information on this page if it has already been installed.

If you are not sure of the status of CalPod software on your PNA, see Determining Status of CalpPod Software below.

For complete CalPod system installation and configuration information refer to the CalPod User's Guide.


Download and Install

The installation package below will install all needed software on the PNA.  It consists of the components listed in the section below but in one simple and convenient-to-use package. This is the only file needed for full CalPod operation. It is compatible with firmware A.09.33.05 and above. To download firmware, see the PNA Firmware page

Download CalPod Installation Package.   (about 30 Mb)  

Package rev date: Oct 1, 2013       CalPod version:   1.9.5022.0      Op Check rev:  A.00.91

Place the file anywhere on the PNA, then see the CalPod User's Guide for complete instructions. 

Determining Status of CalPod Software

When the following process does not complete successfully, the final symptom indicates the status of the CalPod software on the PNA.

The first step below determines if the CalPod software is installed on the PNA.  The next steps display the CalPod software revision level if the CalPod software is properly configured and the PNA is properly connected to the CalPod Controller.

1 - In the PNA application, click Response > Cal > CalPod > CalPod….

- If there is no CalPod selection under the Cal menu, check that option 301 or 302 is installed and that the PNA firmware is A.09.33.05 or later.

- If a temporary error message is displayed beginning with 'Windows shell error' then the CalPod software is not installed on the PNA.

- If a temporary error message is displayed beginning with 'CalPod problem' then the CalPod software is installed but no CalPod controller was detected.

- If a window titled Calibration Refresh Module Configuration is displayed then the CalPod software is able to detect the controller, continue to the next step.

2 - Click CalPod Setup to display the CalPod Setup window.

3 - Click About to view the CalPod Version.  (i.e. revision of CalPod software)  (Completion of this step indicates the CalPod software in installed and properly configured for operation.)

Note: the first time this process is used after installing the CalPods software it may not be necessary to connect the controller to the PNA.   Subsequent times the controller must be connected to get to Step 2.


Components of the Download Package

The following individual items may be needed for CalPod operation. If you recently installed the above full package, all of these are already installed.

  • CalPod Software   The calpod software is needed by the PNA. This 18 MB file should be placed anywhere on the PNA and executed. It will install all files needed to interface with the PNA firmware. The minimum requirement for the PNA firmware is version A.09.33.05.
    Download CalPod Software.

  • USB-to-LAN Adapter Driver   The CalPod controller typically (but not always) requires a separate LAN interface. The Controller comes with a USB-LAN adapter. This is the driver needed for that device. It is normally supplied with a CD but, of course, the PNA has no CD drive. You can download this self-extracting zip files direct to the PNA or use a flash drive to transfer this to the PNA. Once on the PNA, execute it to begin the installation process. While the normal driver package supports multiple operating systems, the PNA only uses the XP version of the driver and that is the only one that should be selected during installation. Download this self extracting 13MB zip file.

  • CalPod Operators Check   The CalPod Operators Check will verify the performance of any CalPod. This program will check for full functionality and reasonable specs; such that you will have >95% confidence that it is functioning properly. Download this 175kB CpOpChk program and place it anywhere on the PNA; preferably in the Network Analyzer\Service directory. Version A.00.91 (beta)   This program requires an OCX file that may not already exist on the PNA. If not, please download this file and place it in the C:\WINNT\System32 directory.
Last Updated: May 11, 2015